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    Payne, N. Skinner, P. The sound of heavy rain. Donoghue, V. Tender loving care. Buying, selling. A picture is presented of human beings who, over the years, have radically intensified modern individuality and celebrated independence as an ideal. Vira hasn't seen her sister Deesh for years. Deesh's kids, Amy and Bill, want to know why but nobody's telling them anything. When Deesh invites her sister to Amy's flashy party, Vira reckons it's time to come home and move on. Time to stop watching the telly, get out of her council flat, stick on a glitzy sari and embrace her nearest and dearest.

    But is it possible to forgive and forget? And when a family is built on lies, will it be destroyed by the truth? An unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense, passionate, head-over-heels relationship. Before long they begin to settle down, buy a house, juggle careers, have kids - theirs is an ordinary family. But then their world starts to unravel and things take a disturbing turn.

    A tragic, violent look at parenthood and trauma. There are many skills one needs to produce a piece of dance. Bruce describes the basic foundation or ingredients of his version of Dance Theatre as: Movement, Drama, Sound and Vision. A choreographer has to study all of them to the best of their ability and learn how to combine them. Gemma and Josie had pet fish - Sunny and Boo. They killed them. This show is for them - Sunny and Boo. Plant the seed for change, join the Bee Party. Save the world one bee at a time: our fuzzy little friends need our help and multi award-winning theatre company ThisEgg is inviting you to their political party disguised as a party party disguised as a show to help.

    But only slightly. There are blackouts. Now Steph and Bell, a schoolgirl and barmaid, have to search for their missing friend, until the outside world starts infecting the theatre that stands around them. Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak, this is an intricate and tender question mark around our attempts to encounter each other in a technologized world. Sam wants to tell you about five encounters he had on a site called Craigslist. Sam is anxious about the way he gets to know people. About the way he self-sabotages his attempts to communicate and reach out to those around him.

    Sam wants this to be a chance for you to get to know him. History is bejewelled with mysteries. Italy, Farinelli, the world's most famous castrato, is rich, adored and lauded with honours. His divine voice has the power to captivate all who hear it. Spain, King Philippe V lies awake. The Queen, desperate to relieve her husband of his insomnia and depression, begs the castrato to come and sing to the king. The effect is transformational. Philippe is healed, held captive by Farinelli's voice - but so is Farinelli. This intriguing true story is re-told in Claire van Kampen's sumptuous new play, replete with many of the arias first sung by Farinelli.

    Hurtle across time and space with this scintillating and extraordinary new play. In London, , opera star Arabella Hunt has secretly entered into the first recorded gay marriage in UK history. And on the Moon, , Lorn is building a paradise to sleep in, but his A. Three beautifully written plays for young people, by award-winning playwright and poet Glyn Maxwell. Between light and shadow, science and superstition, fear and knowledge is a dimension of imagination.

    An area we call the Twilight Zone. In a remote English village there are rumours of an enchanted wood. They all have something in common. When, one evening, the wood miraculously appears the guests feel compelled to enter. What happens there has the power to change their lives forever. Join Koko Brown as she considers the concept of mixed-race privilege, tries to connect clashing cultures and explores what it means to be mixed in contemporary Britain.

    What are you when you are always the other? Tom and Clem are deep in debt. Alan, Tom's boss, owes big bucks. Meryl, Alan's manager, is mortgaged to the hilt. When The Debt Duck's owner liquidates the company and retires to his luxury chalet, Tom, Clem, Alan and Meryl each decide to crack the safe, steal some cash and put an end to their financial woes. But will they break the cycle of debt?

    Or is this just another terrible trap? A biting new topical comedy about the perils of a capitalist world from one of the UK's top contemporary playwrights. The RhodesMustFall and subsequent student-led movements in South Africa alerted the country and the world to the latent ongoing issues brought about by colonialism and apartheid in South Africa.

    The Fall details the experiences of seven students within this movement and how they deal with their traumas, while stillmoving towards activism for a free decolonised education. Into his empty audition room walks a vulgar and equally desperate actress - oddly enough, named Vanda. Though utterly wrong for the sophisticated part, Vanda exhibits a strange command of the material, piquing Thomas' interest with her seductive talents and secretive manner.

    A haunted house. A bedtime story. A photo-album. An 80s fantasy film. A demolition project. A riot. The Fall is a play collaboratively written by the original cast as a reaction to and reflection on the South African student protests in and part of Righteous indignation boils over into brutal violence, driven along by a riotous soundtrack, as two best friends take aim at a world that has left them behind.

