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The Assignment is the first book in the male-to-male romance series Assignment written by Evangeline Anderson which follows the adventures of Detectives Valenti and O'Brian. The book satisfied my desire and I read it all front to back within a couple days. Also ranked 3 in gay romance books featuring a straight protagonist. Walter Perkins.

It is characters are far too young for the this kind of material. The writing is not that bad but it is too difficult to get over the age of characters. I would say it is better to pass on this one. Also ranked 4 in gay novels for young adults. Katherine Hopkins. I think it could be one of the best. I haven't seen many other books in this genre. I like that there is a falling in love, romance, element to this book.

Also ranked 2 in books with gay alpha male characters.

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I found myself emotionally attached as I followed the characters through their love story. Also ranked 2 in books with gay vampires. Although this book has some gay erotic romance in it, it is not disturbing at all if you are not into these topics. I would recommend if you are looking for a different romance book. Also ranked 1 in gay-themed books set in a dystopic future.

Their different personalities cause intense conflicts and mixed feelings that could put their careers in jeopardy. Also ranked 1 in gay romance books. Jonah Woolner thought he would be the one to get promoted, but he was passed over in favor of Reid Hylliard. His progressive ideas seemed to be liked by everyone but Jonah, who thought they would cause the ruin of the bank where they worked.

But Jonah had no choice but to fall for his charms, both the financial ones and the romantic. Adriana Castro. It can be a little awkwardly worded from place to place, and details are vague, but it's still an interesting book nonetheless. Also ranked 3 in gay historical romance books. Martina Aranda. It is the first book in the temptation series and the moment I finished this book I was going for book number 2 in the series. The characters are amazing, sexy and the story is fantastic. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a good sexy romance novel.

Also ranked 4 in fiction books for Queer people. Sexy and suspenseful it is a great read to pass the time. Also ranked 3 in books featuring gay twinks. Ten years after their graduation, Jake Campbell and Brandon Bartlett are working as teachers in their old high school. One day, Brandon becomes the coach of Jake's baseball team, and they will start a relationship that will change their lives for ever. I wouldn't have picked it for myself, but I think it's well written and interesting. Also ranked 6 in books with gay enemies who become lovers. Set in the 17th century, this novel tells the story of Jacob Cullen, a man that had to flee from his own wedding with her bride Caro and her brother Zebedee, as he was about to get caught accused of murder.

Jacob eventually finds himself alone in the world, until he meets Christopher, who rescues him: the starting point between these two gentleman living in London. In the genre of gay erotica As Meat Loves Salt is a winner". Also ranked 2 in fiction books with a gay protagonist. Science-fiction and gay romance meet in the first book of the Sci-Regency series.

Captain Nathaniel Hawkins left his home in an attempt to forget his past, and after some events, he ends up dancing with Prince Aiden Townsend: feelings and steamy sex will also be involved. For a Sci Fi genre it rates highly but some might not like the focus on the difference in age between the two main characters emphasized by use of the term "boy" for the younger man.

Also ranked 1 in fiction books about gay romance. But it worked for me. Also ranked 5 in vampire Yaoi Manga. This is a good solution 8. Gabriel will try everything to take him down, but his plans might crash down as he falls in love with another Mexican drug lord. I wouldn't choose this book to read for this genre. Also ranked 1 in crime thrillers with gay characters. This is a good solution 6. I was looking for something exciting and special to share with my boyfriend to show my appreciation for all of his commitment and loving. My boyfriend is an aspiring college student, so he is learning a lot of writing techniques by reading this extraordinary series about a two cowboys comforting each other emotionally and intimately in the wild wild west.

Thank you My Cowboy Heart! Also ranked 2 in contemporary western novels. This is a good solution 4. There are no comments yet! Share your opinion. Also ranked 1 in gay steamy romance novels. This is a good solution 2. Also ranked 3 in vampire Yaoi Manga. This is a good solution 1. Nick, the protagonist, has to deal with his boyfriend gaining weight and is having a hard time.

Also ranked 3 in gay romance books with dominant muscly guys. An unusual story of a werewolf and vampire who find each other and have a relationship. I found it amusing and it held my attention as the characters were very interesting. I'm not sure if its the best gay erotica but it was attention holding.

Also ranked 4 in vampire Yaoi Manga. This is a good solution 0. The Demon and The Emperor is a standalone male-to-male paranormal romance novel written by Yamila Abraham which follows on the life of newly crowned Emperor Dianese who is in need of the power of demon Rodukjo to solidify his authority. Amanda Ramirez.

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Also ranked 6 in male-to-male audiobooks. First published in by Evernight Publishing, it is the first of three books in the London Menage series. Aanya Mukopadhyay. Also ranked 8 in novels featuring triad relationships with male-male interactions. Virginia Burke. Not for everyone, but for a specific audience. Also ranked 1 in romance fiction books for bored teens. Also ranked 5 in fiction books about fat gays. He uses his position as a a nanny to seduce the children he babysits.

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Also ranked 5 in erotic books with role playing. Just wow! Landon Rockwell did a great job with this book. I just couldn't put down Daddy's Rules.

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Just anticipating what going to happen next gives me chills. Also ranked 3 in erotic books with role playing. Also ranked 8 in fiction books about fat gays. Wayne Davidson. College grad Taryn works the graveyard shift at Dreamz, a sex shop in a seedy strip mall. In a sketchy and sexy world filled with tissues, gallons of lube, sex toys, tiger print, cross-dressing truck drivers, and swinger parties, readers must help Taryn choose her way as she learns what happens in this small, unexpectedly kinky Florida town.

