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For me, these times are the hours of the morning I have identified these by watching myself and seeing when I got the most done. When I had finally identified these productive times, I tried to concentrate my work time during those hours. When the timer goes off, I take a break. I recommend using a timer — either on your computer or an external one on your desk. Alternatively, you can set an alarm on your mobile phone too. You need to work hard on your most essential tasks, but you should reward yourself as well. Although the order is business first and pleasure second, pleasure has its role.

When you reward yourself, feel entitled to your reward. When you get the reward, be aware that you have worked well and have pushed your boundaries to meet the goal and getting the reward. This is another way of publicly declaring what you are going to do. And, once you have declared it publicly, it puts pressure on you to actually get things done as promised.

Be accountable on your blog, email list, on Facebook or on Twitter. You blog can provide you with another way to become accountable. Announce you goals there, so that your readers can realize what you are going to do.

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You can do this by mailing your list or updating information on Twitter too. When you work, you work. This means that nothing else should be done during that time; for example, checking your e-mail or the tweets on Twitter. Of course, you could just pull out the plug of your network cable but, alternatively, you could just turn off e-mail notifications, close the Twitter client if you are using one or just shut down your instant messaging client as well.

In order to save time and better focus on your online business, you should also outsource other tedious tasks. Having your home or having your windows cleaned are examples of these tasks. It seems that being offline triggers my creativity. Running, especially, is an activity which ignites my creativity. I get many great ideas during my exercising sessions. The best part is that your brain is working for you while you exercise. Instead, new and fresh ideas pop in to your head while exercising.

Those ideas in turn can save your time when you get back to work for example if you figure out a new way to make your working habits more efficient. This is a productivity tip originally created by Jerry Seinfeld. As soon as you have worked a couple of days, you can see a chain figure emerge. You are actually putting pressure on yourself to keep on working day after day. Setting reminders on you electronic calendar is a sure way of reminding yourself of the things you have to do at a later date. The core idea of having a reminder is that, instead of trying to remember the things you are supposed to do, you put a reminder on your calendar that lets you know when you should do the task.

Since you are not actively thinking about the task after setting up the reminder, you can just let go and work on your other tasks. When date of the reminder comes, you get an alert from it and perform the task then. I have to tell you that forming this habit has been a challenge for me, since I have always stayed up late and still woken up early. This, in turn, made me super tired, which negatively affected my productivity.

Nowadays, I try to get between hours of sleep every night; the only way to achieve it is to go to the bed early I wake up at I can admit, that I still struggle with this habit, so there is still some work to do to make the habit stick. If your favorite TV show is on while you work and you feel annoyed because you missed it, you may want to record it for later viewing. This way, you will work on the important tasks first and watch the show later, when you have time for it. Whenever shopping, try to buy more on any one trip, so that you can eliminate extra trips to the store.

Specifically, when going to the grocery store, try to plan your meals for the week, if possible, and buy as many groceries as possible. That way, you will reduce the amount of shopping time during that week. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker — 7 cups per day. I always thought that the more coffee I pumped into my body, the more productive and alert I would get. I guess that the best cup was the first one of the day. The rest were pretty much the result of a habit. The next tip is actually a series of tips bundled together, but I wanted to bring it up since I get such a tremendous productivity boost when doing this.

At some point, I was feeling very tired at work and I had major difficulties focusing on anything. What I did was I got back home and took a power nap 20 minutes. Then I put my running gear on and ran a bit. I got back home, stretched my muscles, took a shower, put some comfortable clothes on and ate a little snack. It was just unbelievable what a difference it made! It was like being born again and I was very productive for the couple of hours that I worked on my business.

Find your passion, turn it into your business — and get things done. I know that sometimes finding your passion may not be the easiest things to do but, when you find it, it is going to help you tremendously in your productivity efforts. The fact is that, once you have found your passion and want to turn into your business, you are super excited with the journey ahead and motivated to put the hours in.

Anyone can become a great recruiter

You are not scared of the amount of work involved. I have found out that the best way to work is to work in chunks and take little breaks in between the working sessions. My preferred way of working is at least 45 minutes at once. After that I like to take a break before my next working session. Your working time per chunk may vary from mine and you can find the optimum amount of time for yourself by testing.

When we work, we usually do so between fixed hours. However, when you are an entrepreneur, you are the boss and you define your working hours. I have fixed working hours during my free time too. This way, I can have some kind of structure in my work, which would be otherwise missing.

I know that this fixed schedule keeps me productive, because I can expect it to happen on a daily basis, at certain time. Naturally, you have to test what works best for you. For me it is fixed schedules, because they give structure and consistency to my work. I have realized that, if I keep my computer on after Because I wake up early, I would feel very tired the next day — and my productivity would drop. I used to buy training program after training program related to internet marketing. Most of them I never finished, nor did I implement them.