    Think Thelma and Louise turned up to 11, I Hate Alone is a gig with a story, about injustice, revenge and, above all, friendship. Society is fuelled by anger; dissatisfaction shapes Twitter feeds, online petitions and protest marches. But is that enough to bring about change? Alejandra and Marcela are planting bombs in the middle of the night.

    They just want to be heard. Then they meet Jose Miguel. He is from a different generation, a time when revolution was ripe and activism alive.

    Bibliography for New Drama Books | University of Lincoln

    And he offers them a chance to start a war. Nikolai, an 86 year old retired Ukrainian engineer and tractor historian in Peterborough, has fallen in love with 36 year old Valentina. His daughters, Vera and Nadezhda, unite in horror to defend their father and what remains of his pension. But is Valentina a refugee searching for better opportunities, or a bogus visa seeker trying to cheat a vulnerable old man? Award-winning writer Tanika Gupta has created a wonderful re-telling of this dark family comedy, which continues to have sharp relevance to today's society.

    John, Doug, Ste, and Neil work on the railways. Every 31 hours someone takes their own life on the railways in the U. K rail network. It is ten times more likely to be a man. What does it mean to be an adult and when do you become one? Alicia is a hot mess. Swiping left, swiping right to find the perfect match. Open up the space between us and do something. Hutchinson takes us through his successful career via hilarious anecdotes including a near-death experience on Venice Beach, being paid by Dreamworks to not actually work for them, and struggling to stay sane on location on one of the great movie flops of all time.

    Susie, Edwina and Lucy have moved to a new school in a new town. Three very different sisters who will do anything to fit in and yet are desperate to be noticed. But how far will they go to break out of the roles in which they've been cast and will they ever be able to truly change their lives when they're swimming against the tide?

    A captivating, lively and poignant portrait of the pressures of being a teenager and the fight for acceptance. Scottee grew up around strong, brave and violent men and boys.

    The Artillery Garden

    Daniel and Oliver are about to have their first baby. Are they as ready for this as they think they are? And more importantly, is Priya? Poet Glyn Maxwell wakes up in a mysterious village one autumn day. He has no idea how he got there but he has a strange feeling there's a class to teach. And isn't that Keats wandering down the lane?

    Why not ask him to give a reading, do a Q and A, hit the pub with the students afterwards? Soon the whole of the autumn term stretches ahead, with Byron, the Brontes, the War Poets and many more all on their way to give readings in the humble village hall. In this one-of-a-kind novel, Maxwell takes writing exercises that he's used in real classes, and explores them with fictional students and major poets. Sissay was brought up as a lone black face in Northern children's homes, the piece charts his rocky life story.

    It will incorporate creative and reflective tasks and devices, to help them make sense of the play for themselves. Eve tells the story of a child raised as a boy, when she knew all along that was wrong. That child grew up to be one of the 10 Outstanding Women in Scotland in With trans rights again under threat, legendary playwright, performer, father and grandmother Jo Clifford tells a story both gentle and passionate, intimate and political, to remind us that the journey towards our real selves is one we all need to make.

    University College hospital, London, George Orwell is in the last chapter of his life with a severe case of Tuberculosis. He still believes he has at least three novels in him so to keep his morale up he promptly proposes to friend Sonia Brownell, a 30 year old assistant magazine editor. When Sonia learns that she is his only hope, she must decide whether to succumb to the advances of Lucien Freud or enter a platonic marriage with one of the countries most renowned writers.

    Based on actual events. I first met Robin Hood in the Autumn of , as a seven-year-old boy, and we have been good mates ever since. Recently, he's been going crazy about the direction our world is heading. He can't believe there isn't a bigger reaction to all the madness. This show is his idea. He's convinced we need to change the story of money and share the opportunity some of us have been given if we really want to do something about inequality and the growing gap between rich and poor. The 5th Marquis of Anglesey was one of the Earth's wealthiest men, until he lost it all by being too damn fabulous.

    A ripped-up, hilarious musical about this gorgeous tragedy. After he died at 29, his family burned every record of him, and carried on as though he never was. How to Win Against History is a hilarious, ripped-up musical about expectations, manliness, disappointment and being totally fabulous.

    A frothy, glossy costume drama about the stories we tell to convince ourselves it's all going well, and the moments we realise it's not. Internationally renowned theatre director Anthony Nicholl has travelled the globe on a life-long quest to discover the true essence of theatre.

    Today, he gives a masterclass, demonstrating first-hand the methods he cultivated in Africa and throughout the world. Promise, an aspiring actress, has been hand-picked to participate. What unfolds between them forces Nicholl to question all of his assumptions about his life and art. How to Act explores the contemporary realities of personal, cultural and economic exploitation through two individuals drawn together in the theatre. Both believe in truth, but each has their own version of it. A reclusive children's writer becomes wildly successful. Her books are treasured across the country.

