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His will must be done in our lives. It is not our righteousness. It is what Jesus did for us on the cross. When we believe it, we become righteous through faith, not by struggling to be perfect or holy or be good. You can never be holy or perfect by struggling or trying. You will fail miserably. It is only when you believe God's word through faith, you enter into God's rest and you cease from your struggles to be perfect; and follow your own selfwill. Until you cease from your labor or works, struggles and trying to allow the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life in you, then the battle to be holy stops.

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Then your rest comes- you rest while the Holy Spirit fights for you. You only have to believe this in faith what the word of God says. Relax and give up your struggles and the the fight to be holy, and the Holy Spirit will give you the power to overcome, not in your own strength. At that point, you cease from your works, plots and schemes to exert your own ways. You give way to accept the will of God in your life directed by the Holy Spirit. Then you listen to Him to direct you in wisdom in your daily life and destiny.

Then you begin to relax and have peace. The Holy Spirit is God living in you to enable the believer live the christian life. Without the Holy Spirit, we can't do anything and can't live the Christian life. The Holy Spirit gives you wisdom to understand the Word of God. For unto us was the gospel preached , as well as unto them; but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

For we which have believed do enter into His rest. What does God's rest signify spiritually? The rest talked about here is deep and profound. It is that which sums up the end game of our existence on earth, and how we can live in peace and rest, despite being poor or rich. It is peaceful existence that enhances and enriches your life here on earth, and when over on earth continues in the hereafter.

This is a promise God has given to humanity. The Scripture reminds us that it is about obedience to God's word. Those who heard it in the wilderness perished because they did not believe the word of God. They did not have faith in it. They rejected it through unbelief and lack of faith.

They were destroyed in the wilderness and could not enter into that rest which is the promised land. Many are still perishing today because they will not accept God's word that will save and heal them. We are warned not to be like this people for God's word is real. What is God's rest? It is that profound peace that God gives to those who love and obey Him regardless of circumstances. It is peace that involves the whole faculty as the Bible Dictionary stipulates. It is a profound peace that does not affect whether you are rich or poor, intelligent or unintelligent, black or white.

It is a rest that heals and makes you whole. Rest and peace are synonymous. I will use both words here. It is a rest that calms your fears and gives you a sense of stability to face the future with confidence, regardless of what is happening around you. You know all things are working for good to those who love the Lord. The believer lives by faith and the just shall live by faith. It is someone always scheming, plotting; very unstable and restless to do their own thing in their own wisdom, for their own glory.

And what does it say? For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. And in this verse he says he is the saviour of the body. Now when you bring this in to that same relationship as the Church is to Christ and Christ is to the church, between the husband and the wife, there is no room for abuse of that authority or of the submission.

Alright now verse And this is the verse that I use for putting the responsibility on the husband. That is a commandment that the husband is to love his wife. And do you know what? The Scripture never tells the wife to love the husband. The reason is, and this is why I tie this in with Genesis chapter 1, just as surely as God put man on the scene with a will, that when God would extend His love and His Grace and blessings on this creature, God expected love returned.

I still maintain that with rare exceptions, if the husband will truly love his wife, scripturally, as Christ loves the Church, then it automatically follows that the wife is going to respond to that love. And God is going to give us the very best that He can give. And what does He expect in return? And this is why God has given him the mind and the will and a set of emotions. So that as a created being he has all the capabilities for this dominion. He had everything going for him. He was, for all practical purposes, immortal.

He was made incorrupt. Everything was put in place that he could have lived forever. Now I say, "could have". That was his potential. But what did God also know? God puts him on the scene with that opportunity of living forever. He could have been the progenitor of a perfect race of beings. It was his potential. And that is that when God created Adam, within Adam, were both the male and the female.

Look what the next verse says. The verse that woke me up to this several years ago is this one. What I try to get folks to do as they read and study their Bible is analyze every single word. I can be reading to a class and here it comes. Well, here is one of them. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him. This is a re-cap or a summarization. Now verse 2 2. Male and female created he them; and blessed them, now watch the plural pronoun and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

Not even Adam and woman. But he blessed them and called their name Adam. And so many of the species, as we still know them today, their original name goes all the way back to Adam. Now look at it. Adam is still alone. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. Now, get the timing here. Adam has already been on the scene long enough and the animal creatures have come to a maturity of sorts. Now, I think it follows, just like it did at the flood, that all these creatures came two by two.

