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To his surprise, Doiby Dickles walks in, and informs him that Grundy has freed himself and is on the loose. Green Lantern leaves immediately, hoping to find Grundy before any of the JSA members are hurt going after him. When Green Lantern and Grundy meet, Grundy rips a tree out by its roots and smashes it into the Lantern. Green Lantern fights back with his power ring and fists until both men fall into a nearby stream and over a small waterfall.

The Lantern is severely dazed and tries to ward off Grundy with his ring, but he is much too weak. Grundy grabs Green Lantern by the throat and begins to squeeze the life out of him, holding his head underwater. A combined attack brings down Grundy, and Green Lantern deposits Grundy on a distant, lifeless planet.

A battle soon commences when Grundy's body gravitates towards young astronomer Dick Cashmere as he learns to ride light waves, resulting in his assuming Cashmere's identity for a time while leaving the real one bound and gagged, though the Society finds him soon after. In this incarnation he gains intelligence, which he subsequently loses when Green Lantern defeats and buries Grundy in At this point, Grundy is freed and enlisted along with several other supervillains by the time-traveling criminal Per Degaton in his second appearance, who has traveled to to capture the Justice Society of America on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor , hoping to change history and take over the world.

Grundy bests the costumed trio, and is summoned by a mysterious voice to deliver them or "pay the penalty". The All-Star Squadron comes to their rescue, Sir Justin faces off against Solomon Grundy and Grundy is the last villain to be transported back, he is thrust back to the moon where he remains for over two decades, as this timeline is erased once Degaton is defeated.

love is touching souls (surely you touched mine)

After many years, Grundy is knocked loose from his planet prison and returns to Earth to battle Green Lantern, Hourman , and Doctor Fate. At this point, he has temporary mastery over all wooden objects. He is imprisoned orbiting the Earth in a stronger bubble created by the combined powers of Green Lantern and Doctor Fate. Grundy was once pulled to Earth-1 and substituted for the superstrong Blockbuster due to a machine that was accidentally pulling the Earths together in warp-space and substituting people.

During this event he had absorbed some of Dr Fate's magic, is stronger than before, and is even able to telekinetically lift the Flash into the air.

11 of History's Toughest Riddles | Mental Floss

He hates Green Lantern so much he thinks everyone he sees is Green Lantern. He is imprisoned inside a mountain by Earth-1 Green Lantern after being lifted up by Earth-1 Hawkman and dazed by blows from all the heroes, but when the machine is turned off he is substituted for Blockbuster on Earth-2 and renews the attack, defeating numerous heroes. As the heroes return they find Green Lantern had placed Grundy and Blockbuster together to occupy them, and the two have knocked the hate out of each other.

Grundy is then taken back to his Earth by the Justice Society. In his next appearance, Solomon Grundy battles the combined might of both the Justice Society, and later their counterparts the Justice League , nearly to a standstill at Slaughter Swamp, when he develops an affection for a lost alien child who has accidentally been sent to Earth-2 and is dying due to separation from his pet. The alien child is finally reunited with his pet and sent back to his own dimension.

The Storm Bells Chime

While imprisoned, Grundy incorrectly deduces that the second Green Lantern's Earth must contain a second Solomon Grundy, and crosses over from his Slaughter Swamp prison on Earth-2 to Earth-1 where he overpowers that Earth's Superman before being tricked and stranded on the moon. Grundy goes on to afflict Green Lantern and his teammates, including the Huntress who is the first female for whom he develops an affection. After Solomon Grundy is rescued from a glacier by Alan Scott's daughter, Jade , Grundy becomes loyal to her and, for a while, is an ally of Infinity, Inc.

Eventually, this affectionate relationship turns tragic as the villainous Marcie Cooper, a. Harlequin of the Dummy 's Injustice Unlimited, uses her illusion powers to disguise herself as Jade. Harlequin manipulates Grundy to attack the members of Infinity Inc. She convinces him to press the unconscious Mister Bones ' bare hand against Skyman ; since Bones's skin constantly exudes a cyanide -based compound, this quickly leads to Skyman's death.

Once Grundy found out that Marcie had duped him, he savagely beat her within an inch of her life.