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Ken Swift, a low-level enforcer in Los Angeles, is divorced from one woman, in love with another, and wrestling with a strong desire to get to know a third. When her heartbroken best friend invites her for a girly getaway in Corfu, Tess is sure she can stick to their pact to stay single for the summer. Then she meets gorgeous restaurateur Andras. With sassy humor and sexy cowboys, bestseller Brown launches the Longhorn Canyon contemporary western series.

Every summer Cade Maguire looks forward to opening his Longhorn Canyon Ranch to underprivileged city kids. At the club called the Boardroom, he gets to pleasure women while maintaining emotional distance. Priest Rahandras has lived for years with the darkness trapped inside him. Kateri Falsen is a woman of logic and facts. When Mia Stone moves to Rockbridge, Colo. Squared Away by Annabeth Albert Apr. But complications arise when he learns a conflicting will gives custody to their cousin Isaiah James, a former wild party boy.

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As the legal details are sorted out, the cousins move in together to temporarily share custody, and their long-buried attraction quickly resurfaces. Their families keep hoping, so Ivy suggests they pretend to be a couple just long enough to satisfy the bystanders. But in Honeymoon Harbor, nothing—not even a longstanding family feud—is a match for love. The first time Mekashe, captain of the Cehn-Tahr Imperial Guard, meets blue-eyed human beauty Jasmine Donally, the two nearly come to blows.

As their mutual attraction builds, they seek a way to bridge the distance between their worlds. Olivia Logan has a plan: win back her ex by fake-dating someone else and making him jealous. Naturally, their plans go awry. One fateful summer, three very different women find themselves together in Summer Hill, Va. Shallow Grave by Karen Harper Feb.

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Forensic psychologist Claire Britten and her partner, criminal lawyer Nick Markwood, volunteer with a support group for children stressed by domestic violence. But a leisurely field trip to a wildlife sanctuary turns deadly, leaving Claire to question whether the death was an accident, a suicide, or murder.

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Jenna Jones is getting a divorce for her 40th birthday. New friends and and a handsome love interest help restore her faith in life. They may have been poor, but her mother made her feel rich every day.

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Years later, she gets stuck in an elevator with a kind young man in a stiff suit, and everything changes. Theo Montgomery grew up rich, privileged, and terribly lonely. His father wanted him to be more sporty. His mother wanted him to be a little less awkward. Then he gets stuck in an elevator with a shy young woman with dark hair, and everything changes. Jack King was invalided out of the Marines; now he works for a special unit that employs ex-military to do extralegal jobs.

When it turns out her father is the greatest threat, Jack has to kidnap Callie in order to protect her.

When a car crash kills Matthias Bradshaw, his brothers return to Benevolence, Wash. Commitment-averse bachelor Sullivan Bradshaw wants to do his part, but he desperately needs to find the perfect nanny. What he gets is pretty Rumer Truehart, a free spirit who changes everything he ever thought he wanted. Miss Dorothea Oakley-White uses a pen name to skewer the hypocrisies of high society. Two years after returning home from working as a combat photographer in Afghanistan, Tara Dalton is still haunted by what she saw. Desperate to make a change, she joins the crew at the Bar C Ranch and meets other veterans with PTSD, including a strong, gentle bear of a man who makes her feel safer than she has in years.

Olivia Daniels is finally nearing the top of the corporate ladder when her father dies, leaving her part-owner of a rundown airport in tiny Haven, Ga. She plans her career with precision and lands a job as librarian at conservative Queen of Peace Academy, confining her strongest emotions—including her passion for wealthy Jeremy Taylor—to her secret poetry journal. The Singular Mr. Caroline Chatham longs for a life of adventure and travel. Her plan to stay single and run her own life may well be upended by quiet, intense, powerfully attractive Lawrence Sinclair.

When Philadelphia music teacher Jamie Martel is offered a summer job at a lush Oregon vineyard, she meets Hank Friestatt, who took over the Vineyards at Ribbon Ridge when his parents died. Now widowed—and still a virgin—Charlotte is free to reenter the giddy world of high society and pursue love and pleasure. Nash, the 12th Earl of Wrotham, is beguiled by Charlotte at first sight, and the feeling is mutual.

Those looking for a farcical romp will find plenty of laughs, winks, and nods in how the stories play out. Cam Boy: Murmur Inc. After years of making minimum wage, college dropout Josh Clemmons tries working as a porn star. Set near San Francisco, this novel follows the fortunes and failures of Jack and Milly over 60 years. They marry in and cling to each other through the years despite having little in common. The social changes they live through affect their relationship in complex and surprising ways.

What holds them together is stronger than what pulls them apart. Ashes on the Moor by Sarah M. Eden Mar. Eden the Longing for Home series blends bucolic Yorkshire with deep characters for a rewarding tale. Spunky but socially conventional Evangeline Blake is stuck teaching in the northern English mill town owned by her grandfather. Never having lived on her own, she relies on a neighbor, ambitious Irish immigrant Dermot McCormick. Each night, Isla Cooper falls into a deathlike sleep from which she cannot be awakened for six hours.

To make it worse, after a year, the sleep will become permanent. Isla must work with airship owner Daniel Pickett to keep their secrets and find a cure. As Frankie and Eric do their best Scooby-Doo impressions to catch the person breaking into the funeral home, they get closer to spilling some secrets they thought were buried forever.

Divorce attorney Hunter Brayze is determined to win his case, even if he thinks his client is a terrible man. Hunter has been flirting with Riley for months, having no idea she was married. William and Donna almost meet many times, but it never quite happens.