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Her books are always positive, hilarious and filled to the brim with affirming words for her audience. This book is definitely a young adult dream and it's safe to say that I can liken it the reading equivalent of a chocoholic fix; gooey, sweet and delightful. Why not five? Cassie Mae has one liners that would keep me entertained for days. Her books always manage to pull out the inner teen in me that would have been desperate to fall in love with her characters and plot.

But the 'me' of today wanted a little more romance and relationship development. You could say that I knew what I'd signed up for reading a Young adult story. And the answer to that is simply, yes i was well aware. However, I needed that something more to make me feel connected to the story and it's characters. And although I applauded the author for her heartfelt and well received message about body image and self love for entertainment purposes I needed something more to hang my hat on.

Overall this was a thoroughly likeable book, that made me smile and chuckle at all the right spots and for that alone it was worth spending my time with. Sadly, this time around it just didn't make me sit up and take notice, but don't fear it won't be long again until Cassie Mae is impressing the socks off me. Final thoughts If you are looking for a sweet, young adult book with plenty of comedy value then you have certainly arrived at the right place.

This author will always remain one of my favourites and yet again she has managed to create a world with equally loveable characters that deserve to be read about. View 1 comment. I stayed up all night reading this because it was delivered to my Kindle at midnight. So this is me for the rest of the day. Review to come! Apr 24, Sofia The Great rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cause I feel like she knows what I went though my teen years. Seriously, she writes characters that are so relatable a 5 Platypires for You Can't Catch Me by Cassie Mae "And your handwriting is incredibly… non-loopy.

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Seriously, she writes characters that are so relatable and realistic that you'll feel like someone is holding mirror to your very own life. You can't Catch me is story about a girl who develops but mother nature decided to give her a lil more extra on top. Add a love story, teen angst, funny moments and you get a great read.

I also thought this was a very inspiring read about body image and highly recommend it for others to read. I received a free digital copy for an honest review. Feb 22, Lenore Kosinski rated it it was amazing Shelves: preorder , kindle , paperback-or-hardcover , personalized , signed , arc.

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Where do I even begin? I feel like I had all the words earlier when I was reading, but now that's it's 2am and I'm trying to sound coherent, it's just all fallen into the abyss. All I know is this book made me cry at least 4 times. With a huge 5th time when I got to the acknowledgements, but that's between me and Ms. So why did I cry? Ginger just embodies the experience of growing up and all the insecurities that we face while that's happening. Just ached. But it's not about Ginger's particular insecurity, it's how Ms.

Mae just perfectly captures the experience of hating something about ourselves And what's sad and scary is that I think most of us never truly let go of those high school insecurities And that's why this book is so important. It's SO unbelievably relevant to teens going through this part of life now Ginger is wholeheartedly the star of this book. She's hilarious and adorable. She's awkward and weird. And watching her grow throughout this book was a treat.

And along the way she has help from some amazing people. I don't think this book would have been what it became without Coach Fox. Her side story was almost as powerful as Ginger's I felt for all that she was going through even though it wasn't the focus of the story. And between her and Aunt Heidi, I was glad to see such positive role models for Ginger to look up to.

I appreciated the diversity of Ginger's friends and fellow classmates. There were no caricatures, but rather a whole slew of realistic teens -- from the ones you wanted to smack, to the ones you wanted to give an extra hug to when they got things right. I loved how you got a glimpse of Tiff the bff battling her own insecurities, even though in Ginger's eyes she was perfect We're all dealing with something, even when our closest friends don't realize it.

And then there's Oliver. While I think the strength of this book is in Ginger's "coming of age" type story, I will admit that I went ga-ga for the adorable side of romance that Ginger experiences. Mae just knows how to capture all those beautiful fluttertastic moments of first love I honestly can't even describe it. Every time Ginger goofy grinned, I was already right there with her with my own matching smile.

Oliver made my heart smile and happy sigh. The beauty of that relationship, and the peace and love and friendship that Ginger receives through Oliver was the perfect compliment to all the upheaval she was dealing with in the rest of her life. So what can I say? I loved it. I know, you're shocked. I can only hope this book gets into the hands of a teen girl facing down her own demons. I want that girl to be able to read Ginger's story and know she's not alone, and that it's ok to love yourself. I think we could all stand to do a little bit more loving of our whole selves.

