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Three True Miraculous Angel Encounters that Saved My Life

Angel Encounter that saved the lives of my family! So I am in the front, holding Laura she is about 3 months old and that make it the year — in those days, well, seat belts…I did not have one on, so that alone was really not good —. Then I started looking ahead of me…. There was a man standing in the fast line in front of his car tears now as I remember this guys… Jesus said to me just now…Take your time.. And no cars, thank God, hit us from behind.

We gently pulled around when the other lane let us and went on. And they love us the Angels, and are watching out with a Special Protection, the children of God. And save our lives.

People Tell Unnerving Stories Of Guardian Angels Looking Out For Them

God bless and love you and all dear to your hearts. And Thank your Angels for the solicitous care and love for you.!! This coin came up missing. My mom and dad fought bitterly over this, my mom thinking my dad spent it. It was causing problems between them. During one afternoon my mom was on the couch in the living room.

10 Angel Encounters caught on tape -- DIVINE INTERVENTION - Luckiest people in the world

The door near the living room was open. Out of nowhere a little girl appeared at the door. She said nothing, opened the screen door and walked past my mom directly to the master bedroom.

The whole time my mom is beside herself with the girl, continually asking her who she was and what she was doing. The little girl walked into the bedroom, walked straight to the big dresser, opened the sock drawer and reached into the back of the drawer and pulled out a single sock.

Angel Stories, Angel Encounters & Angel Visitaton stories

She reached into the sock and pulled out a gold coin and laid it on the dresser. She walked past my mom saying nothing, she walked back out the screen door and was never seen again. Menu Skip to content. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Home. Testimony shared by Carol in video comments. Shared by Erlinda Galvan in video comments. In the fast lane, going about 65 mps — maybe a bit more.. Pat Shared by Patricia Owens.

Oh how our precious Lord really does watch over us and care for our needs. For example, one time someone in the Music classroom did something and I said to the children…. OK who is responsible for this? The kids were all hush-hush. Then one little smartie pants rose up and said.

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That broke the ice and everyone had a good laugh, including me. So I prayed, Lord, I want to know the name of my angel. And the answer came back so fast I thought…. Uncle Herman. The Lord said, clearly…. It was big, it had a bright light emanating from within it, I cannot accurately describe what I saw to this day but I will never forget it.

Oddly, I did not see ahead, face or feet. The presence was there and gone. I knew it was my Guardian Angel. I thanked him for the gift. This thought did not frighten me. I know there is an afterlife and that I will be happy with the Lord in the next life so I was not concerned. I forgot I asked my angel for a quick visit weeks earlier so that was not in my mind. I told my wife what I saw and I warned her that I was probably about to die, but not to worry, just be ready. Then after about a day, while in prayer, I remembered my prayer to my angel. This was May As surely as there are angels, there are demons.

New York is an old city and there have been people I know who worked in many buildings there that swore they were haunted. Folks working overtime into the wee hours of the morning reported strange sightings and noises. Shortly before the attack on the World Trade Center, while in the bathroom, alone, I heard snickering. It was loud ominous snickering, yet nobody was in the bathroom with me.

I thought it was odd. I knew it was not normal and I shared these stories with my wife. I told her the place was haunted. That was Friday, September 7, I used to be late for work every day. I was always late everywhere. I was not very late but never on time. On Tuesday, September 11, , I made up my mind to go in to work early that day. However, the bus I was on got into an accident and we were delayed 20 minutes. I never made it into the City but I saw the second plane crash into my building from the bus on the New Jersey side.

As I was talking to my wife on my new flip cell phone, she was watching the scene unfold on TV. I was watching in real life. Was this bus accident another intervention from my angel? Was that visitation four months earlier more than just an answer to my prayer?

Was my angel protecting me? I believe he was. God was not calling me home yet. So many other people perished that day. My brother-in-law was one of them. He died in Tower One, leaving a wife and two baby girls. They recovered some of his remains from the Staten Island dump a year later through DNA identification. I lost friends and family there that day. I saw the devastation. I see others still suffering and I am experiencing the continuing after effects as well. But I am buoyed by the fact that the good Lord is powerful. He is my strength and my Rock. I pray that all those who are still suffering find peace.

I work at Liberty Street downtown Manhattan now. I have to walk through a newly constructed park across from the World Trade Center to an overpass across the West Side Highway to my building. I pass it every day as I used to pass it so many years ago when I worked in Tower Two.

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Now it is a relic of the past in a microcosm of the rebirth of Downtown New York. Skyscrapers are being raised all over the City. There is hope, there is rebirth and there is life. There are also angels there. A woman I work with who is not religious told me a story when she arrived at work one day. It is a long uphill walk through this new park and across the West Side Highway. She was having a hard time breathing and making her way up the stairs through the park when suddenly a young, good-looking man stopped to ask if she needed help.

He smiled at her and stayed with her a while until she caught her breath. He then said goodbye and walked up to the ramp and when she looked up, he was gone. She is convinced it was her Guardian Angel. I believe her.

by Charles Pefinis

Angels and demons are all around us. If we choose to avail ourselves of our best friends, the Guardian Angels, we will never be disappointed.

They are our lifelong friends. They are there with us when we are born maybe even at conception and will be with us when we take our last breath. Love your angels. Pray to the angels of God, ask for their guidance and their help, and never forget to thank them and the good Lord who gave us such wonderful spiritual friends.

Our heavenly friends are not sweet little fairies. They are powerful creatures of God. They defend us, they fight for us, they pray for us and they watch over us. I hope everyone reading this gets to know and love their Guardian Angel too.

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Loving your angel as the Catholic Church advises us and guides us is the best way. There are so many occultists out there that focus on angels as independent entities. Avoid them. Wonderful inspiring story. I will give attention to my guardian angel in prayer.

My friend asked his guardian angel his name. He told me it was Jethro. Another source told me not to ask the guardian angel for his name. It was not the proper thing to do. Other than Gabriel and the fallen angel my mind is blank. Another stretch by the church dealing in mythology.