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Such managers have often been referred to as "momagers" in the film industry. In certain cases where a mother and child both work in the film industry, an automatic labeling of "stage mother" can be affixed to the mother [ by whom? Kathie Lee Gifford has been against the concept of stage mothers and had explained that when her son Cody co-starred with her in the film Model Behavior , it had been on his own volition to try acting and not at her insistence.

Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. Stage fathers share a similar role with parents promoting their children in professional sports [5].

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The drive to enhance their child's success, and vicariously the father's own financial furtherance and fame can include implementation of strength and exercise regimens at a young age and backhanded actions such as delaying enrollment in school so their sons will be bigger than their classmates. A variant of the term has been a "script mother", or a woman writer who sees her children as a means for writing books or screenplays based on humiliating events in the child's life, to the detriment of the child, or exaggerating a child's personal problems.

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An example of a script mother has been Lynn Johnston , who has been criticized for exploiting her children and husband in her comic strip For Better or for Worse , as opposed to many cartoonists such as Charles Schultz and Berke Breathed who make up fictional characters.

Johnston's children eventually had to be pulled out of school due to the constant bullying and embarrassment they received in being compared to their comic strip counterparts, and placed into a private school with tougher regulations on student conduct. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  6. For the film, see Stage Mother film. Main article: List of stage mothers.

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    How is this different from being known as the best runner or a gun at maths? We all think it is charming when a burly youngster thanks their mum at the Brownlow for all the early mornings and cheese toasties. Why then should I hesitate to admit that I fantasise about my child thanking me as they clutch a Tony award…or an Oscar!

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