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An Australian Perspective. Chapter 4: The Biology of Beardies. Beardie Anatomy. Beardie Physiology. Beardie Senses. Chapter 5: Choosing a Pet Bearded Dragon. Bring Home a Healthy Beardie. Color Variations and Designer Beardies.

Where to Get Your Bearded Dragon. Indoor Housing. Lighting the Lizard of Oz. Providing Heat. Cage Cleaning and Maintenance. Outdoor Housing. Chapter 7: Feeding Your Bearded Dragon. Fruits and Veggies.

Bearded Dragon : Your Happy Healthy Pet

Commercial Lizard Foods. Feeding Babies - Newborn to 4 Months Old. Feeding Adults 4 Months to Adulthood. Water for Your Beardies. Chapter 8: Keeping Your Beardie Healthy. Choosing a Veterinarian. Hereditary Diseases.

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Nutritional Disorders. Traumatic Injuries. Infectious Diseases. Parasitic Infections. Handling Do's and Don'ts. Neurological Disorders. Environmental Toxins. Chapter 9: Breeding Bearded Dragons. Conditioning and Nutrition. Getting to Know You. Egg Laying. If the temperature is too high then get a lower wattage lamp or raise the light an inch or two from the basking site.

Willingness to eat and bask

Now you need to make sure that the cool side of the cage is around Ferenheit or less. If your bearded dragon can't cool off they can dehydrate and die. If it isn't warm enogh under the basking site, your dragon can't properly digest their food. Therefore it is essential that your temperatures are set correctly. Bearded dragons need the correct size crickets for the size dragon you have.

The crickets can't be longer than the width between the eyes of your dragon. Too large of prey can harm or even kill your dragon. Hatchlings eat crickets times per day starting an hour after the lights come on. Juvenile dragons eat times per day, and adults eat once per day. Every day dust the crickets with rep-cal calcium supplement and use herpavite once a week. Also offer a variety of finely chopped greens for hatchlings once a day, i.

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Remember that only a little vegetables or fruit mixed with the greens. To keep your dragon hydrated give them a bath times per week. You can use a rubbermaid container, fill with luke warm water up to the the dragons shoulders, or only up to their knees for babies. Also you can mist your dragon on the head once per day. Mist and then wait a few seconds. Then mist again and until they drink, mist until they stop licking.

It is extremely important to keep your bearded dragons hydrated to insure their health. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy for years to come. It is extremely important to make sure your setup is correct before getting a bearded dragon.

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Check to see that your basking temperature is correct, and also that the cool end of the cage is cool enough. Keep your dragon hydrated with weekly baths.

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Also make sure you feed the correct sized crickets, and feed your dragon fresh leafy greens daily. Thank you for take the best care possible of your bearded dragons. Most Read Articles On "Pets". See more.. Red Dragon? Pink Panther? Whats your Call? Top Searches on. Share this article :. Click to see more related articles. Whether it is dogs , cats , fishes , birds , rabbits or even snakes , the guide provides information and tips to caring for your pet.

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