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Published: January 21, This book contains all of the information you need to make a wise choice about which electric bike to buy, as well as 67 reviews of select electric bikes from icons of the ebike world. With all the choices currently available, picking the right electric bike can feel overwhelming. The author explains everything you need to know to choose the best electric bike to meet your needs and budget.

Words: 43, Published: August 28, This academic but immensely readable book analyzes the rise of the female action over the last three decades in film and television. The author examines the way in which popular culture has revisioned the old archetype of the hero, so that all heroes now can combine the best of both masculine and feminine traits — and so that all women potentially have more freedom.

There are places in the world where cycling is a matter of course for people of almost every age and ability. Places where cargo bikes are a common sight. Some people are comfortable using trikes or e-bikes when upright or fully-self-powered riding is impossible. What makes the difference in these communities or to these people?

Researchers must understand people, exercise, culture, economy, and urban planning to really get to the meat of these issues.

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New ideas are being explored all the time. These Twitter feeds capture these new research trends as they explore best-practices around the world.

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Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are cyclist-advocates with an artistic background. They founded Modacity to cut through the complicated political noise around cycling, instead focusing on the joy and fun of the road. As writers and marketers, they share stories that communicate a larger vision without lecturing. These sorts of stories they share on their feed.

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Along the way, the couple has learned about cycling all over the world. They explore also what more can be done. Streetsblog is a news site focusing on active transportation issues. Their goal is to support livable, walkable streets. Their feed features up-to-date articles focused on active transportation news, research, and culture.

The Streetsblog team does unique investigative journalism specific to traffic and transportation. Their sub-site, StreetFilms, offers short videos that make a quick and enjoyable watch. A job board also connects job-seekers to positions in transportation and urban planning. Active Living Research offers science on how the built environment affects physical activity. Their mandate is to help governments, NGOs, and the private sector build healthy communities based on good research.

The Active Living group is multidisciplinary and reaches out to many different communities. As such their Twitter feed is diverse and interesting.

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Meghan Winters. It aggregates work being done at Simon Fraser University on health and active transportation. It also retweets from other academic sources. This wonkish feed includes interesting inside-academia discussion of protocol and approach.

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With researcher backgrounds in aging and epidemiology, this account is not only focused on young, healthy cyclists. E-bikes and other options to make active transportation more accessible are explored. Cyclist-Twitter is a busy place. There are as many different approaches and interests in bicycling as there are in the world of cars. Cyclists might be most interested in sports, mechanics, luxury vehicles, every-day vehicles, transporting their families, commuting, education, tourism, or safety.

Yet all these different interests overlap. Just like the kid first on their bike, all types of riders share enthusiasm about getting on the road. Shared experience creates a cohesive connected community in cyclist-Twitter, even between riders of different interests.

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  • Twitter accounts for active transportation fans. March 19, Cyclist-twitter is a good place to find breaking news of interest to riders. As cycling infrastructure is installed, more people feel safe on their bicycles. Cycling life There are many cultures of cycling. As I mentioned in my introduction, there are two kinds of trip I take on a regular basis. The first is my daily commute, a mostly downhill half-hour roll into the TechRadar offices in Paddington, London. Second is the round trip to my parents on the other side of London, a significantly longer 22 mile round trip that can be cycled in an hour and a half normally, or driven in an hour.


    The longer trip saw the biggest benefit of an electric bike. While I normally have to stay overnight to recover from the hour and a half of riding, the electric motor meant that I put in significantly less effort and could easily do the return trip on the same day. Ideally the cycle would have been shorter, but ultimately I came to realise the bike is very good at allowing you to travel at the same speed for less effort, rather than letter you go faster for the same effort as a manual bike.

    With my daily commute the benefit of the electric bike was a lot less pronounced. Being able to get up to cruising speed almost immediately from traffic lights was certainly helpful, but ultimately over such a short distance I rarely feel too exhausted from a manual bike, and so the electric motor had little to offer. This bike also makes use of a fancy electric gear-shifter, allowing you to cycle through your gears with the press of a button rather than the standard manual levers used by most conventional bikes. While the functionality felt very futuristic, for the most part it felt like it was taking away control of something that I was perfectly happy to handle myself.