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The DNA results suggest they are distant cousins. Aaron and his sister Rebecca help Konnor in his search. I liked the font and the artistry between the chapters; it made the story easy to read. For people who want dialogue and descriptions, you will be in heaven because Distant Cousins is full of both.

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Nevertheless, there is brutal honesty during many discussions that are up front, and in your face. The romance between Konnor and Aaron progresses quickly. Later in the story, other characters enter the mix which leads to a nicely needed twist.

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If you are into huge dicks, ripped bodies, beautiful people, and up front… well, everything… then this book is for you. Sex, and highly-strung emotions, share equal time with genealogy. Like this: Like Loading Dewey Decimal. October 21, October 28, November 4, November 9, November 18, Gregory Maguire. Jack the Ripper in fiction. Madrid Days Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Bizarre, Bizarre Amazon Women on the Moon Bridge Across Time TV film. Casebook: Jack the Ripper Blood!

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Namespaces Article Talk. He receives an email from Aaron, a distant cousin that is willing to help. As they traverse their family history together to find out exactly how they are related, they grow close and fall in love with more than a few steamy sex scenes to make this novel exciting. In addition to an incredible storyline, I learned a lot about how DNA works.

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It made me want to take my own DNA test. All in all, this is a great contemporary gay romance with well-rounded characters and an HEA. Great job! Apr 13, Jenn rated it really liked it. I loved learning about genealogy and some tidbits of Jewish culture. But finding the gift of love and friendships and new family and a greater love and respect for your own? This book did a great job of that. Apr 09, Cheryl rated it it was amazing.

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  8. Thank you for the ARC read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review. Konner had got the results in of his DNA from ancestry site. When it comes back with a surprising fact of his background, he goes to his parents for advice about it. Going on a goose hunt was how he felt when at first he was blocked from the St. Patrick's adoption agency closed then told him by state law both parties had to agree to release the information. When meeting Aaron a fourth cousin and also famed singer, togethe Thank you for the ARC read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review.

    When meeting Aaron a fourth cousin and also famed singer, together start the process of finding the links to Konner's biological parents. On the way the sparks they feel grow to a blazing Inferno. Can they find what links them together more than blood? What happens when Konner is nearly killed in a accident, when family comes together can he forgive the betrayal he feels from his parents?

    This was a wonderful emotional read, the struggle of finding out your adopted at the age of thirty years old to knowing nothing at all of who he was. To love of family and support of a lover. Sep 30, Faye Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , hot-chemistry , m-m-romance , mystery. Konner discovers something his family hid from him for 30 years tearing his world up side down. This story is so well written even I learnt things about DNA and genealogy which I'm very familiar with.

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    The emotions that Konner goes through in this story is everything from anger, sadness, trusting, love and more. What Konner finds at the ends is a lot more than he thought he would. He also finds Aaron which he joins in with the mystery. This was a first read for the author and yah I would read more of his books.

    Konner lived in LA where he was out and proud supported by his Irish parents. At 30 yrs finding Jewish DNA roots and learning he was adopted. This is Konner's journey into family history and the many secrets and surprises along the way. Dec 06, Sharon Cox rated it liked it Shelves: family-relations. Three and a half stars I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. The whole idea of using DNA to work out where we came from as well as finding relatives we knew nothing about intrigues me so I wanted to see what Eric Huffbind could do.

    I quite liked the story but I did find it heavy reading. We are given a lot of information in this story but I think that I Three and a half stars I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. We are given a lot of information in this story but I think that I wanted more emotion and perhaps less information with a more sympathetic explanation.

    I did not believe in the relationship between Konner and Aaron: in fact their first meeting creeped me out. If I were Aaron I would have gotten Konner out of my life as quickly as possible.

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    However, the relationship does develop and the story is reasonably interesting. Oct 13, Ann rated it really liked it. Konner is 30 years old and just recently sent in his DNA kit. He has been raised in an Irish Catholic household with younger siblings. What a shock when he receives his results.

