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Thanks for having me here today. Is it too early to open the champagne? Congratualtions Rosalie! Laurel is here to say hi to Stefan and Caleath. Her Coll is jealous though, so she left him tending the horses in Cornwall. Laurel doesn't have a sword, but she shows them Vear Du's talisman which changes from granite to crystal.

Vear Du joins them, he is a very protective grandfather. Hi I see my lot beat me here. I had to stop off and collect the 'forbidden fruit', too many bodies around today, I almost got nabbed with the goods. Emily was forced to eat a whole "forbidden fruit" by herself to get rid of the evidence.

Hopefully she will sleep off the sugar high and we won't have to muzzle her. Hi Caleath, nice to see you again Stefan. Oh, yes please Rosalie, open the champagne. Hi Laurel, Here, the champagne is open. It's not really early in cyberspace. I can see Vear Du and Caleath are already deep in conversation. Stefan too. Glad you bought him, grandfather's are important, Stefan's might be around too. Poor Emily, I hope she doesn't gather weight the way I do. Even cyber forbidden fruit can add inches to my waist line.

Looks like she's having a nap already.

Exiled: Autumn's Peril

That's a good sign huh? It's a lovely sunny day here. Couldn't be better. Rosalie, I'm blown away by the awesome writing in the first Exiled. PLUS the story is great! Can't wait to get to this one. This is Myrna. I mean I look older than I am and fighting these demon-dragons is making me mature really fast. You think he'd be interested? He's sooooo cute. Don't tell him I said so, though. I'd die of embarrassment. Rebecca, Thankyou. That is an amazing thing to hear. Your words have lifted my spirits! So, please, have some champagne!! I know there is some forbidden fruit around somewhere, Emily didn't really eat it all, although Caleath might I just returned from posting invitations and I see the place is jumping already.

How wonderful. Glad to see Nancy and Emily are here together. Lovely to see Laurel's talisman. She mustn't lose it. I can see Emily's cheeks puffed out from all that rushed eating What a wonderful party gift you just gave Rosalie, Rebecca. That lovely compliment will have you floating on air for weeks, won't it Rosalie? Myrna, Remember the saying, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.. I know Caleath could be swayed by the offer of food..

He seems in a very receptive mood today.. Good luck. Wendy, Hi, We have made ourselves right at home Yes, Rebecca has made my day! Caleath seems to be responding to Myrna. Perhaps he sees her strength of character, not just the platter of food she's staggering beneath. Hey, where's the forbidden fruit? I didn't see it. Wendy are you hiding it? Strange I left a comment a few minutes ago but I don't see it. Okay, I'm typically a Romantic Suspense genre type but oh my gosh! Lots of suspense in your excerpt.

The tension jumps off the page and kept me captivated. I need some champagne after that. Congratulations on the release! Looks like you already have quite a few guests. Thanks for the great party atmosphere. The only thing missing? Mountain oysters Sorry this is PG.

Roseanne, The forbidden fruit is on the table behind where Vear Du and Stefan are examining crystals and orbs I think there is some left. Oysters, perhas not the mountain variety , shrimp, kangaroo and crocdile will be on the menu once the party warms up. Even with the PG rating, I think Myrna is making an impression. For the record? Still not touching the forbidden fruit. Just in case anyone asks Thank you so much for my Champagne and this flute is divine! Is it Tiffany? I can't tell.

So delicate. You said something stronger Now where are those snickerdoodles Oh yum, the forbidden fruit is delicious. No wonder she keeps it to herself. It was worth sneaking it out. Karen, did I see your blue elephant hiding in the garden? Ro, I know there is a baked 'forbidden fruit' about to come out of the oven..

Hi Ro and Karen!! You found the forbidden fruit. So wise not to risk that, you two. The baked variey is quite safe.

MuseItUp Publishing: Balls of a Hairy GoatThe Competition is on again

Guess what? I have found the noodles hehehe.

