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JUSTICE : Crime ou délit ?

Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. So I hear and understand what you would like to happen but based on my knowledge of the system, I do not see how you can access i. The entire system was created this way so that it is totally automatic and no one with some influence can stop issuing the tickets.

Paying them might be a different story. I too picked up a ticket. The fine was 45 Euro. And the form appeared to have a credit card option. However the website does not accept my credit card number. I went to the bank and thought about a wire transfer. That is for 45 Euro o4 45 Million Euro, fifty bucks. So can you help me find a way to use a credit card from the US? Hi, we were stopped almost 7 months ago at night by two French cops hiding behind a bush with a radar gun, hand held. But before he stopped us we were overtaken by a car that was going quite fast. We were sent the fine by mail.

We heard nothing for 7 months from the police. Today we were called to the gendarmerie. Our license was checked and we were told we were breaking the law because we had not had our licenses German written over to a French license and were living in France for over one year. The gendarme who stopped us that night came past and told us we had no chance of not paying this fine.

They found a speeding ticket that was caused by somebody else using our car but was promptly paid.

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My question is: 1 We contested this fine over 6 months ago and I thought there was a 3 month limit for the police to reply to our contestation. Is there a time limit? Thanks, Liz. Hello I just opened an envelope containing a speeding ticket from France. Infraction was on June 6 of this year, six and a half months ago. It was sent to an old work address. I had no idea about the ticket. The fine is now for euros. I may also apply for an immigration visa — may marry a French national. YOU I just opened an envelope containing a speeding ticket from France.

ME You have informed the French administration that you have received the ticket and I assume that you gave them some personal information. So now it is going to be quite difficult to get off the hook. You can come back in and you will not have any trouble getting in France. YOU I may also apply for an immigration visa — may marry a French national. ME If you are going to live in France and work there, this ticket will be paid in due time and by then the amount will be even more. Indeed it is the tax office that collects the tickets so as soon as you are settled in France for example working as an employee or self-employed, you will be on the French administration radar.

Then the tax office can block your bank account, get the money from the employer before you receive your salary and so on. My comment is that if you are in France you will pay for sure and it will be much more. If you stay in the USA and never live in France, never have a bank account and so on, then I would think that the French administration will wait a long time before passing the request onto the IRS, if they ever do it.

YOU Can the fine be reduced somehow? I speak French and can call the info line. ME Clearly you have found a way to contact them, then you should also have the numbers to call. Now reducing the amount OK but on which ground? Indeed it is only possible if the French administration has done something wrong and you can claim some liability. The fact that they sent the ticket first at the wrong address is not an error on their part, it must have been a good address and you moved and you should have a forwarding address service.

Scheduling a payment over a few months is possible. What are the consequences of not paying? ME I already explained what were the consequences. I would like to state that I also help a lot with immigration issues including spouse of a French citizen, nothing is automatic with the consulate and then the prefecture. There are a lot of horror stories because the immigration procedure was not done right from the start.

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I just called today to pay a ticket from back in April. However that was months ago and nothing has arrived. Hi, I got flashed at 57kph in a village, my Spanish van is registered to an address I can no longer get to, indeed that address never received any mail not uncommon in rural Spain. Regards, thog. It is impossible to pay without the letter, especially with a foreign license plate.

So the French administration will get the letter back. It will try to find your trace and possibly get a different way to address this mail so you can get it. This said, if you only have one mailing address that does not allow you to receive mail, you will not pay this fine. The problem could be if you get caught by the French police, then you might have to pay a hefty amount.

This is quite unlikely. I should have mentioned that I am from Canada. Can they try to collect from me in Canada? There is a tax treaty between the 2 countries. Most of the governmental money is collected by the tax office, even the medical bills, the public library dues, …. Therefore it is technically possible that this could happen.

Now you were driving 1Km above what triggers the machine, so the fine must be very small and for sure not enough to merit asking the Canadian tax authorities to collect. Dear Jean, I visited France in and got a speeding ticket for doing 96 kph in a 90 kph zone. What will it happen at the border control when I will go back to France in two years or more? So when your passport is swept when you come in France, nothing happens.

