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Greek guards wore surgical masks when they entered the passageway between the large barred cells. Belgium and Greece, which found that conditions in Greek migrant detention centers were inhuman and degrading. The court said Belgium violated its human rights obligations by knowingly exposing an Afghan asylum seeker to such treatment when it transferred him back to Greece.

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Since the obligation not to expose people to inhuman and degrading treatment is absolute, the onus is on the EU to work with Greece to rectify detention conditions before it cooperates with Greece in activities that are intricately linked to the task of detaining migrants. Frontex should immediately make its engagement in border enforcement operations in Greece contingent on placing apprehended migrants in facilities with decent conditions, Human Rights Watch said.

This could be achieved by transferring them to other areas of Greece where detention standards meet human rights requirements or by making detention spaces available in other places in the EU where conditions meet international and EU standards. Amendments to the Frontex regulation, expected to be adopted this week, recognize the need for enhanced human rights scrutiny of its operations.

The EU's Dirty Hands

They create a position for a fundamental rights officer within Frontex and a consultative body on human rights with civil society representation. The fundamental rights officer should be given the mandate to refer breaches to the European Commission for investigation and enforcement. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Learn more about ReliefWeb.

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Published on 21 Sep — View Original. Download PDF Related reports filtered by theme and country Afghanistan.

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Integrating Maritime Security with Human Rights

For instance, when it was accused of having made excessive and near-systematic use of force including fire arms when deployed in the Aegean Sea in late August , Frontex denied responsibility and shifted the blame to the Greek authorities 3. However, following an investigation conducted at national level, the Greek coast-guards ended up not being sanctioned. Although the approval of the new mandate by the Council of the EU comes as no surprise, the green light given by the European Parliament leaves a bitter taste.

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The Parliamentary assembly has thereby legitimised and set in stone the absence of democratic control over a number of Frontex operations, in particular those conducted outside of the EU. Frontex is emblematic and is the armed wing of EU policies aimed to fence off European borders.

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Europe is at war against an imaginary enemy: www. Home About Frontex The campaign Who are we? Our actions.