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The Irish startup, founded in with eight employees, is now an international market leader in the area of technology and service provision to the online sports betting market.

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It provides data analytics, programming, back office and technical support as well as monitoring for online clients. These highly skilled jobs will provide great opportunities for ICT graduates and tech sector workers. He said the growth of successful new Irish companies such as Xanadu was making a significant contribution to the recovery of the Irish economy.

The chief executive of Xanadu, Mark Brosnan , said that to meet the growing demand for its services, the company has to scale up its team significantly.

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When they found it difficult to locate people with the required skills, they made a pitch to Matchbox that they build the software themselves. Since then they have built relationships with other operators in the sector and have also developed products they they develop for for the online gambling industry. The company already employs people full-time and between 15 to 20 on a contract basis. It now plans to grow total employee numbers to over the coming twelve months. All the roles will be based in Blackpool in Cork. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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For more information see our Cookie Policy. Cork technology start-up to create new positions Announcement today for company established in with just eight staff Fri, Nov 21, , Updated: Fri, Nov 21, , Mark Hilliard. The offices of Xanadu where jobs are to be created. While the Mongolian grasslands may have encroached upon the ruins, it is still an interesting place to visit.

The better preserved sections of the extensive concentric walls surrounding the three components of the ancient capital have been stabilised, and boardwalks installed at some of the excavated buildings to enable public access. Given the expanse of the site, golf buggies are used to take visitors to the best features. More photographs of the site can be seen on two different pages of the China Daily English news website, click here and here but do not forget to zoom in on Xanadu in the Google map below.

Over 60, objects, many of which were recovered during excavations at Xanadu, reveal the ancient splendours of the Yuan Empire at the nearby Xanadu museum. This impressive collection of artefacts includes ceramics, bronze wares, carved jade sculptures, wooden weapons and ancient coins, and covers the various aspects of life and ritual of the Han Chinese and nomadic Mongolian peoples. One of many highlights of the museum is a detailed model of the historic city. For many, Xanadu conjures up a distant, far off place, an image that certainly seems to have seduced the Romantic English poet, even if it was with the help of opium.

A fascinating Heritage Trail guides visitors through the historic Devon town and countryside, with good opportunities to stop here and there and enjoy a typical Devon cream tea. Having visited over countries on six of the seven continents I am often surprised by the limited information available for archaeological sites in many travel guides.

With my passion for travel and professional background in archaeology, I started Archaeology Travel. Here I share my experiences of seeing truly spectacular places, as well as offering my tips and recommendations. Other websites and guides may appear to cover more areas and attractions, but the information on this website is based on first-hand experiences, not copied from other, sometimes misleading sources. Read More About Archaeology Travel.

The city walls of the Imperial Palace and the Imperial City were built using bricks and stones, while the Outer City walls were composed mainly of soil.

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Post roads led in all directions, resulting in a traffic hub connecting central and northern China. The Outer City was separated by a soil wall in the west.

In the south were offices, temples, and workshops. Streets were neatly and symmetrically built, and there were many associated offices and temples. Qianyuan Temple and Huayan Temple were situated in the northwest and northeast corners respectively. The site of the southern Mingde Gate is still there today.

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It was located a bit north to the center of Imperial City. All the main palaces, pavilions, government offices were built, and over 30 remnants of halls were discovered within the palace compound. In the north was the site of Muqing Hall. From the remains of the huge base, as tall as the wall, you can imagine the grandeur of this once largest building in the Imperial Palace.

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This palace boasted three gates with Yutian Gate in the south as the most important, for any imperial decree had to be announced there at first. In the north were military camps; in the south, busy trade areas full of shops, taverns, and inns; in the west, markets selling sheep and horses, and commercial districts; and in the east, reception areas for missions who wanted to go to court.

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To the northwest of the city, a canal designed by the scientist Guo Shoujing in Yuan Dynasty is still there.