I was pulled over speeding back in about and because I was on a visitors pass that had over gone a year I was not issued a speeding ticket. Instead i was given a court hearing to receive the amount that I would be fined for speeding. I was unable to make it to that proceeding and have not made it back to france since then and I have tried to contact offices to see how much I could expect to owe etc.

Does that change in my situation where I know that I received an additional 80 euro fine for not having been able to represent my self back in ? My questions really are 1 will i get stopped when entering the country? I have the exactly same situation. They always try to fine you like half year later. Now the problem is that in Avis Database my address is not complete without unit no. I might need to travel to France again in near future so I want to be clean of any charges. Any help would be much appreciated. ME There are 2 completely different issues: 1 — Avis is a private company and if there is a dispute between the 2 of you, then it is a private matter.

Never the police will ever know about this.

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So this debt will never prevent from doing doing anything in France other than maybe rent from Avis as well as less likely renting a car in France from the major companies. So this is not a concern to me. If you go back to France, there are different scenarios here: a when you enter France on your passport, I assume that you are not asking for an immigration visa when you come, i very much doubt that the policeman will do an in depth research in your name. Since you are not registered as a criminal someone who committed a crime! As you can see, these are 2 very different issues and I would worry more about not renting a car in France because Avis has blacklisted you among these rental companies than about the fine not being paid.

Hi, how can I pay the parking ticket I got when travelling Avignon, France early this month? I didnot reliaze it until my son told me a paper was at my car windon we rented a car from SixT.


When we tried to grable it, unfortunately the strong wind blowed it to nowhere. What shall we do? Sorry for the delay. The car is registered with SixT so the ticket will be sent to them. By now, they must received it. You might still be able to pay before it goes to collection. Your rental agency knows about the tickets and therefore you should be able to get this information from them. A scanned copy of the tickets should have the needed information to do it on line indeed.

After a prolonged wait for a return e mail for an inquiry about it I learned the charges were for traffic offences. The rental car company has been no help whatsoever in trying to meet my obligations. I have received no notification of such offences form the French authoriites- I have been home now for a month and a half.

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There is no opportunity to question the existence of traffic tickets on the website offered here. What do I do now? We wrote a very detailed letter in French explaining our situation and stating our desire to pay but it has been over a year since the alleged infraction and we have yet to hear anything from them. It would be great if someone in the French System could respond to this thread but I fear we will never really know what has happened internally with our specific case.

Indeed these virtual credit cards do not exist in the USA. So using a normal credit card is the best way to handle this payment. Hello — I received two speeding tickets using a rental car in France and I have a question that did not seem to be addressed in previous queries. Is that something different than my usual credit card. You can pay using your regular credit card.

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Bonjour, Jean. When the citations arrived a month later in my N. I eventually concluded that:. So, I let the citations become buried in my stack of obligations until I finally decided to discard them.

Data Protection Choices

How about at the Hertz rental desk, where I will furnish copies of the same U. BTW, Hertz did charge me a nominal fee for referring each of the citations, so their conscience is clear. Is there any chance of detention until payment, denial of rental vehicle until payment, denial of exit until payment, or just more advisement of compounding fines and penalties? YOU 1 I would not again drive in France until well after the renewal of my identity documents, which might somewhat diminish my risk; ME This has no consequence to the situation. Either you owe the money and this office will try to collect or they cannot identify you neither now nor in the future.

Therefore, very quickly, it makes no difference what it was at the origin, the tax treaty between the 2 countries allows the IRS to collect in the USA, French taxes and this includes tickets for speeding. YOU The long arm of monolingual automated French law enforcement had exposed itself to any number of my own plausible denials were its human agents ever to finally ensnare me. ME There is a huge problem with this. The burden of proof is on you. This means that the law states that you did it because you had the usage of the car at that time unless you can prove that it was someone else.