Now I'm off to find a mirror and embrace what Ginger taught me. Cause you're never too old to learn that lesson. Mar 17, Michelle Monroe rated it it was amazing. I loved this book so much! If you love YA, or have never read one, I really think you should read this one! Cassie Mae has a unique style, adding a little quirkiness, awkwardness, a little nerdiness with a big ol heaping of swoon into this story. And I love the message she brings through the perils of Ginger. Almost Every young girl goes through an awkward stage, finds something about her growing body that she may not like, or may even hate.

Ginger is no exception. She is a runner, Oh. She is a runner, taking Second in State her freshman year of high school. The summer after, her body changes, becoming a little too top heavy and making it difficult for her to be the runner she once was. She goes through all the emotions a 16 year might have and she has to learn how to be the person she always has been and accept her new body. Beautifully written with side dose of humor and a whole lot of growth, Cassie Mae really knocks it out of the park with this story of finding your self worth.

Not only for teens, but for adults too. Ginger and Oliver are just too cute. Two weirdos, as they put it, finding friendship and strength in each other. And maybe, just maybe, it will blossom into something else. I wish I could do what you do. I wish I could run… clear my head, forget, remember, reflect, be… strong.

Not what size of anything you wear. Pull my heart together and break it all at the same time? I'm telling you, these two are too cute. And my personal favorite, is Cassie's Note to the reader at the end of the book. Thank you Cassie for such beautiful words about a subject that pretty much everyone can relate to! Mar 20, Anita rated it it was amazing. A theme that seems to be reoccurring in the books that I'm reading this year is that they seem to have a bit to do with self image and bullying.

It's not purposeful, but it just seems to be happening, and honestly I love it, because it means authors are starting to write about these things a bit more. I am one of those people who can be 'spoken to' via books, they become so real to me and there are times when the message shatters me as much as my own life experiences do. That is why I love this A theme that seems to be reoccurring in the books that I'm reading this year is that they seem to have a bit to do with self image and bullying. That is why I love this growing trend, and hope that it continues and we see more and more books dealing with the hard things in life and that empower our youth and even adults to take action, or make a change.

I always love Cassie's writing. She is a pro at writing characters that I want to know in real life. I especially loved both Ginger and Oliver because of their awkwardness. The rambling while nervous, and goofiness of these characters is so perfect. Ginger is so positive, even though this book deals with her own self-image issues, even in all of that she is positive. She sees good in people that others can't see. She is an inspiration to be a better person. She's also real; there is nothing more real than someone who has trouble accepting things about themselves - even if they can easily accept those same traits in someone else without a second thought.

Ginger did what I did as a teenager, and probably most teenagers still do; she looked at others and wondered if they are going through the same things, if they are having the same self conscious thoughts. To any teenager who happens by this review - yes. They are. They do. If there's anything I've learned as an adult, it's that no matter how alone you feel in your skin - it's so very likely that someone close to you is struggling with the same things.

Maybe not in the same exact way since we are all different, but they are. I promise! Oliver, I could picture Oliver immediately from his dark hair to his freckles and tall robust build. He was a bit self-deprecating and a Momma's boy - and I loved him. He was sweet and, yes, awkward. But I loved his role in this book, and that was to provide Ginger with a place where she felt like herself, and not judged by her body or her abilities, or the expectations she felt she had to live up to. Not So Much: Ginger had some friends, specifically boy friends, who took notice of the physical changes in her and reacted like In the end, I kind of would have liked to have seen them realize how their behavior might have hurt Ginger.

I think it was eluded to, but maybe it just wasn't as fleshed out as much as I would have liked. The Verdict: Yet another book I implore you to get into the hands of all the teenagers around you. I feel like this message on self image, and learning to love yourself for who you are is beautifully done.

The story is not bogged down with too much sadness, but there are parts that make you really hurt for the characters in this book, not just Ginger. Mostly though you'll be smiling and giggling at the antics and rooting for Ginger to win this race. You Can't Catch Me is a clean book - and appropriate for younger teens as well as older. Mar 01, Natalie Hughes rated it it was amazing. This is another incredible book by one of my favourite authors Cassie Mae. I had quite a small chest growing up which suited me as I was a bit of a tom-boy but then all of a sudden BAM!

Size DD appeared overnight and it was horrible. I was insecure and just bought baggy clothes to cover them. I always feel that Cassie hits the nail on the head with her books, especially her YA.

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She definitely managed to do it again with this one. It is a fantastic story about loving yourself and your body no matter the changes that take place. Learning to live with becoming a woman and all it entails. Beauty is not what is on the outside, what is on the inside is often more important. This book made me look at myself again and pick out the good instead of the bad that I always see and it felt…fantastic.