    But when a troubling narrative starts to unfold, we find ourselves asking: What matters more, the storyteller or the story? Brilliantly imaginative and theatrically original, Heather is a short, sharp play about language, prejudice and the power of stories. Set in a landscape of memory and dreams, The Inconvenience of Wings tackles the issues of friendship, dysfunction, addiction and angels.

    It was further stirred by her own father who has suffered from dementia for more than a decade. It's Dougie's birthday. He just turned 50 and his family are throwing him a party. But it's Dougie who has a surprise for them. A bombshell proposal. He wants his ex-wife Arlene to back his new endeavour.

    A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland

    He wants to serve a good cause, a global cause. He wants to make right a terrible wrong, even if it puts their daughter's future at risk. They can all sense a scam, but Dougie won't back down. He is convinced this is his only chance to do something truly glorious, but his motivation may not be as pure as it seems. As the touchpaper under his family is lit, no one escapes the fallout. A hilarious honest and brutal show about loneliness, with film. This hilarious, brutal and poignant show - combining live performance with films made by Annie and live artist Richard deDomenici, is about her gauche and wrongfooted attempts to fit in, the loneliness that ensued, and her quest to cure it.

    A relationship rotting. Is having no reason to stay a reason to leave? At what point does the abuser become the abused? And why aren't we more afraid of women? Two actors, one couple, swapping roles. A savage new play exploring violence in relationships, our expectations of gender and what happens when we're no longer in love but refuse to let go.

    The extraordinary Billie Piper plays Her, a woman driven to the unthinkable by her desperate desire to have a child. Sad Little Man is a stand-up tragedy set performed by the mind of a young man in shock. Described as "a stunning, bittersweet story" and "theatrically beautiful" by Noises Off Magazine, a combination of performance poetry, physical theatre and projection tell the story of the many lives of Lee and someone he loves.

    A British financier and his wife host a lavish dinner party for their affluent American friends. It's over a year since the two couples were together and they have plenty to talk about. The food is delicious, the conversation animated and dessert is on its way - when, from one second to another, the evening takes a sinister and alarming turn. Meet Leah and Chris; raised on Harry Potter, New Labour and a belief that one day they would be as 'special' as their parents promised.

    But what happens when those dreams don't become reality? Follow Leah and Chris over these twenty years as they realise the future they were promised as children hasn't turned out as they hoped, against the backdrop of an asteroid heading for earth. Told through performance and live music on multiple stages, with support from a different Humber Street Sesh band every night, this is Welly like you've never seen it.

    Dead Centre's new solo work for an eleven -year-old boy is devoted to Shakespeare's only son, Hamnet, who died in , only eleven himself. A single letter separates Hamnet from the philosophical heights of Hamlet. Unlike the Prince, he cannot ask 'to be or not to be'. Condemned not to be, he now seeks to understand the world from which he has been wrested. Hamnet is too young to understand Shakespeare. We are too old to understand Hamnet. Two generations, asking each other what they want to pass on and receive. The original story of Victorian London's most famous child.

    Oliver Twist created for everyone aged six and over. It will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Published to celebrate Dame Beryl's 90th birthday, this is the only autobiography from this famous classical ballerina, and is a must-read for dance and ballet lovers. Dame Beryl's life is defined by her love of dance. Her life and career spanned the period that saw the flowering of British ballet.

    Knowing and working with virtually everyone in the dance world, she reveals fascinating insights into the people, characters and institutions that made up world dance in the 20th century. Grey began her dancing career with the Sadler's Wells Ballet in at the unprecedented early age of Her natural virtuosity saw her quickly promoted to prima ballerina, dancing her first Giselle at 17, and Princess Aurora at Dame Beryl became the first English dancer to appear as a ballerina at the Bolshoi and the Kirov, as well as with the Peking Ballet. This autobiography provides a fascinating and personal insight into an extraordinary woman, her life and career.

    Barber Shop Chronicles is a generously funny, heart-warming and insightful new play set in five African cities, Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos, Accra, and in London. Inspired in part by the story of a Leeds barber, the play invites the audience into a unique environment where the banter may be barbed, but the truth always telling. The barbers of these tales are sages, role models and father figures who keep the men together and the stories alive. Now Kane is back in her classroom, armed with relics of the past and claiming to want forgiveness.

    As the truths they've clung to begin to collapse, teacher and pupil are forced to confront their prejudices and the shared history that has bound them together. Three generations of women. For each, the chaos of what has come before brings with it a painful legacy.

    MYTH:"I can only see wrong choices. Things that will make everything worse. As their dinner party descends into chaos, their friendship and their lives are irreparably changed. A play about those things we don't want to see or say.