I wasted my money and my time. I decided to change my rules when it came to training. By taking a close look at every training course that gets released, I evaluate them very closely and try to see if they are valuable to my online business or not. It means that you are afraid of missing something valuable, if you are not taking action on something.

An example of how this relates to online business is training courses, which I mentioned in tip I have to give more credit to the book Finding Your Focus Zone , because I also learned this next tip from it. I have used this question to prioritize the different things at hand. We lightly touched on the topic of prioritizing in a previous tip. When you prioritize, you identify the importance of your tasks. Some tasks are more important than others for the time being, so you should focus on those important ones. Prioritizing creates situations where you have to choose between two options.

Sometimes, the decision may not be easy to make, but you just have to think about the bigger picture. For example, when I was preparing my blog launch, I had to decide to gave up temporarily on reading personal development books, so that I had more time to build my blog. Although I like reading, I can see now that the decision was the right one. Since the launch project is now done, I can concentrate on reading again.

I start my mornings always the same way — I wake up at I have realized that this routine works for me.

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  8. You may find your optimum morning ritual by testing. For example, you may feel that you need to meditate before starting your day or that you are better working right away after jumping out of the bed. Whatever works best for you is what you should stick to. I think that the biggest benefit of my morning routine is the consistency it brings to my mornings, that I get stuff done on my blog and that I really wake myself up when exercising during the morning hours J.

    To be honest, your evening routine will affect your morning routine too. Some of the things I do in the evening are beneficial to my morning routine. As in the mornings, I have a certain set of things I do before going to bed. Doing these small things enables me to have more time for the important activities in the morning — namely working on my blog and working out. Have separate e-mail addresses for personal use and promotions. We are suffering from an e-mail overload. Therefore, it is important to handle the messages we receive on a daily basis. One way to do this is to have separate e-mail addresses for personal use and for promotions.

    For example, many blogs or websites require you to opt-in to their e-mail list before you can download the free report or video course. At the same time, it increases the number of e-mails in your personal inbox, unless you register a separate e-mail address for opt-in registrations. This way, you can keep some control over your inbox. I just recently realized that another source of the e-mails flooding my inbox is blog comments.

    I comment on other blogs on a daily basis and I often would like to see the follow-up comments to my comment as well. I have created another e-mail address for these comments because, sometimes, my inbox contains lots of comment e-mails. A handy way to organize your mail in Gmail is to use labels and filters. I create a label and a filter so that, when an email comes from a certain source, it gets redirected under the proper label. This makes the finding of emails easier.

    I used to think that processes and workflows were the most boring thing ever.

    Nowadays, I have completely changed my opinion on this topic. Workflows and processes allow things to go forward smoothly, in a standard fashion. Rather than having to figure out how to do something every time, you have a blueprint to follow. Processes and workflows also enable standardized outcomes on specific topics. For example, I have a certain workflow for publishing a blog post.

    When this whole process is run through, I have a blog post ready, which gets published on the certain day. It has the elements of brainstorming for a topic, writing it without proofreading it , proofreading it myself , proofreading it again my wife , making the final edits to the text, including pictures and videos, publishing information about it on my list, scheduling it for a later date and then, finally, when the post goes alive, promoting it on social bookmarking sites.

    This is a tip that relates to content promotion and it is a nice way to create content by bringing the expertise or opinions of others into one single post. You basically send out a question to several people for example, within your niche by e-mail. Then, you compile the answers into one post, include information about the people in that post who participated to that campaign and post it to your blog. There are many benefits here. You get fresh content onto your blog, you set up relationships with others and you bring the views and expertise of others into one single place on a certain topic.

    Last but not least benefit is the time aspect — others are pretty much creating the content for you — your part is roughly to compile the answers into a single post and publish it on your blog. To make your life easier, as an online entrepreneur, you want to keep your items in fixed locations. I try to avoid using paper bills as much as possible and I rather have my bills in electronic form. When they are in electronic form, the information is already filled-in and all I have to do is to approve the bill to be paid. One way of taking things even further when the bills are concerned thus freeing up more time to work on more meaningful things is automating their payments.

    Often, small tasks get postponed, because you think you can handle them later. However, I have realized that it is better to get the small things that takes under 5 minutes done right away. I have certain dates set for certain activities. These may not be the most inspiring tasks to take care of, but I will have to at some point anyway.

    For example, my wife and I have set cleaning dates for our home bi-weekly, on Sundays. This way, I can plan my other activities around that coming task thus preparing mentally for a boring task to come J. If you are working from and want to save time, try to make a telecommuting deal with your boss. I have done so and I love it. Basically I work from home on Monday and Fridays; the rest of the week I work from the office. By working from home, you save time because the commuting time is cut out of your daily schedule. This speeds up my schedule for the rest of the evening and I have more time for my hobbies and to build my online business.

