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E Found footage dissecting sexual intercourse and the functioning of organs. Mouvement continu. E Triple exposure of a bike wheeland continuous movement. Processing done by hand. E Editing and overlaying photographs, briefly broken by a fragment in motion, produces strong oppositions whose encounters create illusions. CF E A three dimensional clip is generated from raw data. A geometric landscape is constructed and deconstructed to the sound of noise music.

Deliciously subversive. E Via editing and a new soundtrack, this film reinterprets sequences recorded by security cameras. Both comic and discouraging. Mais qui sont-ils et que veulent-ils? But what do they want? E In a cabaret where time seems suspended, the public is about to witness a show quite out of the ordinary. E After a fight with her husband, the famous singer Naya becomes aphonic.

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Her spouse then goes on a quest to find a voice that will restore her aura. Qui sortira vainqueur de ce duel sanglant? PS E Florence loves her cat and yet their relationship is getting out of control. Who will triumph in this bloody duel? E Urik, a teenage vampire, is tormented by the ghosts of his past.

E The body is and is and is and has no place for itself. E The daily life of inhabitants of a very windy area.

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E When the idea of death becomes reality, how to escape it? E Fragments of the eponymous play by Tennessee Williams performed by plants. E A film about uncertainty. The atom is the wave, the wave is the signal. E Every day, after work, people come to the Wall. E A man raps, cuts his head off and has sex with it. This is also a cartoon. E Two poor creatures are trapped in a house in the middle of a swamp.

E Interactions between unusual creatures in Plug and Play mode. E There is nothing quite so obsessing as things left unsaid. Based on a poem by Etta Streicher. A plus! She is a major figure of the New York underground scene of the late s and early s. She then launched her solo career. A filmmaker featured at large festivals, but also a sculptor, painter and photographer who has exposed in prestigious museums and galleries MoMA, Tate Gallery, … , she continuously questions social conventions.

Rebel-child Laura Moore escapes the clutches of gang lord Lizard and meets a group of radical lesbians who suggest she gets even. Here Beth B attacks televangelism in true comic satire, with a deliciously twisted storyline that inevitably revolves around sex, power and money. A touching documentary, overloaded with madness, playfulness and joy. It reveals the intolerance in our norm-defined society. One morning, nudy bar hostess Eileen Maloney discovers her two children are missing and the police lieutenant leading the case accuses her of killing them.

Thus begins a multi-day, highly unconventional interrogation. Alternating between attraction and repulsion, the dance reveals the dark side of both protagonists. Un flop. The film flopped. Once in L. A marketing ploy? Rubin is an kidult with doubtful taste in clothing. Enter Ed, a sour-tempered fifty-something, led by Rubin into the desert in the hunt for the perfect resting place for his frozen cat. Sounds absurd? She also finds a notebook filled with encrypted messages, which leads her on a astonishing journey to the far corners of the Earth and beyond, as she tries to uncover the reason for his death.

In his latest film, Harris radically changes his style for a more personal, introspective and, perhaps, even more bizarre result. At barely 20, little Jean-Denis, born in Tunis in and future documentary director, begins his career as a filmmaker-provocateur.

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  7. A daring film, absurd and a little crazy, a disapproving frown at the Algerian War. E Inspired by a news story from the s, Bonan recounts a rustic love triangle unlike any other. E Reappropriation of unused news footage. In a style indebted to another troublemaker Godard , JDB dramatizes the hunt for a murderer in a dilapidated Paris. Filmed guerilla style, this audacious and provocative film was rejected by every distributor, and never released. En distrayant notre regard, Tamara de Wehr multiplie les points de vue afin de questionner notre monde socioculturel occidental.

    GL, TdW E. This young Swiss artist plays with representational codes by confronting the domains of optical systems vision-related devices and war strategies mechanical, tactical, as well as human. This connection questions, among other things, the ambiguous relationship between art and weapons. The artist also envisions this notion in its capacity to put spaces and times into perspective. By distracting our gaze, Tamara de Wehr multiplies the points of view in order to question our Western sociocultural world.

    GL, TdW. GL, CK. The efficiency of a tactics exposes the abilities of the artist and those of the warrior. E This animated film is a phantasmagoria in which optical machines and war equipment respond to each other in an achronological history of cinema. E Deserted town squares are associated with intense urban noises. Captured in the same locations in Lausanne, sounds and images blur the relationship between close and far, an effect reinforced by the use of panoramic shots typical of Westerns.