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No one gets into trouble today. But I think they fly home at midnight. Ro, the flutes are Swarovski crystal. I borrowed those too, so Where's your blue elephant, Karen. I need a mulled wine. My word Myra is quite the femme fatal. I hope Stefan and Caleath don't come to blows over her. Champagne to go cos this gal has an urge to grab the dessert table and RUN. I'm craving sweets but hubby took the car. I have kids I'll call them to bring me something. LOL Congrats, Rosalie, and I concur with Rebecca who also has a terrific writer's voice along with Wendy, Emily, Rosanne, Karen, and the slew of Musers with us that your words flow a scene right in front of the reader.

We can sense Caleath's moods, feel the danger, sympathize with the other characters, and cheer some of the accomplishments while sitting on the edge of our seats. Now I need to go and begin the next book. Champagne to go Sweets, need more than the cyber sugar hit? Your words have given me a hit I am on a high.. Thank you!! I think a toast to the Muse authors and our illustrious leader is called for.. May the next year be even more successful that the first!

To MuseItUp! Lea do you need a cig -- hush my mouth. Hold out your plate for a huge wedge of Aussie Pavlova. It is the best and fastest sugar hit you can get. Marshmallow meringue topped with whipped cream, strawberries and other fruit. My mouth waters. Though I'd probably say something stronger than that. This story sounds fantastic. I'm half in love with Caleath already and I just met him. Congratulations on the release Hey, Dianne, great to see you here. Did you bring any of your characters with you. Rebecca's Myrna has taken a shine to Caleath so my Stefan has backed off.

He is very interested in Laurel's crystal talisman. Oh no! If he closes them Dianne, grab some shrimp we say prawns : off the barbie and a crystal flute for champers. Must rush - stop Stefan - Don't - no. Put that orb away. It's enough to offend my mother. She won't read the book because of the cussing!! Did you get some shrimp before Wendy took off What about champgagne or something stronger. Karen is taking care of the spirits. I hope she doesn't give any to her blue elephant.

Sweet as he is Stefan should know better. What these hero types will do to impress another curious mind. If we ask Nancy to speak with Vear Du I must have had too much of the bubbly as I saw Roseanne's comment twice..?? What a marvelous party. If this is for book 2, heck when is book 3 launch?? Great story Hi Dianne, Did you get some shrimp before Wendy ran off. Great to see you here, do you know everyone? A word of warning, don't touch the cheesecake, but there is plenty of everything else on hand.

Read More From Rosalie Skinner

If you really need 'forbidden fruit' just give us a nod. J Q, thanks for dropping in.. This could become repetitive J Q since there are eight books Stocks of champagne and shrimp have been ordered. Hugs, Janet, There's only one comment from Roseanne,hahaha, I'm sure!!!

Yes, you must have had too much bubbly. Can you hear the music from a lute? That's my wanton strumpet trying to gain Caleath's attention but Rosalie's old mage is weaving his magical tendrils over her. Did you bring Jim and Gloria from Sunset Boulevard? Might need to keep them away from the mage. I see the party is still going strong.

Thanks for the champagne and the Aussie Pavlova, so yummy. Hope you have those wet noodles in a locked box so they can't escape. Wonderful party, wishing you much success with your series. It is on my must read list. Hugs Nancy. Hi Nancy, How clever are you, being at the Muse conference and here at the same time. Hmm The pavlova is good hey!! I think I might try some of Wendy's coffee now though.

My head is spinning and it's still early. Too much champagne Darn, we got here late again!!! I had to go pick up Carolyn at Jennifer's house and then Brad wanted to come along, but Jennifer's mom wouldn't let him and there was a lot of screaming, but somehow even though Jennifer and Carolyn aren't speaking very much for some reason, we are here. Carolyn says she's only going to drink a little Diet soda and maybe just a bit of those virtual chocolate chip cookies I brought with me. Actually, I also brought her mom's famous chocolate chocolate chip cookies too. Glad to be here. Watch out for Jennifer she doesn't look too steady.