    Having two or more monitors on your desk gives you enough virtual desktop space to have many applications open at the same time. There is one obstacle, when it comes to getting things done: being too hard on yourself. You can tweak and tweak your report or blog post because you are thinking others will not like it, but in many cases this is not true.

    There will always be room for improvement.

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    Just get the job done, listen to the feedback for example by your readers , learn from it and improve the results the next time. Want to improve your writing performance? If you do, then write the content first and edit it later. I have realized that this is the perfect way to create content. When you are too busy to get something done, you will make too many mistakes and you will have to do it all over again. It may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes, by working on a slower pace, you will get the job done right away and you may even complete the task faster than when just trying to rush it.

    This is because you will be able to better concentrate on the task at hand. How do you know that you are on the right track toward your goals or that you have made the right investments in your business? You review performance. For example, if you decide to focus on video marketing to promote your online business and gain more exposure, you will want to check the statistics to see if it is the right direction in which to focus your efforts. The same goes with any work you do.

    You will want to make sure that the work yields the intended results. Otherwise it would be useless spending hours and hours on something that is not yielding the optimum results. Whatever you are doing, there is most likely a simpler way to do it. For example, you could be paying your bills manually, while there are automated ways to do it. Take a critical look at any process and try to see whether it could be simplified. You will be surprised to see how much more you can tweak your workflow, saving more time.

    How to Become a Social Media Marketing Superstar

    Try to automate as many processes in your online business as possible. For example, when you publish new content on your blog, you can set automatic Twitter updates to go out when you blog post is updated. The same goes with Facebook or other social media platforms — you can update them automatically as soon as something happens on your blog, instead of manually.

    Sometimes you get on a roll when you are working. You are sucked into a world of your own, where time flies and you get lots of things done. The point of this tip is that, when you are on a roll, you should try to take advantage of it as much as possible. This means that you should purchase a new, faster computer at least every 3 years. Alternatively, you can avoid buying the new computer by re-installing your operating system this applies to Windows machines. In most situations, when I want to fully focus on the task in hand, I need to work in a very quiet environment. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

    This way I feel good when working, even if the task itself is very mundane. Without realizing it, the task gets done faster. I remember that, often, when I used to wake up late during the weekends and then tried to go to bed early on Sunday evenings, I had difficulties getting to sleep. When I woke up on Monday morning, I was tired and I actually felt tired the whole day. That, in turn, caused my productivity to drop dramatically. When taking care of errands and leaving your home, try to optimize the route you take from one place to another.

    For example, if you have a web site that you visit regularly and you find that it is not user friendly, provide the administrator of that web site with feedback on that matter. If things go well, your feedback may very well turn into practical actions that will cut down the time you spend on that website and will allow you to finish your tasks sooner. For this reason, it is important that you take good care of your memory.

    For example, you should make sure that you get enough sleep, because lack of sleep affects your memory. You can also eat healthier foods to improve your memory like salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, or blueberries.

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    I have fallen into this trap so many times. I started my day by checking my e-mail and, before I knew it, I found myself browsing a web page, which just wasted my time. The key principle I try to apply now is to first start working on the core tasks that are related to my business and check my e-mail later. In addition, if you apply the batch processing tip 20 , you can process many e-mails in one go.

    In these situations, you can use special software to block unwanted applications during your work time. For example, Concentrate for Mac is one of these programs. It can restrict access to certain programs during your work time. I just wanted to provide an example of this kind of software. First, I have a specific folder where I keep my project files so that I can find them easily. Then I drag and drop my most used program icons into that folder, so that they can be easily accessed under one icon on my desktop.

    You have to be prepared for a major disaster, such as a server crash, when you are running your online business. If this ever happens, how fast are you able to recover your website back online? As technology advanced, he saw the opportunity to move into developing innovative music players, phones and tablets and immediately expanded his goals.

    Learn to listen. Listening is more than having your mobile phone glued to your ear while you walk down the street or read your email. It is fully focusing on what someone is saying. Make yourself visible to the people who have the power to help you succeed. Just doing a great job is not enough.

    People need to recognize you as an achiever.

    6 Sales Secrets to Turn a Rookie Into a Sales Superstar

    Step forward and do presentations at work and volunteer for projects and events where your contributions will be noticed. Know how to give and get help. As Sam Walton, founder of U. Know how to manage your emotions. To perform at your best in key situations, you need to be calm and focused. Anger and anxiety robs you of this ability. Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer, notes that to succeed you must rule your emotions rather than letting them rule you.

    See failure as feedback. No one makes the journey to success without failing at some points. Failure is how you grow and learn. Know how to have fun. From age 25 to 65 you will spend approximately 80, hours working. Moreover, people who find their work fun are more likely to succeed. Myra S. Calls for Special Meeting of U. Atomic Agency Over Iran. Sudan Rivals Agree to Share Power.