And poor old Adam realizes that even the animal kingdom and the birds and everything else, have already gotten their mate, but he is alone. Have you ever thought of it that way? Everything is coming before him in pairs. But I just want you to realize that Adam now is created body, soul, and spirit, a three part entity or a trinity if you want to refer to it as that.

And within that there is another trinity of sorts in the mind, the will and emotion. His spirit is in complete fellowship and communion with his God. His body is perfect. His mind is perfect. He is a tremendous individual, but within Adam is both the male and the female. It had to be that way. Because you see, turn back with me to Romans chapter 5. We left off last week in Genesis chapter 1 verse Remember, I made reference to it in the last lesson that both the male and the female almost had to have been within Adam when he was created.

The reason I take that approach is that when salvation comes by virtue of the Savior, the plan of redemption, it is not just limited to the male of the species but everyone comes under that plan of redemption. In that plan of redemption, it is obvious that all the so-called blame, if I may use that word, is placed on Adam and never on Eve. We will be looking at this more when we get to chapter 3. But, just to tide you over until we get there, just look at it this way. I say Eve had to be IN Adam even before she was created at a later verse. Not as we understand the woman physically, but nevertheless, the very concept of the woman had to be in Adam, otherwise God would have had to provide a separate Savior, a separate Redeemer for the female of the species rather than just one.

I like to use this analogy. We have no emphasis in Scripture of angels having an opportunity for salvation. There is no plan of redemption for them. The reason for that is that every angel is a specific creation. In other words, if God was going to provide a plan of redemption for the angels, He would have to have as many Saviors or as many Redeemers as He has angels. Now that would be ridiculous. Bring that right down into the human realm. Eve had to be in Adam from the very beginning, so that Adam could be the head of the human race.

The Federal Head is the word we use. Adam is the Federal Head of the whole human race, both men and women. Consequently, there was only a need for one Redeemer. So this is why in chapter 1 verse 27, I like to emphasize this even though Eve is not on the scene, but will be coming on the scene in a later verse. In the last lesson, I took you back to chapter 5.

Genesis chapter 5 verse 2. This is a recap. This is a summarization. They were both in Adam. Turn to chapter 2. We will come back to the earlier verses, but just to pick up the appearance of the woman. Now in chapter 2, Adam has just given names to all the other living creatures and as I mentioned, then he must have had an inkling of what it would be like to have a help meet as he saw all of these creatures already with the female and the male and their mates.

God realized that He needed a help meet, such as up in verse Now in verse 21 after Adam has named all the species of the animal kingdom and the birds and what have you, it says:. So he put Adam to sleep and is going to do some surgery on the old boy! I, for one, like to take the Scripture as logically as we possibly can. I think a lot of times we can. And, especially from the scientific side. There is so much pure science in Scripture that most people miss.

The word translated "rib" in the Hebrew is the word "Tsela" and I think some 19 times the Tsela which is here, referred to as rib, is translated "side" or especially when it made reference to the Ark it was translated as "the chamber". So I like to use that, the "side chamber" is the word Tsela because they all come out of the same root. And the rib the side chamber , which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

This may be stretching the point a little bit for some of you, but I put these things out just to help people contemplate and study a little bit more and take this whole thing into perspective. Because, the reason we are doing this is to understand the plan of redemption, that it is just as much appropriate for the woman as it is for the man. It was Adam who ate and the whole human race fell! We have to see here that Eve was part of that fall because she came out of Adam, just the same as you and I came from our parents.

Eve came from Adam.

Go all the way back to the New Testament in Luke chapter 3, to the genealogy that we have here in Luke. Most are agreed that this is the genealogy of Mary and not of Joseph. We are not going to read all the way through the whole family tree but I just want you to go to the end of the genealogy in Luke chapter 3 verse We started, of course, up there at the time of Mary, herself at the very birth of Christ and have come all the way down that family tree to verse 38, where it says Cainan up there in verse Now where is Eve?

Well, she is in Adam. Again I think it makes it so clear that Eve as a part of the human race was already in Adam when Adam was created. So consequently, we can definitely say that Adam is the Federal Head of the whole human race, not just of men but of men and women.

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I like to just throw this out, just as a tantalizing thought to make you think about these things. If God simply took a rib from Adam, what would that do to the man? Well, it would leave him one rib short. And believe it or not, I have had people ask me whether men have one less rib than a woman. Well, of course not! He took the reproductive segment of the woman, we call that the gonad or the germ plasma.