This is the beginning of the end for Infinity Inc. The Earth-One Grundy arises when the Parasite uses an enhanced crystal to metabolically hasten the growth of residual cells left over in the sewers from when the original version had crossed over from Earth-2, which becomes a new, much more bestial version. During a clash with Superman , it is determined that his might is too much for the Man of Steel, so Superman flies the monster to an alien world inhospitable to all save the hardiest life as the zombie propels himself through the air mimicking his one-time adversary.

This version repeatedly plagues Superman for years until, during an encounter wherein multiple Grundys are spawned, Superman and the Swamp Thing both encounter the clones. Soon, Superman obtains a compound from S. Labs which causes the Grundys to become inert, in effect killing the seemingly unkillable man-thing.

Swamp Thing attempts to cry out for Superman to stop, as he believes Grundy to meet the definition of life, but Swamp Thing is unable to express this, due to physical difficulty in speaking. This version of Grundy returns one final time, without explanation, leading a gang in the Earth-One Gotham City. He is apparently destroyed yet again when Batman tricks the creature into a blast furnace, where it is apparently consumed by the flames.

This version of Grundy was retroactively erased from history after the revamping of Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Post-Crisis, Grundy and a newly disfigured Harvey Dent strike up an odd friendship after Dent escapes the slaughterhouse to plot his revenge on Carmine Falcone. Grundy also appears early in the story while Batman pursues one of the suspects who bombed Dent's house into the sewers during Thanksgiving. Grundy attacks both of them, but Batman drives him off by blinding him with a shot of mace. After Infinity, Inc. The heroes believe the threat of Grundy to have ended once and for all, but they are mistaken.

Shortly thereafter, Grundy reappears in Gotham in the pages of Batman: Shadow of the Bat , battling Batman once again and killing the female descendant of one of the killers of Cyrus Gold.

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Grundy's next major appearance is in Starman , lurking in Opal City 's sewers. Jack Knight befriends Grundy, who has become innocent and childlike. Grundy also becomes friends with previous Starman Mikaal Tomas , and dies while sacrificing himself to save Jack Knight from being crushed by a collapsing building. When Grundy appears again, he has returned to his malicious persona; the joint efforts of Jack Knight, Batman , Alan Scott, and The Floronic Man are needed to stop him.

The origins of Grundy's resurrection come from the fact that the Parliament of Trees , a high council of Plant Elementals , tried to turn him into the newest Plant Elemental. However, the process was missing one vital piece: fire, as a Plant Elemental cannot be fully created unless it died in flames. Since Grundy's death did not involve fire at all, the process is not complete, and he becomes a sort of half-functional Plant Elemental. Grundy has been seemingly destroyed on several occasions, only to rise from the swamp again in a new incarnation.

Each version of Grundy has been somewhat different from the last, depending on the medium used to dispatch him and the drawing style of the current artist. The original Grundy, for example, had prominent front teeth. Some have been truly evil; some much less so. Some versions are more mindless than others; some are actually moderately intelligent, recalling the literate, well-spoken monster of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein.

Grundy hides out for a time in the Arrowcave, the long abandoned former headquarters of the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow. While searching for artifacts of his former life, Oliver and his former ward, Roy "Arsenal" Harper , stumble onto Grundy's new hideout. Green Arrow notes that this version seems much more violent, and manages to kill him by choking him with the string to his broken bow despite the fact that Grundy does not have a heartbeat, functional veins, or need to breathe. In Green Arrow vol. Chrissie Cavendish, a S. Labs employee, who claims she is the great, great granddaughter of the man the monster spawned from, to find and cure him.

Her cure warps her into a monster much worse than Grundy. Green Arrow subdues the new monster, and leaves Grundy be. It is not known if Grundy is still using this building. In the first issue of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory , Issue 0 of the same name, one of the Seven Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp recounts the death of the miserly pedophile, Cyrus Gold, killed at the hands of an enraged mob, but also mentions that Gold could just as easily have been the innocent victim of a misunderstanding, as Slaughter Swamp is a point in space where time means nothing.

In the final issue — Seven Soldiers 1 — the same Unknown Man punishes another of his group — the Eighth Man, Zor — by dressing him in Cyrus Gold's clothing and leaving him for the mob to find, implying that Zor — an extremely vain character, notable for attempting several times to overthrow the Universe and for having defeated The Spectre — would later become the first Solomon Grundy.

