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Introducing a new race to the planet the Fae have staked a claim. This takes place 45 years fromo the first book and shows Ban's growth and healing. New Fae are brought in to deal with the Efrijt, support the settlement and to test and educate the half-breeds. Lots of detail and back up, kept my interest but the ending felt like a beginning. This is a spoiler but there is no clear resolution at the end of this story. Nov 21, Theresa rated it really liked it.

Takes place 45 years after the first book. The same Efrijt that abandoned him to a netherhell in his early life. When he reports this to the Fae Rii a legal battle for control of the world begins. I like having more Fae Rii arrive. And Jinji is very intelligent and clever. She makes a wonderful negotiator. I love how she handles the Efri 2d in the series.

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I love how she handles the Efrijt. Footnote: 1 This is a good example on how a little kindness goes a long way. Nov 16, Barb Lie rated it it was amazing. Demons of the Flame Sea picks up years after the first book ended. Near his last stop, he visits a small tribe and learns about another species that is living nearby.

Ban will bring this information home to Jintaya the leader , and they will ask for help from the Fae council to send them more people. We get to meet some more characters in this story, some who will be instrumental to negotiate a deal with the Efrijts, who the humans now call Demons. Jean Johnson has written a very nice story that continues the flow of this world building, and has created some great characters.

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This is fantasy and world building that is very well done. However, if you are looking for an exciting, action filled story, you will not find it in this book. It a slow build, but enjoyable story of meeting all the characters; learning how they survive together; and how they will handle a new species that could be dangerous. The negotiations between the Fae and Efrijt has just begun, with the Fae looking out for themselves and the local humans who are suffering; the Efrijt, are willing to agree to terms, as long as they get what they want and to stay in this world.

I expect Jean Johnson will be pulling some surprises as we head toward the final book in this trilogy.

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I look forward to seeing how this ends. Barb The Reading Cafe Dec 10, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: e-book , , fantasy , magic. I found this one to be interesting, mostly because of the Efrijt. They seem like a species of users and not nice, unlike the Fae group that we have met so far. The way the Fae reacted when they first learned about them was telling. I feel like the Fae expecting these people to play by the rules, when you can tell they are already looking for loopholes.

That does not bode well for all involved. Ban was an interesting player in this one. I loved how it seems like he has softened and gotten more of I found this one to be interesting, mostly because of the Efrijt. I loved how it seems like he has softened and gotten more of a personality. Dec 31, Julie Manga Maniac Cafe rated it liked it. The plot was slow to develop, and the ending was not satisfying.

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I do enjoy the characters, though, and the world building, while at times painfully detailed, is fascinating. I'll read the next novella in the series, in hopes that the ending will feel more complete. The second thrilling Flame Sea novel from the national bestselling author known as "a must-read for those who enjoy fantasy and romance" The Best Reviews. Raised to understand and control advanced magics, the Fae Rii know they must be careful with the wild, abundant energies of their new desert homeland. They must also downplay the awe they inspire in the Bronze Age humans around them.

Still, they have managed to create some equilibrium between the two factions, primitive versus advanced—at least, until new outworlders arrive, tipping the scales out of balance. Strict and power-hungry, the ruthless Efrijt take the phrase "deal with the devil" to a new level. A treaty may be possible; however, the solution proposed will in turn give birth to a new problem: A chaos that will dance its way through all three races trying to survive in the burning heat of the Flame Sea Includes an exclusive preview of the next Flame Sea novel, Gods of the Flame Sea Praise for Jean Johnson "Johnson's writing is fabulously fresh, thoroughly romantic, and wildly entertaining.

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Fantasy Fiction. Demons of the Flame Sea Embed. Media Demons of the Flame Sea. Those petals, especially the Divine Intent, were troublesome to Ning Fan. Now, he was more convinced that the rune of the female demon was truly planted by a Spirit Severing Realm demon. Without having time to think thoroughly, Ning Fan snapped his fingers and nine black flame dragons came out from above his head.

Then the nine dragons transformed into nine layers of the fire sea. Every layer revolved like that of a vortex. In the next moment, he successfully made the nine layers of the fire sea into four complete vortexes! This was already his utmost limit. If he executes five vortexes, he would definitely drain his magic power empty. Furthermore, if he wanted to perform six vortexes forcefully, the only way was to sustain severe injuries… In the past, he had once displayed the six vortexes, but the consequence was having injuries that was not completely recovered yet until today. The blood essence that he lost was still not fully replenished.

If combining nine vortexes with the nine layers of the fire sea, the power would be similar to that of the fifth vortex of the Dragon Flame. That was the trick that Ning Fan figured out to increase the strength of the Dragon Flame.

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However, the precondition to perform the skill was that the cultivator must have a strong spirit sense so that they could manipulate the nine layers of flames. Under the sky, it was filled with immense magic power from the red fluttering flowers and black dragon fire. Apart from that, there were other strange phenomena appearing in the sky. Even Suqiu who was outside of the purple light grand formation was amazed by the scene of battle.

Each of their expressions changed! It was a battle between Nascent Soul Realm magic power! Only a battle between Nascent Soul cultivators could cause drastic changes to the sky and earth!

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One of them should be the female demon. However, who was the other Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? Was he from another country?! Could it be that a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from another country came to help defend Song Country? Every expert braced themselves and gave up the idea of providing young girls to the female demon. If they could eliminate the female demon without hurting anyone, they would be pleased to be just onlookers for the battle.

Each of them headed towards Blood Flower Valley with their vanishing lights. However, Song Country was a huge place. Even if they flew with all their strength, they would need to travel for half a day.

Demons of the Flame Sea

Moreover, the other cultivators who came from further away would need a longer period to reach the scene. Each of the experts heading there rubbed their palms together. If they saw an opportunity to capture the female demon, they would never compromise with her this time.

An indecisive attitude would exist in them as indecisiveness in their Dao. One of his hands was controlling the flames while the other struck out a punch. Suddenly, there was a layer of ice forming above the nine layers of the fire sea.