I have often seen facebook post from friends asking to name a book that changed you and I have to say that finally I found one. This book, even though it is YA, has made me realise that the extra weight does not define me and now I am trying to look past it. Now I will look in the mirror and pick out all the good in me instead.

It is a book for all ages and I think it may do us all some good to read it. So thank you Cassie Mae for this awesome piece of writing. It is most definitely a favourite and must read. Mar 17, Theresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in I was lucky enough to beta this book and I have to say this may possibly be my favorite Cassie Mae book. It was full of all the classic Cassie Mae trademarks.

Laugh out loud moments, passages that were so well written I had to stop and smile, and characters that are so relatable you just want to climb in the book and hang out with them.

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This book also packed an emotional punch that had me tearing up and wanting to hug Ginger and assure her that it's okay to change. Sweet I was lucky enough to beta this book and I have to say this may possibly be my favorite Cassie Mae book. Sweet, Post it loving, adorable, Oliver.

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Cassie Mae is a master at making ordinary boys hot and I think Oliver is by far the hottest. Growing up is hard and this book encompasses the struggle and the resistance to accept what you cannot change. Another fantastic Cassie Mae read As an athlete growing up and still am so much of this story rang true. Lots of things change in high school, minds and bodies, and we're kidding ourselves if we think they didn't or don't if we're currently in that era effect us. Cassie Mae brilliantly portrays these struggles through Ginger's story.

I also thoroughly appreciated the insight into our secondary characters struggles as well. A few tears escaped while I read. A perfect blend of humor and emotion. Another great addition to the Cassie Mae bookshelf. Feb 22, Rachel Schieffelbein rated it it was amazing Shelves: if-i-had-a-bookstore. I loved this book! It was fun, sweet, full of heart and full of laughs.

Ginger is so much fun. I loved her energy, and definitely felt for her and understood her struggles.

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And Oliver was pretty much perfect. Their meet cute may be the cutest meet cute ever. I think he's my new favorite Cassie Mae guy. If you're looking for a fun book that will also give you all the feels, this is it. Another great book by Cassie Mae! The romance in this one is scaled back quite a bit and is more about self image and loving who you are inside and out. I actually feel this should be required reading for every teenager.

Even if you don't have the same issue as Ginger chances are pretty high that there is something else you don't like about yourself that will make this relatable. I especially loved towards the end when Ginger really comes to terms with how she's changed and how she handles it. Mar 26, Tia ShadowRealm rated it it was amazing. Usually with Cassie's books my immediate reaction is "Awwh", "Lol", or just some general gushing over how much i loved it. And I'm not saying I didn't love it because I don't think there is any universe where I wouldn't love a word this woman writes.

It's just that this book brought out some other emotions in me that i am still trying to process. And I think that's pretty much the whole point. I felt so much anger and pain while reading this. But within those dark moments there were plenty of light moments too. But I just couldn't seem to get myself passed the anger until the end. Ginger's story made me angry because I just couldn't understand how she could feel that way.

In my head there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. So what? She grew some Sharpies. She was still healthy and a better runner than most. I wanted to shake her. Then when the cyber stuff started happening I got angry on her behalf. Because I seriously don't get any of that stuff. It just baffles me and I know that that is my problem. I'm trying to read into a society that I'm not part of so it's difficult to understand. Then there was the pain. Did the ripping really have to be so realistic? I felt every bit of skin being torn from my body. I went around all day trying to convince myself that I was not Ginger.

Stupid over-active imagination. But by the end I felt like a different person. I took a look at myself in the mirror. And everyone has at least one insecurity. Most of us have the "grass is greener on the other side" complex and sometimes it takes someone on the opposite side of the fence looking over for us to look at our own side but it shouldn't. Yes, we should try to be better people but that doesn't mean that we should destroy ourselves or belittle our current states to like who we are. Annnnd I'm rambling. I'll write something proper when it's not 2am and I can be coherent about my feelings.

Apr 03, Ashley rated it it was amazing. I was on a plane from the US to the UK while reading most of it. And for that, I am a little sad. BUT, it won't stop me from being able to tell you how much I loved this story! Ginger is such a special character to me, on a personal level.

She may only be a sophomore in high school, but I think most if not all of us can relate to what she's going through, in some way. Her body is changing, both because of growing up, and because of some of the choices she made over the summer. These changes lead her to believe that she can no longer be a runner.