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When the pint-size investigators find a mysterious box, they open it and discover it is full of smashed toys and a violently stabbed teddy bear! Conan follows the trail of clues and runs smack-dab into a dead old man in an attic! Who killed the old man, and more importantly, who killed teddy? Vol 13 Gosho Aoyama Vol 13 June 18, 2. It's summer! Conan and Rachel are invited to Serena's family beach house. To add to the confusion, it turns out the suspected murderer is one of three identical triplets! Can Conan figure out who the real murderer is?

Is this marriage over before it even begins? When a master magician commits suicide his wife suspects foul play and pays a visit to private detective Richard Moore's office. The culprit is one of the dead magician's three assistants. Can Conan find out which one of them had something deadly up their sleeve? Plus, Rachel takes Conan's glasses off while he is sleeping and discovers Conan looks just like a young Jimmy Kudo!


Is Jimmy's cover blown? Or can he find a way to pull the wool over her eyes yet again?

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During a school field trip, Conan and Rachel end up in a mountain cabin with several members of the teaching staff. Conan gets quite a surprise when he answers the doorbell and a frozen teacher's corpse falls into the house! To add to the mystery, a strange letter is written on the teacher's hand, which sends another of the educators running to his room. Shortly after, he's found dead too! Can Conan put his brainpower to work and solve the mystery before the students run out of teachers?

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  • Conan meets his trickiest adversary yet when the Sebastian Financial Group hosts an exclusive party on the lavish ocean liner the Q. All guests are wearing a copy of the priceless jewel the Black Star pearl. One pearl is the real thing. And one guest is also the notorious thief Kaito Kid, aka Phantom Thief , who is bent on leaving the event with one very expensive party favor. Can Conan save Serena's family heirloom from a master thief who's also a master of disguise? A mysterious letter brings Conan and his friends to a mansion full of beautiful clocks that aren't quite behaving themselves.

    As Conan attempts to figure out what's wrong with the timepieces and who wrote the letter, he uncovers a tale of treasure, thieves and a family tree with very twisted branches. Plus, a famous actor's wife meets with an unfortunate accident right in front of Conan, who takes on the mission to find out about her sudden demise.

    At a mystery-themed college party, a fire threatens the life of a pretty freshman--and Conan suspects arson. But Rachel is more worried by the discovery that the victim has a past with Jimmy Kudo. Can she compete with Jimmy's beautiful, brilliant first love? Then the Junior Detective League stumbles upon a counterfeiting operation led by a woman in black, and Conan finds himself on the trail of the shadowy crime syndicate that turned him into a kid--not to mention the scientist who created the de-aging formula!

    At long last, Conan has located the scientist responsible for the formula that turned him into a kid.

    CASE CLOSED but it's really romantic

    Trouble is, she's taken the formula herself--and she can't change back! Together, Conan and the diminutive doctor track down a floppy disk that may contain the secret to curing their condition, only to find the former owner crushed under a fallen bookshelf.

    European Journal of Marketing

    Can they crack both the locked-room mystery and the locked disk? Conan is baffled by a murder at a snowbound mansion--and with stage magicians for suspects, anything seems possible. Is this really a case of murder by magic? As the mini-detective tries to conjure up a solution, he doesn't suspect that he's about to cross paths with an old nemesis! Then Detective Moore's dream comes true: he's going to see his favorite singer, Yoko Okino, in concert! But he's forced to cancel his big night out when a girl dies in a locked bathroom.

    Is it a case of suicide Conan and Rachel take to the skies! But their transcontinental detective mission runs into unexpected turbulence when a murder is committed on board their passenger plane. Rachel doesn't think she can solve the case before the plane lands, but then she receives a little in-flight assistance Has Conan finally returned to his teenage self? And if so, how? Whatever the answer, Rachel's in for a bumpy flight! There's always tension when Conan teams up with Harley Hartwell, the other greatest teen detective in Japan But when the duo investigates a murder at a mansion, will Conan's shrunken state interfere with Harley's detective work?

    And how many balconies does one mansion need, anyway? Then Conan investigates some shady doings on board an overnight passenger train. He thinks he's on top of the case Surely the Junior Detective League can't get into any trouble at an afternoon monster movie.

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    But when a man in the audience dies, Conan and Anita realize that the real monster isn't the big green behemoth on the screen. Then Rachel gets her own movie moment, playing Rose--minus Jack--at the prow of a glittering ocean liner. When a suspicious explosion kills the romance, it's time for Conan and teen detective Harley Hartwell to make sure that the passengers' hearts will go on!

    Usually, Conan's mind is focused on detective work. But when Rachel falls for a handsome young doctor at a crime scene, suddenly the pint-size detective can't concentrate on the case. As Rachel threatens to give up on the perennially unavailable Jimmy Kudo, Conan starts to harbor murderous thoughts of his own Then the Syndicate returns! At a star-studded film festival, Conan and Anita face the shady organization that turned them into kids. But the game changes forever when one of them transforms back to the right age!

    Conan stumbles upon his creepiest mystery yet, complete with a haunted house, a spooky pair of twins, and Are Conan and his friends really under attack by restless spirits, or was this web of terror spun by human hands?