For example your spouse was also a driver on the contract and therefore you 2 can identify who was driving then. So NO the system is locked in such a way you cannot propose any denial that is not a breach of the contract!! ME My guess is that if you rent from the same company, they will refuse because you still owe the money and they can check that easily. If you rent from the competition, I believe that there is no central data base for this and the normal way to collect the money is blocking a bank account in France or the salary with the employer, none of which applies to you.

ME Absolutely nothing since this level of criminal deeds does not make it in the immigration data base. So even if the officer really looks at your American passport which is already a rare thing and check your name if you have a record which is just unheard of nothing will show up and you will enter France without any problem. ME As stated above, Hertz would be a very bad choice. Any other company should be fine. Nothing prevents you from trying as long as you are OK with being told NO. YOU Is there any chance of detention until payment, denial of rental vehicle until payment, denial of exit until payment, or just more advisement of compounding fines and penalties?

ME NO none of this will happen to you. On the other hand, the most probable thing that can happen is if the French tax office thinks it is worth it, is that the IRS summons you to pay with a lot of fines, penalties and interests added to the original amount.

You have no control over this, and you will have NO opportunity to deny the charges and so on. I have never heard the IRS be opened to this type of objections. Arrested when they check my passport 2. Made to pay the fine immediately 3. Left alone and nothing happens. Thank you for your message. The answer depends on the level of the speeding you have done. So as long as what you did is not mentioned there you run zero risk when you stop in France while being on the cruise ship.

So to answer precisely your questions: 1. Arrested when they check my passport — no because the police would not know that there is a fine pending against you 2. Made to pay the fine immediately — only if the collection agency and therefore not the police can catch you for such a short period of time and even then they do not have the right to coarse you.

Left alone and nothing happens — is by far the most probable situation. This is the regulation and the chances that you are facing jail term are zero considering what you described since it can only be a second offence! The first consequence is a fine, increasing with the amount by which the speed limit was exceeded. I was traveling in France in April and just received a ticket for running a red light four months later. There were fines for paying within 30 45 and 90 days all of which have already expired! I have no problem paying the fine but when I went online to pay I was also told the time limit had expired and that another letter would follow.

I want to do the right thing here but paying an high late fee seems completely unfair when I received the notice 24 hours ago! Any suggestions on how to proceed? Could I just supply them my credit card number and authorize them to charge me the original fine? I understand you feel this is unfair Frank. If you do so then it is possible that the extra fine be redeemed or that the collection efforts will continue for the balance.

If you pay in full then you must argue with a registered letter the reason why you contest the extra charges with a very uncertain result. There is no good choice here and make the decision you feel more comfortable with depending how often you are in France and how much collection agencies in France can do against you. I was in France in August driving a Hertz rental car. It will be a full licence unless you had passed your test within the 3 years prior to the exchange in which case it will be a probational one.

The start date shown is the date of your French licence, so you are best to keep a photocopy of the old one to prove when you first started to drive for insurance purposes. The French licence is valid for 15 years, unless you are allowed to drive HGVs in which case it will be valid for 5 years. However all that is required at present is to update it with a new photo, as there is no age limit for driving in France and no requirement to attend a medical after a certain age, unlike the UK.

You can find an explanation of the categories on the UK government site. In France the Cs and Ds are dependent on passing an additional test and a medical. If you are not bothered about driving a small lorry or a minibus then you just need to confirm that you are happy to lose the entitlement. If you do decide to take the medical, then you will have to provide a medical certificate every 5 years till the age of 59 and then every 2 years from the age of 60 to 75 and every year from the age of 76 for HGV category C , and every year from the age of 60 if you are driving a vehicle for more than 8 people category D.

Is that correct? A friend rang after a few months and managed to get hold of somebody who confirmed that they had his application in the system but said that they had huge delays and that they would be in touch. We sent out application to Nantes in January and have not heard a thing. We have spoken to numerous people and they seem to have the same problem.