    E Science-fiction cinema is explored as a cultural fund from which systems of archives, real or fictional, are questioned. Displayed split on two screens, movie excerpts put the heterogeneity of spaces and times into perspective, from the projection of a future entropy to potential reconfigurations of its conjectures. GL, TdW E This longer film, made with excerpts from action and science-fiction movies, lets us dive into underground places that mirror reality and test our space-time references.

    Sources of imagination, these parallel places reconfigure the individuals roaming within them and inspire new modes of existence. E This intervention will attempt to analyse how, on aesthetic and ethical levels, the Underground points a position in a place and an environment, as well as the connections it works on the common world. Christophe Kihm is an art critic, theorist, teacher and curator. GL, CK Born in to an editor father and a blind mother, Shane Ryan discovers cameras at the age of 7.

    Even though his parents are kind and loving, he finds out that his family went through rapes and child abuse, extra disturbing because their perpetrators were never sentenced. Frequently beaten as a teenager, he nurtures a fierce hatred fueled by injustice. A calling that is an outlet for his rage that he follows alongside his career as an indie horror film actor. Her decision angers the community and their subsequent actions turn out to be even more damaging for the young girl. Dissatisfied with his own scenes as an actor, Ryan goes back to editing and cuts himself out. JB E October , in rural Mississippi, a 15 y.

    The nation is in shock, and Ryan wonders about such actions. The opportunity to show a hidden side of rural America, with its share of misery, boredom and latent suffering, THE masterpiece of Shane Ryan, a punch in the gut that will leave you breathless. This indie label, founded in in partnership with the Pollygrind Fest in Las Vegas, nurtures some of the most twisted films under the direction of president Rob Hauschild.

    Ici, Mr. In it, Mr. J the horny werewolf and his dancers from beyond the grave sing and dance in tremendous choreographies that would make the King of Pop jealous and all the while honoring his biggest fan. Vintage porn full of hair and naked women, to watch by the light of a hairy mirror ball.

    JB E In a house with darkened windows, a handful of trapped characters are forced to endure each other. Directed by exploitation cinema enthusiast R. The arrival of a band of hippies is the pretext for an escalation of trippy stylistic flourishes stop action, psychedelic music, strobe lights culminating in rotating crane zooms. From horror to Westerns, from science fiction to kung fu, and from classics to curiosities, Bis explores the entire world of film. Now, 21 years and films later, we celebrate Bis, by re-screening several rare titles that will excite even the most discerning cinephiles.

    In this film he cultivates the art of dissonance and spatio-temporal anachronism, … the ear-splitting electronic music score underlines the collapse of temporal continuum and the lack of narrative coherence. Based on the theme of urban paranoia, Big Racket tells the story of a maverick cop Fabio Testi who, infuriated by rampant crime and the ineffectivity of the justice system, decides to take things into his own hands and clean house.

    Four top models wandering in the South American jungle end up in the hands of a drug tycoon and his heavily-armed minions. Excerpt from the event program. Il impressionne et effraie. In Back then, it was all about heterosexual movies. It met an untimely end with the advent of video and gay pornography has not been screened in French cinemas since. This film features extensive interviews with the directors and actors peppered with numerous excerpts from their films. It is an opportunity to discover the hitherto forgotten yet memorable story of the pioneers of French gay cinema.

    E Open every day, 30 minutes prior to the first screening, for festival and day passes, performances and movie screenings. E Open every day, 30 minutes prior to the first screening, for movie screenings at this specific venue only. Service Pyjama TL www. E On Friday—Saturday and Saturday— Sunday nights, from to , there are 30 bus departures from Lausanne-Flon and LausanneGare to more than 80 neighboring locations. E Think about sharing your car or get picked-up along the way. During the festival, day passes and festival passes are sold and exchanged only at the main box office at the Casino de Montbenon.

    LAFF www. Opening Film p. FM et le stand de restauration Le Petit Four. FM radio and Le Petit Four. E Centenary venue and host of LUFF opening and closing ceremonies, in addition to various projections. Morton Subotnick hosts his conference at this venue. E A former storage room that is now an atypical venue that hosts a LUFF performance and two workshops.

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    Ces espaces accueillent pour le LUFF un workshop et des expositions. E Galerie HumuS is a joint bookstore and gallery that focuses on humour, quirk or eroticism, and which co-shares its space with Galerie Filambule. This venue hosts a reading and various expositions during LUFF. E An independant and self-managed gallery that supports up-andcoming creations, and that hosts a performance by Mario de Vega during LUFF. Avenue de la Harpe 45 1m3 Avenue de la Harpe 45 Lausanne. E A new space for artist residency in Lausanne, located at the former 1m3.

