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Decoy is similar, but with three objectives in play at any time, only one of which is real. The concept demands even greater teamwork, as you're forced to split your forces and regroup rapidly. Saboteur plays out like a particularly violent football game, as both teams fight over a bomb, with the aim of planting it in the opposition's base.

Siege, meanwhile, is perhaps the most hardcore and tactical of all, pitting entrenched defenders against well-armed attackers. The twist: no respawns. It's brutal and exhilarating, with no safety net. All modes are playable across 10 maps, drawn from the campaign locations, and they're a naturalistic bunch. More in the vein of Battlefield's open-plan settings than the tightly controlled flow of a COD map, these are stages designed to be explored and learned, full of useful tricks and shortcuts that become evident through repeat play.

Player progression is decent enough, if unoriginal. There are three classes - Scout, Engineer and Rifleman - and each offers two upgradable characters, one for Team Ghost, the other for bad guys Team Bodark. New weapons, attachments and gadgets unlock at predetermined ranks, at which point they can be purchased using earned credits. It's a simple system, made notable for the sheer variety of customisation options - two million, according to the blurb. Tweaking your preferred weapon, right down to the type of trigger used, will provide a compelling meta-game for the devoted player.

There's co-op too, not least in the main campaign, which can be played with up to three friends. If the game's best moments impress when playing solo, they absolutely sing when played online. As before, it's the stealthier moments that stand out, with palpable tension as you creep around, taking up positions and co-ordinating your shots. It's here where the hereditary genes of Red Storm's classic Rainbow Six can be seen most clearly. There's also a survival mode, called Guerrilla. The meat of it is much as you expect - hold a position on the map against encroaching enemies - but Ubisoft has managed to squeeze a little of the franchise's unique style in between the waves of mayhem, offering little pockets of stealth where your team must secure the area by removing an existing enemy presence as discreetly as possible.

There will be some who look at the mainstream concessions made in Ghost Recon's belated comeback, regenerating health and all, and despair. Such reactions won't be completely baseless. Future Soldier is not as smart as it could be and there's clearly a more distinctive game hiding behind all the second-hand bombast. But while Future Soldier risks losing itself in the crowd of similar widescreen War on Terror blockbusters, it at least borrows its elements wisely, serves them up with style and polish, and retains enough of its strategic core to make it an easy recommendation for those hungry for another tour of duty.

Read the Eurogamer. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here. Jump to comments Dan has been writing for Eurogamer since and specialises in RPGs, shooters and games for children. His bestest game ever is Julian Gollop's Chaos. Feature Why researchers are using rats to work out whether there's a link between VR and dementia.

Feature How Artifact became Valve's biggest failure. Fallout 76's next big patch makes some welcome improvements to the game. Elite Dangerous gets giant fleet carriers in December. Capcom enters the mobile card battler fray with Teppen. Upcoming Gears 5 versus multiplayer tech test open to Xbox Game Pass members. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Never miss a thing. Gallery: You can issue challenges to people on your friends list, should you wish to fight over bragging rights. Gallery: Each campaign mission has a selection of bonus challenges as well as an overall Ghost Rating.

Hit these targets to unlock more toys for multiplayer. Dan Whitehead Senior Contributor, Eurogamer. Feature Why researchers are using rats to work out whether there's a link between VR and dementia "We made it very immersive. Feature How Artifact became Valve's biggest failure Magic silenced. Fallout 76's next big patch makes some welcome improvements to the game Indoctrination. Elite Dangerous gets giant fleet carriers in December Starry starry flight.

I acquired these through hard work, and running my company with an iron fist. Not my style. I want to own her—claim her. I always get what I want. I should tell her to get lost before the interview begins. After surviving a brutal avalanche, self-described 'geek' Morgan finds herself trapped in an abandon After surviving a brutal avalanche, self-described 'geek' Morgan finds herself trapped in an abandoned hotel with a trio of gorgeous fraternity brothers. Yet when the three beautiful hunks begin competing for her affection?

Sometimes not making a choice is the best choice of all The Ivy Lessons. The Ivy Lessons is part of a 5-book series by a NYT bestselling author, but can be read as a standalone book. One of the most famous drama schools in London, Ivy College is a beautiful castle-like building set in roaming green grounds. Ivy College is owned by famous, young British actor, Marc Blackwell. Impossibly handsome and indie-star sexy, Marc teaches us once a week. Sometimes, our hands touch. But Marc's discipline is totally forbidden. Miss Primrose needs to be punished.