    This was a sweet romance when he meets Aaron who turns out to be distantly related to him. I like genealogy and this books contains some interesting facts on it especially early on in the book. For those of you who are not into it, keep reading because the parts you are interested in are just a little further into the book.

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    This book contains family secrets that when found out about really can hurt people. Sep 28, Dale rated it it was amazing. I know I was always loved unconditionally, but. What do you mean I was adopted? This was a well written and a very emotional story. Being adopted I could identify very easily withe the characters. I thought this was a great story. This book made me laugh and also made me cry several times.

    It is amazing when adoptees are able to find their biological parents and siblings. Usually it is good, but sometimes not so much. This book however revealed the love and the strength that can develop in t I know I was always loved unconditionally, but. This book however revealed the love and the strength that can develop in the search, plus it had a great happy ending.

    The author knows how to make a story flow so that that reader can feel the nerves, the sadness, the joy, and the love the characters go through. I received this book as an advanced reader's copy and I thought it well worth my honest review and recommendation Feb 13, Ken Cook rated it really liked it. Here's a story that any one delving into genealogy would find fascinating. When the gay son gets his DNA testing results back, he finds he's adopted, which neither he nor his siblings knew. Shutting out his parents, he seeks his birth family through the relations that the genealogy site reveals.

    Distant cousins have similar interest in learning about thier family, so work wih the protagonist in uncovering his birth parents and half-siblings. Sett in California, particularly LA, tied into the voc Here's a story that any one delving into genealogy would find fascinating. Sett in California, particularly LA, tied into the vocal performing arts, there were a good blending of multiple scenarios, families, angst. Well written and plotted, with good characters, I was touched by the tale. Mar 17, Sallyann rated it it was ok.

    Konner acted like an absolute brat when he found out he was adopted, he was just awful to his parents. Oct 03, Dara Nelson rated it liked it Shelves: for-blog. This was so intriguing and had a lot of potential but it fell a little short for me due to how clinical it was at times and at others the language was a little strange. The story is what I'd call a 'surface' tale - it's superficial and doesn't really delve deep into feelings or what's going on in the minds of these two men. This makes it feel a bit naive but it's still a worthy read and I did enjoy it. Nov 07, Charles Cohen rated it really liked it.

    Sometimes the truth makes life complicated A 30 year-old man learns for the first time that the parents who raised him had adopted him at birth. Furious about what he believes to be their deception, he embarks on a journey to find out who he really is. The author writes very well, avoiding most of the cliches often found in this genre.

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    Oct 12, Crystal rated it liked it Shelves: mm-contemporary. This was an interesting story. The writing was very detailed, sometimes a little too detailed, but overall it was a good book. I learned a lot about DNA testing and how looking up your ancestry works and quite a bit about the history of the jewish background that I didn't know. My heart went out to Konner when he found out he was adopted and I was glad to see that he was able to find himself again.

    Oct 22, Garth Mailman rated it liked it. The concept seemed good, the book is well edited, but the execution failed to draw me in and about a quarter of the way in I just lost interest. Oct 20, Book-Lovin-Momma rated it really liked it. I enjoyed the story, although at times the scenes were drawn out a little too long, maybe too much unnecessary detail, and some of the word choices were a bit awkward. But the story itself was good, and the message was a good reminder about unconditional love. Jan 03, Barbara M. OMG, what a wonderful story, it was absolutely amazing!

    Definitely a must read, you'll cry, laugh, and have a great lesson learned. Love is Love and there is no way around it. I absolutely love this Author and plan on reading more of his amazing writhing! Mar 13, Maria R. Campy and juvenile Stopped reading at this: "Sweetheart, you have one hot dick and I've missed it. Tell me, how did you wind up with such a big penis. I just can't. Apr 24, Maria rated it really liked it. This is the story of Konner and Aaron. Interesting plot.