He took that reproductive part which was certainly in a side chamber in Adam. Yes, he has the male and the female both. I think the Scripture indicates that and if you think that is preposterous, there are still some creatures in the animal kingdom that are bisexual. Especially among insects. It is not an unknown fact that we have things that are bisexual. And that is the very heart of all creation. So he removes that part from Adam and with it, He then surrounds it with the body of the woman and now we have man and woman. As yet she is not called Eve.

Remember, she is merely referred to as the woman. Go down to verse God now has brought this new creature to Adam. His help meet. That is an interesting word, as well. It means a complement. That is spelled with an "e". The word help meet is the word complement. Adam was not complete until God brought him that help meet. The Church is the complement. And we become that completion of even Christ, Himself. There is that correlation then between Adam and Eve, the husband and wife, or husband and wife as we saw it in the last lesson from the Book of Ephesians.

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See she was taken out of the man. And He took the Woman out of the Man. As I mentioned in the last lesson, what I want to emphasize from this is that all of this points to the fact that Eve was IN Adam and that when Adam sinned, the female of the species came under the condemnation just a much as the man. Alright, I think that is well taken. Now for verse 24, and remember all of human history has to fall back on what took place in Genesis. We have lost that concept. And I think it is so unfortunate that we have just sort of glossed over what God originally intended.

But, if you will, take a look at the word here "cleave". I am not going to take credit for it, we were visiting my son one time when he was still in OSU and we went to his Church with him and the Sunday School teacher that morning, I will never forget, explained the word cleave in a way that I have used ever since. I think it was so apropos. The word here in the Hebrew means that once a man and a woman come together in marriage, they should never be able to be separated without causing irreparable damage. I empathize with them. But you see this is exactly what God had in mind that when man and woman came together and became one flesh, to tear them apart would be doing irreparable damage.

So He says " they shall be one flesh ". Now, I like that next verse.

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Adam and Eve were so perfect. That just shows how pure their very mind make up was. They were beautiful people and they had everything going for them. Now again, if you will remember a lesson or two ago, that perfect climate. No real intense heat. No intense cold. It was pole to pole perfect climate. No storm clouds. No severe weather. Everything was ideal. And, they had fellowship with their Creator. God came and walked with them in the cool of the evening.

How could anybody want anything more? But you know what? We get the account of it now as we move on into chapter 3 verse 1. I always encourage people to go to a dictionary and look up this word subtle. The last time I looked it up there was about 12 or 14 words to define the word subtle. It means sly. It means cunning. It means with tremendous intelligence.

Hey, this creature had everything. I like to take the approach and not everyone will agree with me, and that is perfectly alright, but I take the approach that the serpent was probably the most beautiful of all the created creatures. I think it walked upright and I am even going to stick my neck out far enough to say that I think it could speak.

I think Eve was not the least bit surprised when this beautiful creature came up to her and was actually speaking in her own language. The point I like to make is that even to our present day, Satan will always use the very best that he can get his hands on. He will never use that which is of no other good. But, he will always use the best that he can possibly get a hold of. He begins with it right here. So the serpent, beautiful, upright. The Scripture says the most subtle of all the created beings. Satan is using the best that he can find.

Now what does he do? And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Well, I am going to have to be remiss. We need to take this verse by verse if we can. I think that is going to come sometime later. But, anyway, the six days of creation are now finished and then it says:. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: set it apart because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

Again I like to bring in a little scientific fact here, if I may, and again maybe not everyone will agree with me. But, I think here when God looked at that beautiful creation and everything that He had put into it that we have here the very first law of thermodynamics. For those of you who have had any science courses, you will remember that almost in chapter 1 of most chemistry textbooks you are introduced to that law of thermodynamics.

Thermo meaning heat and dynamics meaning energy. In other words, when God had finished creation, He had the law of thermodynamics in place. For those of you who may have forgotten, the first law of thermodynamics says that there is now nothing being created nor destroyed. Got that? Nothing is being created or destroyed. I think that is what you have here. You have a perfect creation.

There is nothing deteriorating. There is nothing dying. There is nothing rotting. The first law of thermodynamics. Nothing needed to be any more created. Everything was here that God knew the coming race of people would need. Everything was perfect, it was good. What do you notice in that verse? That is not a misprint. You see, even the Old Testament is going to show that there is a person of the Godhead who is uniquely in the God of chapter 1 but now He is set apart as someone special.