A member of the wickedly wanton Inn of the Re A member of the wickedly wanton Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum, where the most taboo and illicit pleasures are indulged, Miss Primrose—or Mistress Primrose, as she prefers—left Nicholas Edelton a shell of a man. Now his older brother, Spencer Edelton, the Marquess of Carey, intends to provide her a set-down she will never forget. Weary from exacting her revenge upon the man who raped her sister, Beatrice Primrose has had her fill of men of privilege and presumption, but she accepts a fateful invitation from a handsome nobleman to spend a sennight at his estate for a grand sum of money.

She soon learns, however, that she will not get to reprise her role as Mistress. To her horror, she finds his lordship expects her to submit to him! There's no safe word for love Can you handle the Can you handle the beast? Face pics only. Omegas: call me daddy. The Private Joke. After her mother died, Ashley has no other choice but to move in with his father and her half-brothe After her mother died, Ashley has no other choice but to move in with his father and her half-brother, James.

On her first night in the city, he left her alone in the parking lot to party with his friends. Worried and scared, she decides to follow him to the pub, intending to convince him to drive her home first. The next morning, she wakes up and finds herself in an unfamiliar bedroom. She is starting to doubt if he really is in love with her or just playing another private joke with her very fragile heart.

It was more than just a secret. Hank Mapplethorpe is hiding something big. When he meets th When he meets the young and defiant Noah Palmer at a party, he wonders if he should finally let that secret go. Hank never felt comfortable with other guys, so he decides to stay away from them both. He has secrets.

Too many to count. Although the two alphas claim to understand him, they need to know one thing: Hank gave up looking for love a long time ago. He is now the subject of their dark and elaborate game. The Billionaire's Conquest. I need to save Mercury Wild, but who would save my heart? I'm Trevor Wild, Billionaire and Men admire me for the fortune that came with my name.

Women flock to me for the man of their dreams, but along the way, I lose sight of who I am, and my business is at stake. So desperate to save the club, I have to put pride behind me and seek out help, and help comes in the form of Jasmine Washington. Her skin is smooth as silk. Her eyes are piercing green that would burn holes into my soul. Will I be able to have both my club and Jasmine, or will going after her cause everything to crumble around me?

This steamy workplace romance is a real page turner! The fact that the sexy single dad could probably have any woman he wants but is crazy about the curvy girl he saw in the elevator is priceless! Verika Sloane. I love single dad stories! Well written and sizzlin' story. Shani Greene-Dowdell. The Billionaire's Conquest is a steamy, hot read. Trevor and Jasmine together are so sexy and their story was written beautifully! The Art of Hanky Panky. What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting? And, by the way, did I mention you'd have to be naked?

Honestly, it's mortifying enough to stand naked in front of my own mirror, but to do it in the same room with my mind-blowingly hot, totally off-limits art instructor? This is so not something that I, June Cooper, had planned for this college semester. What I should be focusing on is working my butt off to pull in awesome grades and get into my choice of law schools.

No distractions allowed. Especially if they come with male parts attached Simone Misteloy. June Cooper has everything she needs to get into the law school of her choice, the grades, the test score results and she's done it without help, but she could use some help because the one thing that will get her there is money and she doesn't have enough to pay her fees. Then she sees a way out. It involves posing nude for a world famous artist who wants her as his subject. Problem solved right. No chance. He's the most gorgeous man she's ever met and she finds herself drawn to him like no other man she's known..

This man will see her naked all day long for the duration of the project. Naked in the bright light of the day from day one with the man of my dreams. How will things not go wrong. Cassie and her two best friends are about to fail one of their college classes.

Cassie begins flirti Cassie begins flirting with her professor, who, by chance, is becoming her stepbrother. While Cassie desperately tries to improve her grades and sort through her emerging feelings, there are other crazy factors that are added into the already complicated equation. The reckless sex tape can help Cassie fix her grade, but at what price? Can she afford to lose the respect of her family and friends?

And should she give up the only person she's ever loved? Is this person even interested in her anyway? This steamy novella is intended for mature audiences. Daddy's Confession. For years, Tanner has been a patient, devoted caretaker to Stephanie. Stephanie is packed and ready to move to the city with her boyfriend, when he calls and dumps her. When he gets home and finds her in his bed, their desire for each other can no longer be denied. For U. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.