Batman is able to stop Grundy. He participates in the final strike against the Secret Six. Ragdoll II encounters Grundy in a doorway. Ragdoll's scarred face relates to Grundy, and Grundy goes on to turn against the Secret Society. The aftermath of that battle is inconclusive, but Grundy evidently survives, as he was last seen in a murky swamp in JSA Classified.

In it, he is convinced by Icicle to help Wizard , who is in trouble. In Infinite Crisis 7, Solomon Grundy is seen fighting against the Blood Pack in the Battle of Metropolis, until he is vaporized by Superboy-Prime 's heat vision, which apparently kills the Blood Pack and destroys Grundy's current incarnation. Grundy expresses a desire to stop his cycle of dying and being reborn and so it appears he enlists the help of Professor Ivo to build him an Amazo body to live in forever. The Red Tornado kills Grundy with F5 tornado winds, ripping him apart.

He later appears in the Salvation Run mini-series in which he is killed during a battle with Parademons. His body, awaiting its inevitable resurrection, is left behind when the villains leave the Hell Planet. However, when the villains exit, Grundy's hand trembles, accompanied with a groaning sound. He returns to Gotham City, but is shot by police after attacking a charity worker. In the police morgue, he transforms into Solomon Grundy. Grundy is once more an unintelligent monster, repeating the opening line of the nursery rhyme.

11 of History's Toughest Riddles

A week later, having retreated to the sewers, he has a fight with Killer Croc. At the end of the fight, exhausted, he reverts to Cyrus Gold again. He finds himself in front of his own grave, where the Phantom Stranger tells him he has seven days to undo his curse, as "There is an unholy night coming, as black as the dead's blood. And it's best if Solomon Grundy was not around for it. In the count down to Blackest Night, Cyrus Gold was given one week to discover the truth of who murdered him, so he could repent for all of his sins and gain absolution. Alan Scott and the Phantom Stranger were given as his guides throughout the week, while Etrigan was trying to take him to Hell.

Gold had a habit of getting killed. No matter how much damage was done to his body, he resurrected as a complete Solomon Grundy, driven to kill. Eventually it is revealed that Gold committed suicide, meaning he forced the curse of Solomon Grundy on himself.

In this new timeline, Grundy is once again a villain for Alan Scott.

Voyage Of The Fallen

First appearing in Earth 2 3, Grundy personifies "The Grey" life-destroying forces and opposes "The Green" forces that choose Alan Scott as their champion. He attacks Washington DC to get Alan's attention. Flash , Hawkgirl , and Green Lantern fight him, but Atom brings him down temporarily by jumping onto him at giant size. The battle continues until Scott once again exiles Grundy to the moon where neither he nor the "Grey" can do any damage. Eventually Grundy's origin was revealed: a slaughterhouse worker in , his wife was raped by his callous foreman, and she killed herself on the job.

When the foreman made the workers feed the body to the crocodiles, Grundy snapped, killed his foreman and everyone else in the slaughterhouse, then committed suicide, but apparently something happened immediately afterwards. His appearance resembles that of his pre-Flashpoint depictions. Solomon Grundy is pursued by Batman in Gotham City before the former incapacitates him. Grundy recites the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme while being pursued before Batman finished it for him when he defeats Grundy. Solomon Grundy has superhuman strength and stamina.

His strength has varied greatly through the years; for instance, in the Long Halloween story arc, Batman beat Grundy, while at various points his strength is roughly on par with Superman's. He is virtually indestructible and immortal thanks to the elemental energy that imbues his form with pseudo-life. Am I--? Harry goes still even as the old woman sneers over his shoulder at the man standing behind him.

Harry knows that voice, has heard it whispering in his head too many times not to. The woman spits a number of curses at the pair of them before shuffling off, muttering to herself. Harry is tempted to beckon her back, to beg her back, but cannot make himself move to do so. At his back, there is the sound of shuffling, of boots crunching in snow. The man at his back lets out a disgruntled noise, rounding Harry to crouch down and pluck the orb up. He frowns down at it, turning it over in his fingers, and hums at the engraving.

