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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional title card for Wanted. Lola Buckley, an outspoken supermarket teller, and Chelsea Babbage, an regimented accountant who is currently being investigated for embezzlement, routinely take a Sydney city bus to go back and forth to their respective workplaces. One night, the two ladies wait at their bus stop when a car appears with another one in pursuit, ultimately involving a shooting that kills a man.

As Lola and Chelsea are witnesses, they then find themselves kidnapped, locked in the boot of a car. As the car stops for a rendez-vous, Chelsea calls the police who soon arrive but whose actions appear suspicious to Lola. Lola and Chelsea continue on the run, crossing into Queensland.

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Lola assures Chelsea about approaching the local police to tell their side of the story. Lola and Chelsea stop by a motel for the night but are soon recognized from the TV news reports. Detective Levine uncovers that not one, but two people may have been involved in the crime.

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Lola and Chelsea get lost walking through Idalia National Park , after their car runs out of fuel. Chelsea reveals more about her life to Lola. Detective Levine digs in to Lola's history, deciding to go to the area where she grew up without telling Ray. The ladies are arrested by a park ranger. Boke gets closer. The ladies find that their car has disappeared.

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Lola reaches out to her family for help. Lola and Chelsea head to Wooradulla where Lola reconnects with her sister and father in search of a source to get new identities. Chelsea's secret obsession gets her into trouble. Lola admits to Chelsea to what extent they may need to be running. As the ladies search for their missing car, they are captured by a small-time crime family, the Delaneys, where one of them once had a connection with Lola. Boke arrives in the area, tracking down the Delaneys but just missing the ladies. Detective Levine arrives soon after, but Boke flees the scene.

The ladies track their car to Baruma, but get separated soon after they arrive. Chelsea gets into trouble but uses her ingenuity to get out of it. Detective Levine recovers both the car and the fugitives. Stanton flies out there himself to clean up the mess.

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Boke reappears, leading to a violent confrontation with Lola. Chelsea finds an injured Lola, as the police close in on their trail. The ladies find refuge at a hideout known to Lola. Lola meets up with her son, David. Ray Stanton frames Detective Levine. Victor Maric catches up to Lola. The ladies and Ray have a stand off. As the ladies make plans to disappear for a while, Lola receives a disturbing call from Morrison. The ladies arrange to be smuggled into Bangkok in order for Lola to make the exchange with Morrison.

Ray Stanton is not adjusting well to his new life, pleading with his lawyer for a change in scenery. After the exchange fails, the ladies discover Morrison's true motives, making Lola even more determined to achieve her goal. The ladies find out the value of the key tag. A desperate Stanton makes a move. The ladies finally find David, taking him with them but at an expense. David is quickly treated for his injury but flees with the ladies as Morrison's men move in.

Morrison tries to get to Lola by targeting her family. Lola remains unswayed but warns Chelsea to alert her own father for his own safety, which she does but seems stoic about it. Lola is curious about what the key tag opens that she and Chelsea fly to Dunedin to find out. Chelsea is detained at the border. The ladies are surprised by the contents of the security box. David's own troubles catches up to him. Lola finds out the identity of who is threatening her, while Chelsea seems to have found a male suitor, Will Johnson, who winds up taking advantage of her.

Ray Stanton strikes a deal with Morrison, flying off to New Zealand to find the ladies. The ladies take a train to hunt down Will Johnson but their actions are noticed, tipping off Ray Stanton. Lola asks Chelsea about her abnormal behaviour regarding Will. As Ray intercepts the train, the ladies change their mode of transport. There will be a heroic adventure marked on the map. Set a marker for this location and head to the starting point. When destroyed, these Exploder Shanks will drop an explosive that can be picked up and thrown. Now, it might seem like a good idea to throw your explosive at enemies, and it can be, but first throw it at the generator blocking the path that leads deeper into the Cavern of Souls.

This mechanic is the main thing to remember throughout the entire fight. The objective for most of the fight is to destroy the Exploder Shanks, pick up the explosives, and throw them at the generators.

Each time you do this there will be an opportunity to damage the Silent Fang, but its shields will soon activate again. Things can get crazy any time you combine small spaces and Exploder Shanks. After initiating the skinning process, an animation of John Marston cutting while blood splats on the screen, shows.

Wanted: Silent Fang - Destiny 2

It is also possible to achieve a slightly higher camera angle although the animal will still be out of view if the player crouches before initiating the skinning animation. Animals are randomly generated in the wilderness and can sometimes assault the player, his allies, and his horse , requiring intervention. Marston will sometimes encounter strangers screaming for help as they are pursued by some type of predatory animal, such as a wolf or bear. Eliminating the pursuing animals and therefore saving the stranger will grant Marston money and fame.

After a kill, vultures may appear, opening up the sharpshooting challenge. The blood of any animal will act as bait for predators, so when an animal is killed, keep a lookout for wolves , coyotes , cougars, bears or any other animal likely to scavenge. This also means that never-ending waves of animals may appear.

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If you kill a pack of wolves a new pack of wolves will appear shortly after, the same will keep happening, only with less time between each individual wave. But beware, if you hunt too close to a town or settlement, you will soon have a bounty on your head and the law chasing after you. Different animals supply the player with different pelts, claws, meat and other resources with different values, which can be sold.

Killing some animals may not please their owners or the townsfolk. Slaughter of an owned horse or a domesticated dog is a crime and, if witnessed, will result in a bounty. This is considered "Animal Slaughter. These animals all interact throughout the wild in a carefully crafted ecosystem.

For instance, the player could be traversing the plains and see a herd of buffalo grazing, or while traveling through a forest, one may encounter a cougar hunting an elk , or a grizzly bear defending its territory from a pack of wolves. Each animal behaves differently; however, they can generally be placed within one of two categories: passive and aggressive. Passive animals are harmless to the player, and will usually flee at any sign of danger or if the player gets too close and is detected by the animal. Tamed animals such as broken horses or farm cattle will not flee but will still move away slightly due to a sense of personal space.

Aggressive animals will attack the player either as prey or because they feel threatened, they are usually predatory, exceptions include the boar , the bull. Beware of these animals even when dead, as it is rare to encounter an aggressive animal traveling alone; for example, wolves always travel in packs but some animals like coyotes will travel alone but even though they don't usually attack don't let that fool you because they will occasionally attack.

Animals of different species have different habitats, so time of day sometimes matters as much as location when trying to hunt down specific prey. Players having trouble spotting a particular critter in the day time may often find it to be worth their while to camp out and wait for nightfall. A wise hunter knows which weapon to use for each type of animal.

A small firearm may not make a sufficient impression on a large predator, while some heavy weapons turn humbler creatures into fine red mist thus preventing the player from skinning them or obtaining body parts necessary for some quests. This means that Marston's kills can fetch a higher price on the other side. This also applies to animals found only in West Elizabeth. Armadillo Carapace , Armadillo Meat.

Coyote Pelt , Coyote Meat. Buck Antlers , Rabbit Meat , Jackalope skin. When hunting small game birds and small mammals it is advisable to use a smaller caliber gun Repeater Carbine or Cattleman Revolver. If too large a weapon caliber is used, the animal being hunted has a tendency to explode in a red shower of blood, leaving no remains to be harvested e.