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Seymour Lyric Poetry Prize His first chapbook collection, Poems in Recession , was published in In his early years he taught school, from to , beginning as a pupil teacher a British educational tradition, e. Lawrence also worked as a pupil teacher ; Dabydeen taught mainly at St. Patrick's Anglican School, Rose Hall, and received formal teacher-training during this period.

In his early years in Canada he worked in a variety of summer jobs to pay his way through university, most importantly as a tree-planter in the Canadian forests around Lake Superior , and lived in bush camps with Native Canadians and others, sometimes six weeks at a time. It was this experience that is part of the process of the drawing of imaginative connections between Guyana and Canada, both with large "unpeopled" hinterlands and surviving native peoples.

Summer Poems

He was appointed the official Poet Laureate of the City of Ottawa from to , perhaps the first minority person to hold such a position in a Canadian city. He received the City of Ottawa's first award for Writing and Publishing, and achieved a Certificate of Merit, Government of Canada , for his contribution to the arts. Explore poetry Browse poems Browse poets Special collections.

Image by Caroline Forbes. A Twist of Water Peter Scupham. V E Day Peter Scupham.

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Read this poem. The Gatehouse Peter Scupham. The Nondescript Peter Scupham.

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Previous Next. About Peter Scupham Peter Scupham b. Collected Poems, Carcanet, Buy. Night Watch, Anvil Press, Buy. Related Links Carcanet Press. Relentlessly, it seems, we examine and re-examine ourselves and our complex relationships to one another and the ongoing dramas of our lives, while forgetting the context in which all relationships take place.

And we unwittingly evolve to become what we most attend.

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When we remove ourselves from the buzz, it becomes clear that we are of the environment, not outside it. The environment is in us, as we are in it. The hinterlands exist as those back countries that stubbornly stand sentinel around, above, and below us.

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