Harry barks out a laugh then, nearly doubling over at the hysterity. In front of him, Tom shuffles back a step or two, lips pursing. Why ever not? He nurses his drink, mug warm in his hands, and quietly examines Tom as they wait for their food. It is almost hard to believe that this man, only two years or so older than Harry, will become such a monster in the years to come. Still young and charismatic; barely out of Hogwarts.

He spots the date and sighs, shoulders heavy, hoping that this is some dreadful joke gone wrong. He wants to laugh again. Wants to save hundreds of lives. But he cannot imagine that is what he is there for. His attention turns back to the newspaper. Harry licks his lips, setting his cup down between them, and straightens.

It takes the edge off of the cold still in his bones. They sit in quiet for a while longer. Tom patient, and Harry unwilling to permit the older man the curiosity he is no doubt burning with. It is not every day someone appears in the middle of the street with no recollection of how they got there, after all. Tom seems, for a moment, completely caught off guard. I do not believe we made proper introductions. Helping a wayward traveler get on his feet. I might even be persuaded into helping you find your way home, wherever that may be.

And when you appeared in the street, you seemed positively lost. Harry eyes that hand. Eyes it and wonders if it will feel the way touching Voldemort always felt: wholly overwhelming. He can tell that Tom feels it too by the way his pupils dilate. Something magic and strong snaps into place. In the next, it starts ticking. They had passed their meal in relative silence.

Tom watched Harry eat, and Harry kept his eyes carefully down. He was unwilling to let Tom into his mind again after so long. After they had finished, Tom looked at him for a long while before suggesting they head out for a walk. The notion makes Harry shudder. I doubt that if you did notice me, the memory would have lingered in your mind for long.

Harry only stops when Tom falls back a few paces. Turning, he looks back to Tom, brows up. The older man is positively flummoxed, lips parted, gaze dubious. Harry quite likes the looks, and for the first time since his abrupt departure from the Weasley home—and possibly even his own time—hours previous, Harry feels on even ground. I felt it the moment you appeared. Long fingers catch him by the scruff of his collar, dragging him by his robes from the sparsely peopled road to one of the empty alleys that branch off of it.

Harry grunts as his back hits the brick wall of whatever shop Tom has squeezed them against, and he laughs when Tom points a wand in his face. Harry suddenly has no doubts Tom has already broken his soul a third time. The anger on his face is too raw for it to be otherwise.

For a moment, Harry aches for him and the disaster that awaits the wizarding world. He instantly expels it and avoids direct eye contact. Neither of them are willing to relent and drop their wands. Which I do believe is what I purchased with that name. Harry wonders how this man ever turns into a monster with red eyes. Tucking his wand away, Harry adjusts his robes and smiles.

I once saved my own life without realizing it, you see.

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Tom seems to digest this. Then, almost opposite of the threats and pandering for knowledge Harry expects, Tom fixes his own robes and gestures to the main road of Diagon Alley. Before Harry can protest, Tom takes his arm and they Disapparate away with a soft crack. Harry lets out a strained grunt on impact. He pulls Harry forward toward a short, wrought iron fence.

When he jerks away, Tom stops to look back at him. Harry looks between the house and Tom, and Tom waits, expectant. Teeth grit, Harry pulls his wand free of his robes. Head still swimming, Harry sends off another. Then another. Tom is just as quick in defending them off, their wands whipping in the air.

As Harry shuffles forward, Tom moves back, giving ground until there is no more to give. Taken aback, Tom falters, stumbling a step and giving Harry the perfect opening. He presses forward, wand swishing, and utters a soft flipendo that sends Tom sprawling into the snow. He lands with a grunt that Harry takes a great deal of pleasure in.

There is a sectumsempra lingering, bitter, at the back of his mouth. From the ground, Tom glares up, a flush high on his cheeks that Harry rightly reads as embarrassment. He takes a great deal of pleasure in that too. The house elf pops into existence right in the foyer, blinking up at Tom slowly. He bows, old body shaking, and glances at Harry with beady eyes. Get us some tea, would you? Harry pulls his robes off, careful to keep hold of his wand and of the little ball that brought him here.

The house elf clears his throat. Harry chokes on a laugh, trying and failing to cover it up when Tom gives him a foul look.