Anyway we're all here to toast Rosalie's book. Carolyn, don't point that sword at Jennifer. Really taking care of teens is a full time job! Hi Barbara, Thank goodness you are keeping an eye on Jennifer. Who gave Carolyn the sword? Carolyn, it's nice to meet you can I suggest you get a few lessons from Caleath before someone gets hurt. Sorry Brad couldn't make it, still.. Now, Barbara, what would you like. The kids will be right, as long as they don't annoy the elephant or the old mage.

Caleath's Chronicles are just what I like to read. My problem is finding the time to read everything! Since I also write medieval fiction, although my books focus on the King Arthur legend for grades , I'm going to put you on my list of Must Reads! As a new MUSE author, I'm trying to get to know everyone and am trying to visit as many events as possible. Cheryl, let me fill your glass, what do you like to drink? Have you met everyone. Dianne was here earlier. I think her ghostly specter Quinn is still moving through the furniture.

I like the look of your Prince Gavin. He and Caleath are swapping tales already. I am glad Carolyn has put the sword away. She looked keen but dangerous. I love the Arthurian legends too. So glad Muse has taken your book on board. Shrimp, kangaroo, or some snickerdoodles? Don't worry the noodles are locked away. So I can even offer you cheesecake. Hi Carpinello, A Huge Welcome to our garden party!! Lovely to have you here but did you have to let King Arthur leave his sword unsheathed.

Now look what's happened - Carolyn is threatening gentle Jennifer. So sorry Barbara I should have been more vigilant but gee, that chocolate cake looked so delicious I was getting stuck into it. Here Arthur, my kingship, take back thy sword and sheath it. And Carolyn go say hello to Caleath, but don't fight with Myrna. Wendy, Should we mention that two people who leave comments will win a copy of Book One or, if they have read book one, Book Two. Perhaps would have been better thought out, before the champagne!!

Do you have the first aid kit handy? I can see blood being drawn, if only by accident. Detective Matt Allenby dragged his attention away from Eunice and stared at the young man in medieval dress riding a horse across the bottom meadow. Eunice followed his gaze. I don't know where he lives but you often see him riding around here. What a great idea to have characters from books greet him. Matt and Eunice are from Murder Among the Roses. Welcome Matt, Eunice, Laurel, come on in, can I get you a drink? Have you come straight from Taylor's Crossing Matt, Eunice? You must be exhausted.

There's a great place to sit overlooking the garden, a cool breeze, not quite like your Doctor, but it's pleasant. Caleath and some of the others have been a little careless allowing teenagers and swords to mix. So far no blood. At least not that I have seen. Now, coffee, champagne, something stronger? Thanks for coming, it's great to have you here!! Congrats, Rosalie. Exciting excerpt. We're not having goat balls with the champagne, are we?!? I arrived in Dublin yesterday and am totally befuddled as to the time difference between here and there, but it looks like I'm not too late to wish you all the best with your new release.

Congrats for the release of Winter's Curse, Rosalie. I hope many readers will find your Chronicles of Caleath. No doubt they'll enjoy them once they start reading. I can't wait for the next book. Hi Pat, I envy you. Dublin is one of my favorite cities. Not the nicest weather for a visit to Ireland.

Rosalie, I brought some roasted pig knuckles and sauerkraut to feed Caleath's nanobots. How come he isn't grumpy today? Maybe we need Spider to tease him. I'm still sipping my coffee and hope there aren't any dragons around. Hi Pat, and Edith, We fed Caleath.. Thank goodness. There has been a few female guests who caught his attention too. So we are doing ok so far. Pat, coffee, sounds as though you might need a warm drink.

Would you like a dash of something in your coffee? Bavarian food? I will try anything once. Bavarian food I remember eating in Munich and the food was amazing. What should I expect from Bavarian? Whatever it will be a change from kangaroo and pavlova. Enough sugar for one day Right Edith, A dash of 'something' it is Guarenteed to warm the cockles of your heart.