    Et il en profite. Et le font savoir avec virulence. Najdat Anzour is one of the most famous Syrian filmmakers in the Arab world. Film offers Anzour greater creative freedom. And he uses it. It can be perceived as an insult and it is certainly not our intention to feature this program to make fun of its content. Good thing then, that our friends at Nanaratomik are really passionate. So when an incredible documentary on Weng Weng, the midget Filipino actor, shows up, the thought to host a joint evening is obvious!

    Add a selection of trailers and excerpts from Southeast Asian movies as appetizers and the journey is complete. Andrew Leavold lives with cinema administered intravenously. Secret agent, cowboy, stuntman, he tears through movie screens in Southeast Asia playing parts usually reserved for good-looking muscle men. How did this little man get here, where is he from, what has he become? This was enough to motivate Leavold to scour the length and breadth of the Philippines for years, during which he unearthed one of the most mind-boggling cinema careers in the world.

    The film paints a portrait of a brutal, merciless, misogynistic man who turns away from the Koran to better manipulate others. JB Najdat Anzour will be present to answer questions after the screening.

    Arbre généalogique Joël ROUET - Geneanet

    E While not technically a sub-genre, sequestration is a theme spanning many decades and cinema styles. It spotlights unions that border on passionate slavery, and is often used to allegorize intense existentialism or political ruptures that imagine rejecting consumption through vomiting and defecation. It is with a certain pleasure in pain and sensual cruelty that LUFF presents four cult films sure to torture spirits and carve up consciences.

    He powerlessly watches two kleptomaniac girls break in and empty his home, where he deliberately lured them. Co-written by leading actresses Bernadette Lafont and Bulle Ogier, this film is a sort of sadomasochistic fantasy, an at-times liberating collective hallucination, directed by a singular figure in French cinema. E A blind sculptor is overcome with passion for the body of a female model. He kidnaps her with the help of his emasculating mother and locks her in his hellish atelier. DS A woman escapes an attempted rape thanks to a photographer who shelters her in his studio. She becomes obsessed with the man who saved and yet imprisoned her.

    Her trauma prevents her from separating truth from hallucination, as she plunges into sexual fantasies verging on bestiality and sadomasochism. One of the strangest and darkest obscure Italian films, producing steady unease and a constant blur between fantasy and reality, directed by Alberto Cavallone, a staunch anarchist and anti-capitalist. One rainy summer night, a seriously injured and seriously drunk detective stumbles upon the doorstep of an isolated property.

    Found by an authoritarian mother and her dissolute daughter, he is taken captive and forced to participate in their incestual, perverted games and fetishist torture. Director and novelist Nikos Nikolaidis has created a cult body of work using eight disturbing feature films, magnificently constructed to carry the spectator into a fascinating and painful universe. Their journey leads them from Europe to the USA and the Middle East, through galleries and war zones, in search of the street art world of our times.

    The film traces the double-birth of this strange device that first appeared in in the West Coast experiments of Buchla and the East Coast innovations of Moog. JB E Thirty years of sound turbulences, born of esotericism and numerology, make up the chaotic history of the British post-industrial band Killing Joke.

    As masters of mysticism, their live shows are a series of hypnotic rituals led by Jaz Coleman, a garishly made-up, evil-speech-rattling madman shaman. E Indonesian noise, the largest scene of extreme and independent music scene is the biggest in South-East Asia. This documentary gives an extensive overview with numerous bands, artists and speakers, all from Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, and Tokyo, who freely talk about their own definitions and approaches to noise music.

    The latter then teaches him everything in order to enter the enterprise. E Archival fragments of emergency calls in life or death situations when the only available help has no way to intervene. E The Six Day Run ultimate spiritual exertion takes place on a tarmac road through a park. Participants enter a strong meditative trance in this extreme endurance effort with minimum sleep.

    She happily and shamelessly recounts her story and her beginnings where she found her calling for prostitution, with absolutely no regrets nor shame. In the city, a whole generation of young Indonesians gathers around black metal. This movement, originating in Europe, has been reinvented mixing Western codes with Indonesian beliefs. The film follows three members of this scene in order to discover a lively, cathartic, blasphemous yet sacred music. In the presence of Martha Colburn www. Born in Pennsylvania, Martha Colburn follows an artistic course which brings her from Baltimore to Amsterdam where she takes on the world of multimedia installations.

    In , during her first year at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she starts working on experimental films made up of found footage in which the photograms are manipulated, cut-up and fiddled with. Screened in a number of festivals and galleries, Martha Colburn will be present at LUFF as part of a workshop and a one-off film-concert! Felix Kubin, Ryan Sawyer and even the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra have provided musical accompaniment to her work.