So it could be read that in the day that the Jehovah God made the earth and the heavens. The very name Jehovah, and we will look at that more in detail in our next lesson, is that person of the Godhead who is always involved with the human race. He is to be the Redeemer. He is Jehovah God. He is going to have to be able to not only fellowship with Him but be able to know that He is. Get that concept straight. It is God the Son. They would leave a blank. But our translators came along and instead of using the word in opposition to that Jewish mentality, they used the word LORD.

Just as a recap, we find that Adam was created first with Eve within him. God created, then, the woman out of the man and presented her as his help meet. And, the two became one. God instituted it from the very beginning. At the same time, God revealed Himself as the one who will be the Redeemer. The Lord Jesus Christ. The Jesus of Nazareth. The One who died for us and rose again! We pointed out last time that all through chapter one, we simply had the word God. I think it probably helps if we can break down that name Jehovah a little bit.

I feel real confident that I am on the right track because several years ago my wife and I were in Israel and we ran through this whole thing with a well educated young Israeli, who was a high school principal. He said, you are right! So the name Jehovah really comes from two Hebrew words, the "Jahwe" that most of you have heard and the second Hebrew term is "Havah".

If you remember when Moses was at the burning bush and he said, "When I go back to the children of Israel and tell them that God has sent me, they are going to ask me " What is his name? What shall I tell them. Alright that was the definition of "Jahwe". The eternal preexistent I AM. You add to that then, the definition of "Havah" which really meant the I AM is "to be revealed". Now that is more or less the continuing action type of verb. So the eternal preexistent I AM would be more and more and more revealed as we come on up through human history. And that is what it is, it is a contraction of Jahwe Havah.

Jehovah then is the I AM who is to be more and more revealed. The extension of the Hebrew word Jehovah into the Greek is simply the name Jesus. The word Joshua mean Savior. So, Jehovah Savior is in the Greek — Jesus. We normally refer to Him as Jesus Christ. Or Jesus the Messiah. So this is a continuing revelation of the eternal I AM.

So, turn with me to Exodus chapter 3. I do this just to show that now with Adam on the scene, the eternal preexistent I AM, God the Son, is going to be the one that is going to be more and more revealed as we come up through the human experience. All you have to do is to stop and think about it for a minute. First He walked with Adam in the Garden in the cool of the day. Then in a further revelation, we see Him reveal Himself to Abraham. And, if you want to see a good example of God appearing in human form in the Old Testament, all you have to do is read Genesis chapter That is where Abraham prepared the fatted calf and prepared the meal and the I AM, the Jehovah of the Old Testament, actually sat down and partook of that meal.

Then you come on up to Exodus chapter 3 and we find Him in the burning bush. And as Moses is standing there on that holy ground where he was told to remove his shoes, then verse Now see? But, on the other hand, if someone prints it we have to believe it. In other words, do you believe that Jesus Christ was God? Eighty-nine percent of those preachers and pastors did not believe that Jesus was God. Another one that they asked was "Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ? These things are shocking! Then they wonder why people take the time to listen to this old layman, well I think I know the reason.

Moses had been in Egypt for 40 years. They had a name for every one. Now the Israelis living under that kind of a society for four hundred years were now in the same boat. Moses knew that. So he said, the first thing when I get to Egypt those Israeli people are going to say, God has sent you? Well, what is his name? So, Moses says in the end of verse 13 when they ask that:. In fact you can pick it up in chapter 6 of Exodus drop down to verse 2 and 3. So he says, I am Jehovah. But now He is.

The name Jehovah has been put out in plain language. You see when they say that, then they have to throw Scripture away! They are trying to drive Him into a corner. And, to them whenever He would claim to be God, it was pure blasphemy, you know that. So this is what they really wanted to hear. They wanted to hear Him say in no uncertain terms that He was the God of Abraham. Boy, then they would have every cause to put Him to death. That was as blasphemous as they thought a person could get. So after all this conversation going on between Jesus and these religious leaders of Israel, verse 52 says:.

Art thou greater than our father Abraham, which is dead? And the prophets are dead: whom makest thou thyself? You see what they are driving at? Hey, you are talking about things that only God could do. Who do you make yourself to be anyway? You talk about caustic! Look what He says to these religious leaders in verse Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it and was glad. Remember, I mentioned that back in Genesis 18, the Lord actually sat down in human form and had that meal of fatted calf with Abraham and God shared His covenant with Abraham.

