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Open in a separate window. Methods We collected data using two surveys administered during the CSPCC study to specifically investigate student beliefs and attitudes about mathematics among the Calculus I student population.

Self-confidence: The Gateway to Success

Table 2 Dependent variables. When studying Calculus I in a textbook or in course materials, I tend to: Pre 2. My score on my mathematics exam is a measure of how well: Pre 1.

Powerful: Confidence Spoken Affirmations with binaural tones for Healthy Self-esteem

How certain are you in what you intend to do after college? Pre 3. The primary role of a mathematics instructor is to: Pre 2. For me, making unsuccessful attempts when solving a mathematics problem is: Pre 2. My success in mathematics primarily relies on my ability to: Pre 2. Table 3 Student demographics for Fall by percentages. Discussion As noted earlier in this work, research has consistently indicated that the affective aspects of student non-cognitive factors such as attitudes, beliefs, confidence, enjoyment, desires, and other underlying beliefs have an impact on STEM persistence Burtner ; Chang et al.

Acknowledgements Not applicable Funding Not applicable. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Contributor Information Xiangming Wu, Email: ude. The use of discriminant analysis to investigate the influence of non-cognitive factors on engineering school persistence.

Journal of Engineering Education. The mathematical behavior of six successful mathematics graduate students: influence leading to mathematical success.

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Educational Studies in Mathematics. The cyclic nature of problem solving: an emergent multidimensional problem-solving framework. STEM: science, technology, engineering, mathematics. Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

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Harvard Educational Review. Fennema-Sherman mathematics attitudes scales: instruments designed to measure attitudes toward the learning of mathematics by males and females.

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Who is switching out of calculus and why? A cautionary note on the use of the analysis of covariance ANCOVA in classification designs with and without within-subject factors. Frontiers in Psychology. Handbook for Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

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The effects of different versions of a gateway STEM course on student attitudes and beliefs

Boulder, Colo: Westview Press; The Meyerhoff way: how the Meyerhoff scholarship program helps black students succeed in the sciences. Journal of Science Education and Technology. Preparing minority scientists and engineers Dropout from higher education: a theoretical synthesis of recent research.

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    Self-confidence: the Gateway to Success eBook: Ram Kailash Gupta: pewahomaci.tk: Kindle Store

    Reworking the student departure puzzle. Self-beliefs and student goal achievement. Psychology Teaching Review. Support Center Support Center. External link. Please review our privacy policy. One coordinator; common syllabus minor modifications allowed ; common exams; common final exam. When studying Calculus I in a textbook or in course materials, I tend to:.

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