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Their Long Count calendar begins in 3, B. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and they wrote that the 13th Baktun ends on Dec.

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The doomsday theories stem from a stone tablet discovered in the s at the archaeological site of Tortuguero in the Gulf of Mexico state of Tabasco that describes the return of a Mayan god at the end of a 13th period. Gronemeyer, of La Trobe University in Australia, compares the supposed Mayan prophecies to the "Y2K" hype, when people feared all computer systems would crash when the new millennium began on Jan. For some reason, Gronemeyer says, people have ignored evidence that dates beyond were recorded.

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The blogosphere exploded with more speculation when Mexico's archaeology institute acknowledged on Nov. Believers have taken the end-of-the world fears to the Internet with hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs. Yet others are capitalizing on the heightened interest. Films depicting the end of the world - including the movie, "? Mexico's tourism agency expects to draw 52 million visitors by next year only to the regions of Chiapas, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Campeche.

All of Mexico usually lures about 22 million foreigners in a year.

2012 End-of-the-World Countdown Based on Mayan Calendar Starts Today

It's selling the date, the Winter Solstice in the coming year, as a time of renewal. Many archeologists argue that the reference on a 1,year-old stone tablet only marks the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar.

For those who are thinking about how to spend what could be their last year on earth, here's another message of hope: According to recent research, the mythological date of the "end of days" may be off by 50 to years. To convert the ancient Mayan calendar to the Gregorian or modern calendar, scholars use a numerical value called the GMT.


But Gerardo Aldana, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has said the data supporting the widely-adopted conversion factor may be invalid. The agency's scientists posted answers to the most popular questions about the end-of-times theory associated with the prophecy. Akram Zaatari , Sidon, Lebanon is among the most prolific artists of his generation.

World ending Saturday? Here are 8 times the world was supposed to end, and didn't

He has produced more than forty videos, a dozen books, and countless installations of photographic material. All of these with a range of interconnected themes, subjects, and practices related to excavation, political resistance, the lives of former militants, the legacy of an exhausted left, intimacies among men, the circulation of images in times of war, and lost letters.

Zaatari is co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, a groundbreaking, artist-driven organization devoted to the collection, research, and study of photographs in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arab diaspora. He has made invaluable and uncompromising contributions to the wider discourse on preservation and archival practices.

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