So Abraham knew all about the coming of this Son of God, one day, to the nation of Israel. So Jesus rightly said, Abraham saw my day and rejoiced! Now look at the response of the religious Jewish leaders in verse How long ago did Abraham live? You remember our first lesson, when we took that overview, that timeline?

Abraham was about BC. And what they were aghast at was that here was Jesus only thirty some years old is claiming that He knew Abraham that has lived years before. Oh, see their unbelief! He is the pre-eternal, self existent, I AM who would be more and more and more revealed. Just follow that up. We have already seen Him revealed coming up through the Old Testament in various and sundry ways. Now He comes on the scene, born of Mary, in the flesh. Presents Himself to the nation of Israel.

He goes to the cross. He is risen from the dead. And again He presents Himself to His followers for 40 days after His resurrection. It was a further revelation. The Lord Jesus, who loved us and died for us and gave Himself for us. His compassion, His love for us, that He actually went to the Cross in order to purchase our redemption.

Then in the Book of Revelation, and it is a misnomer to call it Revelation of St. John the Divine. You see, this constant revealing? We get more and more and more of who He is as we come on up through the Word of God. Now, I think we are ready to move on in Genesis chapter 2 down to verse 7 where again it is just a summarization in one verse of that which took place back in chapter 1. Someone has asked the question, and I guess I had never really heard it put that way before, whether this was a different creation from the one in chapter 1.

That just puts the frosting on the cake! When we die we go back to those same elements. But, the crowning act of creation was when the LORD God breathed into that new creation, the breath of life. You remember in the last lesson, when He made man in His own image, by giving him a mind, will and emotion.

He gave him three invisible entities that were all attributes of God as well, and that was all put in when God breathed into man the breath of life and he became a living soul.

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The word "living" is more than 70 or 80 or 90 years. I can never emphasize it enough, that every human being is an eternal being. He is going to live in eternity someplace. This is why it behooves us to understand the plan of salvation that God has made so available and so free. It is that separation from God that is by definition, the Second Death.

So come with me to I Corinthians, if you will. To memorize it, if possible. And realize that The Gospel that we are responsible for believing tonight is most clearly put in I Corinthians 15, those first four verses. You cannot find another portion of Scripture where it is so simply put and so plainly put that there is no room for argument. This is The Gospel, or as Paul says in different passages, "My Gospel" I always maintain that my classes include people from all kinds of backgrounds — denominationally. And, there may be differences, but on one point there can be no difference.

I will come back to it over and over and over as we come up even through the Old Testament as well as the New. Again I have to make a point. Paul always writes to the believers. Now as he writes to the believer naturally the Word of God is going to have an effect on the unbeliever.

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But I think the whole idea goes back again to Romans chapter 10 where Paul again writes that how can they hear without a preache r, or a teacher or a go between. And how can they understand the Word unless some human instrument explains it to them. God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas.

And God saw that it was good. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And there was evening and there was morning, a third day. And God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And there was evening and there was morning, a fourth day. And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the cattle according to their kinds, and everything that creeps upon the ground according to its kind.

And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food. And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.

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In order to interpret this passage correctly we have to follow certain fundamental hermeneutical principles. Hermeneutics is the science of interpretation. In interpreting a writing, you have to apply or follow certain hermeneutical principles in order to understand it correctly. First and most fundamentally, we must interpret a writing according to the literary genre, or type, to which it belongs. Genre is the literary type to which a text belongs. Think how inappropriate it would be to read poetry, such as the Psalms, literally. That would be a disastrous misinterpretation of the text.

Or, again, think how inappropriate it would be to interpret literally a book like the book of Revelation where the monsters and other figures that are described in Revelation are meant to be symbols of, say, nation-states or political alliances. Seven headed beasts and so forth! But as you begin to understand the type of literature that the book of Revelation represents — namely, Jewish apocalyptic literature — then you realize that apocalyptic literature is highly symbolic and figurative and therefore it would be a mistake to take it literally.

So, when we come to Genesis 1, considerations of literary genre will be important in deciding how to interpret it correctly. Another hermeneutical principle that we should observe here is trying to determine how the original author and his audience would have understood the text. It is not enough to ask what it means to you today.

You have to ask how the author would have understood this and how his audience would have understood the text. We should examine the text on its own basis and respect its integrity as a text. Many Christians unfortunately follow a hermeneutic which is sometimes called concordism.