    Create a collective animation film from a collection of cut-up, scratched and altered elements, the whole thing under the orders of the princess of the underground? It is imperative that each participant attends with their own collages, paintings and drawings which they will have previously glued, painted and drawn. No particular skill is necessary except the ability to hold a pot of glue. Ils devront apprend Ils filent le parfait Quand un accident inatt Cela le perturbe Dans leurs tentatives indignes d'accomplir cette mission, i Il n'a aucune Et le plus vi Saul Schwartz, brillant homme d'affaires new-yorkais, ne supporte plus son existence.

    Tout dans sa vie l'ennuie. Alors il envoie tout balader; il En voulant sauter de la Tour Eiffel e Pour dissimuler leur erreur, le Ceux-ci sont des quakers, de fervents adepte Lui et son ami J. Le delta de l'Okavango, Mel lui of Aquamarine tombe ensuite a Are We Done Yet? Arthur, Pal a disparu! Trois nouvelles surnaturelles pleines de suspense et d'action Il s'embraque alors dans une cours Roulant en voiture sur une route de Californie, ils viennent e Un soir travaillan Elle se fait harceler par son ancien copain, Hector; qui attaque Elle dev Elena Kinder est une femme intelligente et ambitieuse.

    Cependant, elle di Babylone A.

    Babylon A. Sa vie bascule lorsqu'il rencontre A Mais la surcharge de travail et les res Commence alors pour Ted Puis, il se ressaisit et retourne voir sa f Sale prof Bad Teacher Certains professeurs ne donnent tout simplement pas la lettre F comme note. C'est le cas d'Elizabeth. Elle emploie un langage grossier, est impitoy Il s'agit d'un dispositif Ensemble, ils forment un improbable g Il rencontre alors une jeune femme dont il tombe amoureux.

    Michael Glass est le meilleur dans son domaine. Et quand cet implacable destructeur s'associe avec la sinueus Les deux m Depuis ans, les quelques humains encore en vie subissent le joug d'extra-terrestres, les Psychlos.

    Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

    Ensemble, ils tenteront d La nouveau Mona a Ceux-ci expriment leurs frustrations, leu Pour se faire, Ayant rejoint le royaume des esprits, ils continuent de hanter leur maison de campagne. Mais voi Avant la nuit tout est possible Before Sunset Neuf ans plus tard. Beyrouth Beirut Beyrouth, Un soir, lors d'une sortie avec sa meille Mais il y aurait davantage Davis, l' Pas le moindre spa, pas la m Le chihuahua de Beverly Hills 3: Viva la fiesta! Elle rencontre le docteur Nick Callahan qui la touche par Les grandes filles ne pleurent pas They Get Even Kati et Steffi sont amies depuis leur enfance.

    Leur situation critique est l'occasion d Les scientifiques parti Leur relation se complique quand intervient la notion de chantage. Un soir d'i Il ne sai Ils lui proposent de faire alliance pour affronter Blaze Blaze Earl K. Elle en Mais tout se complique lorsque la jeune femm Auster, son professeur de lettres, l'encoura Bluffing It tv Bluffing It tv. Il obtient son premier emploi chez une femm Winnie l'ourson : Hou! Et Re-Bouh! Boo to You Too! Avec l'aide de ses amis, elle tente Sa vie de famille n'es Lorsque Cha Lorsque son ex-amie B.

    Bannister, elle aussi chasseur de primes, met la main sur Izzy, un v Du moins, c'est l'impression qu'ils ont toujours eu. Cuivres et Charbon Brassed Off! Mais l Mais quand Emily, la fille q Elle habite le quartier Ouest de Londres et travaille comme recherchiste pour une station de t Elle est Intervient alors le personnage de l'ex petit-ami Will, un m Le mariage d'ours brun et d'ourse blanche Brown Bear's Wedding tv Ours brun vit reclus dans une cabane sur la montagne. Solitaire, mais heureux. Il demande conseil aup Les plans de Bruno ne t Buffalo Soldiers '97 tv Buffalo Soldiers '97 tv.

    Bumblebee Bumblebee Baie de San Francisco, En tombant par hasard Celui-ci se retrouve entre les Burnt Eden tv Burnt Eden tv Burnt Eden raconte l'histoire de Ivan, un jeune homme dans la vingtaine pris dans une spirale infernale - il est assez intelligent pour savoir ce q Ce projet fou e L'Agent double Call to Danger tv, Pendant que le psychopathe les terror Car 54, Where Are You? Otages en balade Carpool ' Il prend de la drogue et vient de voler sa tirelire pour Cellule Cell Michael Gray, jeune avocat, nage en eaux troubles.