In the coffee.. You have heard of Dutch courage.. Thanks Rosalie. I'm shivering with anticipation dread? Got a little furnace burning in my stomach. I feel like I can breathe fire now. Fire breathing.. You could compare notes. Glad you enjoyed it!! Tea for me, please. Nice and strong :- Weather here is a tad chilly, but we don't come to Ireland for the weather. Anyway, it couldn't be any worse than the week-plus of rain we left behind in New Hampshire. I'm excited to have my new Kindle with me.

Getting used to using it, and will be adding lots of fellow Musers' books soon. Caleath and Company will certainly be among them.

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  • Pass the milk, please? Weather sounds dismal Pat. Tea, sounds like the remedy. Plenty of milk.. The pot is there, so help yourself to more. What about some shortbread or Chelsea bun to go with it. I love my kindle and now I have a cover for it, I don't have to leave it behind. Edith, I borrowed the recipe from the mage sleeping under the tree next to the blue elephant.

    He said add cinnamon, but with Wendy's sybil loose, I wasn't game. The strawberries worked ok instead? Rosalie, I think I can also fly now. Great something! I saw you write books set in Ireland. Where abouts? Fly Edith Fly I have never been game to try it myself. What can you see from up there? What out for Wendy's bat Milk is fine thanks, Rosalie, and I'd love some shortbread.

    I have no particular research in mind this trip, Edith, but I'm open to any inspiration that comes along. My stories are set in Ireland, and I've visited all over. I'm in Dublin for a week to celebrate a major birthday. As good an excuse as any to get DH over here. Good shortcake. I see clouds. In cool shapes. One looks like an elephant. Agh, something's caught in my hair. Dratted bat! Oh, now I see white beaches and turquoise waters. Are these gum trees? I think I'm in Australia and much faster than with Quantas. Can I get a refill? Pat, being able to just go to Dublin, is amazing.

    It would take a major trip from here. Unlikely in this lifetime. Unless I can use the dash of 'something' in Edith's drink. Now we know it works so well. Refill Edith Pass that "something" around. It's on my bucket list of places to visit, and maybe I can get a sneak preview via my tea. I do have to run, ladies.

    Rosalie Skinner

    Try to behave. Rosalie, congrats again, and best of luck with all your wonderful writing! Thanks Rosalie, my wings started to feel a little weak. Goes down much easier now. I just flew over Shell Harbour and waved, but I think our lovely hostess didn't see me. Talking of Australians and Dublin On a business trip there, me and my colleague met and Australian couple in a pub and got talking. That was before I ever set foot on the red continent.

    Dubliners were running around in shorts and flimsy dresses, the Aussies were miserable. I said, "But isn't it winter in Australia? See ya later Pat, thanks for stopping by for a cuppa. Enjoy the birthday celebrations and good luck with your books too. Sleeping With Her Enemy looks like a great read. I think a Dream Machine could be worth investing in. Dreams are so much fun. Keep warm and enjoy Dublin. Here you go.. The strawberries are at the end of their season. Yeah, why not.

    Give me Cinnamon, Rosalie. I feel naughty. What a beautiful country. Making my way north east now. Want to see some whales We feel the cold. Anything under 21 deg C and we start looking for warmer clothes.

    Exiled: The Battle for Enderseer Hold: Chronicles of Caleath

    Cinnamon it is.. I will flag you in for a landing. I've passed Sydney. What a sprawling city, but a beautiful contrast with all the water. Oh, Lake Macquarie. Taking a little dip over Swansea Heads. Spent a New Year's there once before meeting with Wendy in Sydney.

    Ah, what great memories. Okay, need to re-energize. Please try your request again later. Rosalie Skinner resides on the east coast of Australia when not totally immersed in the fantasy world of her writing. Rosalie's love of the ocean, nature, history and horses has enabled her to give her books an authentic air. Her latest achievement has been to ride through the Australian Snowy mountains and see the wild brumbies run. When not watching the migrating whales pass her doorstep she has more humble pastimes.

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