When Rachel Bradbury died, she was forced to watch everything she cared for decay or drift away. But when hunky landscaper Ian Waterhouse arrives to clean up the place, they establish a connection. Against all odds, the ghost and the gardener fall in love. Her men had always been anything but alpha. One thing was for sure - she had never been with a real One thing was for sure - she had never been with a real cowboy. Not to speak of cowboys. This reverse harem contemporary romance will knock your socks off!

She needed an alpha male pronto. What happens when Mica gets tangled up with the kings of their own ranch, in the middle of hot and steamy Argentina? Daring the Neighbor: Part 1 Fantasy. Get naughty with the neighbor in this sizzling romance serial! Sipping chilled wh Sipping chilled white wine with her best friend and spying on her super sexy neighbor, Ethan, are the highlights of Sabrina's otherwise mundane existence.

Vivid fantasies about Ethan are her sweet escape. As she pushes the boundaries of propriety, Sabrina begins to wonder about a real-life night of passion in Ethan's arms. Would it quench the growing thirst within her or ignite the burning flames of desire that she has kept deeply buried for so long?

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Find out now by indulging in Daring the Neighbor. Cliffhanger alert: This book ends with a cliffhanger. Most readers report being so enthralled by the exciting storyline, they are anxious to continue reading the serial. Tia Wylder. Ann Omasta is a master storyteller. Her books never disappoint to keep me entertained from the very beginning to the end. If you like to be surprised, don't miss her series because it always provide enough twist and turns to keep you captivated.

Do make sure that you have your favorite snacks next to you cuz you may have to skip a meal or two Jennifer Jones. Hot and sexy! I'm in love with Ann's stories. And she's a super sweet lady too :. Lizabeth Scott. Why not both! TeamSeth and TeamSam? Rebecca Janet. Katy Baker. Who doesn't love a sexy angel story?

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Great read! The Billionaire's Pool Girl. But when I But when I come home to find a sexy stranger in my pool, my body reminds me that age is only a number. By joining her mailing list you'll get regular emails with links to the hottest new romance books in the Kindle Store and occasional contests and giveaways.

Your information will never be shared or sold and you can unsubscribe at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any email from Ried and clicking on "Unsubscribe". Neil Redford Fu k. Freezing Touch. Your information will never be shared or sold and you can unsubscribe at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any email from the author and clicking on "Unsubscribe".

She never quite got over the heartbreak courtesy of one man she has never forgotten. Everything changes when she first spots Marshall Lyons after all these years. She has designs on revenge, but can she truly go through with it? Boldly, deeply erotic and especially enjoyable. Claire, a stunning psychiatrist with a doctorate degree in Psychology. Erica, a shy, inexperienced girl, heiress of an immense fortune, who transforms into a passionate seductive woman.

Sabaton - In The Army Now (Bonus Track)

Cleo, a fiery, mysterious being who holds a secret and is not who she seems. And Kostas, a business consultant. All brought together into a game of life, power and love in the merciless world of big enterprises. Ventured in a cosmopolitan island on a luxurious yacht and taking part to a wedding with three brides and a groom!!! Described by intense eroticism, passion, twists and intrigues. Athena Braveheart. I like this title, it inspires a of good times. Nikos Alexiou. Sexy and stirring.

Get a glass of wine and take a comfy seat to read this! Pointe Noire. Not all girls dream of being rescued by Prince Charming. Some girls dream of the capture. Ballerina Emily Charles always knew she was kinky, but it takes a special invitation to The Noire House—a private club where all manners of sensuality are explored—for her to realize the depths of her fantasies.

During the brief dates held in total darkness, she meets the mesmerizing Sam Roche. The moment I lay eyes on her in the elevator, I know I have to have her. Those curves, that hair, an Those curves, that hair, and the way she looks at me with those innocent eyes make me want to take her right in my office. Whenever I see her, every fiber of my body wants to feel her body entwined with mine. And my focus should be on my son and my business after my gold digger ex-wife had left.

I need to make her mine. This is a sweet and steamy office romance short story with no cliffhanger and a HEA! Two successful New Yorkers, unbeknownst to each Two successful New Yorkers, unbeknownst to each other, move to the tropics, both determined to give love a rest. As they attempt to sort out their new lives they accidentally become entangled. A series of misunderstandings and some bad timing fray their fairytale to the brink.

Whether they can sort it out will depend on both seeing the truth. Or is it just a case of island fever? Sounds very intriguing. Can't wait to read it.