    Une r Comme tout enfant, Chappie sera influ Charlie St. Cloud Charlie St. Holden tombe amour Durant un voyage diplomatique en Europe avec ses parents, elle Surfer la vague la plus dangereuse de la Californie du Nord. Leur quotidien Dans ce film fumant, ils croisent Pee Wee Herman et Chef Chef L'histoire d'un homme ayant perdu son job de chef cuisinier. Un accident de voiture impliquant son enfant en a Mais les dirig Les deux h Il aimerait aussi que ses amis lui r Un sujet capital Citizen Ruth Ruth Stoops est une toxicomane, mais un jour elle tombe enceinte.

    Des choix s'imposent alors. Un contrat dans un quartier hup Arthur, un mi Cloverfield Cloverfield Une force inconnue attaque la ville de New York! En , Mais son mari Oasis glacial Cold Comfort. Pendant son a Le Temps des Retours Comeback Season Walter Pearce, mari volage, tente l'impossible pour regagner le coeur de sa femme. Folle de Lui! Confessions d'une accro du shopping Confessions of a Shopaholic Chaussures, accessoires, maquillage ou fringues sublimes Un comble, Ce qu Il vient de mettre au point l'arnaque total, un L'automobile d'une jeune Elle p Comme Garrison est la Pour cela, ils devront affronter un ma Un monde merveilleux qui prend une tournur La je Il rencontre trois autres couples qui se rendent rapidement Les plans hostiles des envahis Une nuit en enfer Crash Breach of Trust James et Catherine Ballard, un couple dont la vie sexuelle s'essouffle quelque peu, va trouver un chemin nouveau et tortueux pour exprimer son amo Alex fuit en Europe, avec l'ai Il ren Ramenant che Lorsqu'un loup garou Mais des complications surviennent Leur toute nouvelle collaboration est Il renc Et de plus, il est accus Au cours d'une mission L'heure la plus sombre Darkest Hour Londres, mai Pour le retrouver, le couple en Darwin Darwin ' Julia Jones est une je L'Aube des survivants Daybreakers L'an Les humains, d Cher John Dear John Un soldat tombe amoureux d'une belle etudiante conservatrice.

    Le hic, c'est que des meurtres sont commis sur le na Le film retrace l'horreur de cette situation Tromperie Deception Il ne se passe rien dans la vie de Jonathan. Pas d'amis, pas de famille, pas de copine Son nouveau voisin, Danny est to Elle rencontre u La plateforme Deepwater Horizon tourne non-stop pour ti En eff Les trois ho Coproduction G Rencontre Fatale Derailed Charles et Lucinda ont une liaison.

    Et quand un inconnu l Francis, un pianiste de lounge, tente de faire sa place dans le monde La seule personne Tandis qu'il consi Malheureusement, sa timidit Did You Hear About the Morgans?

    Dernières nouvelles 2014

    Les deux pre Elle y tombe amoureuse d'un danseur local. Mais les aliens ou les "non-humai Les adolescents Leur endurance sera mise Il perd aussi son petit chien, Mogley. George gagne sa vie comme journaliste. Domino Domino L'histoire de Domino Harvey, ancien mannequin et fille de l'acteur Laurence Harvey, devenue chasseur de primes. Mais une fois sur place, rien ne se passe comme p L'ange de la musique Dotkniecie reki The Silent Touch Henry Kesdi est un compositeur classique silencieux et un survivant de l'Holocauste. Aujourd'hui les tours de Downtown sont au bord de l'o Bonheur Aigre-Doux Double Happiness Ce film en partie autobiographique raconte l'histoire d'une jeune sino-canadienne en proie aux conflits qui surgissent entre les attentes traditi Docteur Dolittle Dr.

    Docteur Dolittle 2 Dr. Docteur Dolittle 3 Dr. Le Lorax Dr. T et les Femmes Dr. Trop en demande Un ambassadeur dragon tente de Une fois pour toutes! Une nuit, ouvrant u Drunk Parents Drunk Parents. Dunkerque Dunkirk Dunkerque, Des pilotes anglais af Seule ombre au tableau, la l Terre Earth Lahore, Leurs interventions spectaculaires Bien que la nouvell Le Directe Dans le cas d'Ella, quelq Avec un Une nuit, al Zavitz, une rencontre bien banale en somme.

    Lorsqu'il tombe amoureux d'Anna, un mannequin du magazin Leur prochaine cible sera leur plus Les livres, la musique, en fait toute expression art Lorsque son agent le plus

    Je t'aime mon petit lapin Fucu! V0020, 2 oreilles vibrantes avec 7 intensités différentes.