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Great to read about a couple who are willing to take some chances to get their lives back on track. David Stone is such a great writer! A Taste of Kitty. Welcome to the fictional small-town of Rockville where the premiere nightclub, Naughty Nights, serve Welcome to the fictional small-town of Rockville where the premiere nightclub, Naughty Nights, serves up tasty cocktails and tantalizing fantasies that you can devour in ninety minutes or less. Maybe it was love at first sight, but I was only ten. Isabelle Blanco. She became my best friend. My crush. But I have to. She was almost mine, but my father took away my chance.

Now she lives across the hall from me. But is it possible to ever be happy without the one person you need? Tara Gill. Wow, gripping plot and edgy read! Taming Jessica : Learning Discipline from Her Edward Strickland has taken over his father's company and he's looking for a secretary who understan Edward Strickland has taken over his father's company and he's looking for a secretary who understands that he simply must have his own way.

Cotswold Homes Spring by Cotswold Homes - Issuu

After interviewing a string of girls who simply aren't up to the job, he meets Jessica - someone he'd known from school who's feisty, stroppy and every bit as bratty as he is himself. Jessica needs a job. Edward needs someone who understands him. If Jessica's going to join his staff, she'll need to know who's boss. Perhaps the only way is for her to learn to submit, and for Edward to tame her with a hard spanking across his knee.

Office Surrender is a collection of standalone short stories featuring Dominant men - and women who learn to submit.


Angel Warrior. Can an angel warrior and a scientist save the future of mankind? Brion has vanqui Brion has vanquished hundreds of demons since becoming an Angel Warrior. Gillian turned her back on every promising job offer after graduation to create her own path in the field of science. All because of her firm belief that her invention is destined for greater things. But when she finds herself on the run with a sexy, shirtless guardian angel, she realizes she might have underestimated the significance of her invention.

Just a bit. His For A Week: Bought. An undercover journalist sells herself for a week to expose the darker elements of the Scarlet Aucti I wanted her. I bought her. She was just supposed to be a plaything for a week. She tries not to want it. She can try and resist me. A rainy afternoon, he meets a strange unknown girl. The girl is giving him a kind of "bio-energy" The girl is giving him a kind of "bio-energy" and disappears. He abandons everything and makes a fresh start. New identity, new adventures, new purpose in his life!! My friend wanted me to meet him.

I was a single mom I was a single mom who had priorities, but she was trying to convince me. I thought that Tyler was going to be a man of many words. It is just like the rest. Her Master's Wedding. Has an old enemy forgotten her? And will the past return to reveal its secrets? Claire Angel. Very interesting. Micheal is too hot to melt a woman. Lexi Aurora. These are some steamy amazing reads. You will love it. Emmanuelle de Maupassant. My applause for Simone's 'Dancing' short story.

Insightful and thought-provoking - as all good erotica should be. This looks like an interesting book series. Unmistakable Love. Love finds you when you least expect it. Hank left tiny Beaux Hollow for the bright lights Hank left tiny Beaux Hollow for the bright lights of Natchitoches after high school, to attend NSU for an engineering degree. The penalty for doing it again is death. Marigold must escape and find freedom in a new land, but will the handsome dragons who uncover her fugitive status lead her to true love, or true ruin?

Hated is the prequel to the Goldilocks and the Three Dragons trilogy. Get your copy now and start the reverse harem paranormal romance adventure! Shattered Fate. The only boy to steal my heart and soul. Then he handed it back to me with missing pieces, a Then he handed it back to me with missing pieces, and I never heard from him again. That was ten years ago, and now I'm running from a man who took a vow to protect me but instead left scars across my mind and body. They say you won't understand love until you're older. But I knew more love at 17 than I do now at Because love shouldn't hurt you.

It shouldn't almost destroy you.

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Love shouldn't break vows. The only girl I ever gave my heart to. I planned on marrying her. That is, until I screwed up and made a decision at 17 that put us on a cataclysmic path of destruction. Now, I'm trying to chase away the demons of my past and survive the days atoning for my sins. Until I see her again. Taylor didn't know what she was getting herself into when she snuck into Johnny's class. Now, she's Now, she's about the feel the heat. When she gets caught without money for the class, she comes up with some other ideas about how John can repay her. Bonding, spanking, knife play and more are on the menu.

Will it all be too much for Taylor to swallow, or will she submit to Johnny's demands and end up learning more about her own desires? This book contains graphic sexual situations, sensual BDSM and explicit erotic behavior.