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Assure them that with hard work and practice, they will eventually find difficult assignments easier. Be familiar with options for accommodations. For children and teenagers who still have trouble despite after school help or chances to correct their mistakes, IEPs and Plans can help structure the unique assistance they need to succeed. Gently suggest these options to parents when appropriate — they may not even know this kind of extra help is available.

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Avoid embarrassment. When dealing with a student who is being disruptive, take them aside or out in the hall to explain the problem rather than reprimanding them in front of their classmates. Ensure that they know the problem is with the behavior — not them — and how you expect them to behave moving forward. Exercise compassion. No special accommodation can substitute for patience, kindness, and flexibility. No one expects you to be a saint — just try your best to keep your cool. Work with parents. Keeping open lines of communication with parents will create consistency in working with students who have emotional or behavioral struggles and minimize misunderstandings.

Make a plan that helps you communicate regularly with parents who need more frequent contact than others so that they're in the loop with what you're seeing in the classroom, and they can fill you in on what's going on at home. Make time to take care of yourself. The links on this page may contain document data that requires additional software to open:. Search form Search.

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Please watch the video below to see how to do it. Fire is such an important skill that it can sometimes be the biggest priority even though its third on the list. This is probably one of the most difficult skills to master in the woods and can really frustrate some people. And friction fire is really difficult. So I always like to start kids out on the flint and steel.

They a low tech, inexpensive, relatively easy to find, and will always work. Once you understand a few things about tinder then you will understand how to make fire every time. Your fine tinder must be light and airy, thoroughly dry if not dry it before hand, after processed , and you must fluff the tinder before ignition. When I say that you have to fluff it, you have to physically lift the tinder and create lots of air pockets in yours birds nest.

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Just doing this will certainly get you fire every time! Watch this video below to see how Shyloh and I got fire with our flint steel and cotton in wet conditions. Contact us to see what courses would be best for your family! I have several suggestions. A balaclava ski mask which covers the neck,ears and face provides more warmth than any other hat.

Rolls up into a small package. A hat is more important than most people realize, and the balaclava is the best. Gloves protect the hands from injury and cold. Light weight strechable, one size fits all gloves are available at Dollar tree for a buck. Hand warmers are cheap so pack several. Consider the larger body warmers also. A child of almost any age can use these. You can use smaller sizes if your child is fairly short to prevent covering the head. These make disposable ponchos as well or a bag to collect leaves and pine needles to make a mattress or blanket.

Add string and make a mini tube tent by poking a hole in one corner of the bottom and tying between two trees. Simply fill with water, secure the top and drink through the spout. No bacteria. Compact Mirror. Teach the little ones how to signal with a mirror by their ear, using the outstreached hand with finger spread in a V over the target. Chem light stick and string. A peice of string tied to a chemical light stick and spun around in a circle make an unmistakable night time signal.

Lights up the camp area during the bivouac.

Zip lock bag. Raisons, dates, other dried fruits,nuts,jerky provide nutrition and comfort. This may have to be refilled more frequently than other items. The Brothers think they never going see each other again, but miraculously meet up in Paris at the end of the War during the German Surrender. There is a wolf named Sheila who is trying to keep them from falling in love. I am on chapter 8 right now and wondering what to call the book. Can someone please help me with a title? I think my poems are very interesting.

How To Come Up With A Great Title For Your Book (Or Story Or Poem) | Writer's Relief

Nobody likes her and nobody ever notices her. One day she decides to run away and joins a gang of gangsters and begins to gather bad influences from them. She starts smoking. I was thinking oblivious or digging for the past but I think they are slightly too simple. Please help me! Lana discovers that Lauren is new in town and is starting at the same school Lana goes to. They post videos on YouTube, and get noticed very quickly for their tricks. They perform in town and get noticed by a mysterious benefactor.

What should I title it? I am a 12 year old, currently writing my first story about a 14 year old girl named Emma who has had lung cancer for 4 years. Emma and Ben became best friends through out her time at home, but when the doctors tell her that there is nothing they can do for her for the time being, her parents decide to let her go back to school. During her time at school, she makes 2 awesome friends, Jade and Ryder, but she does not tell them she has cancer.

She was very happy until one night she woke up unable to breathe. Once she found this out, she had to tell Jade and Ryder. Since she is a painter, while she was there, she painted a picture of the Eiffel tower and entered it into an art auction, but she died before she could bring it there. Jade and Ryder bring it for her, and a very rich man buys her painting and puts it in his art museum with her story underneath it, and donates one million dollars to cancer research. I am very stuck for a title, so any suggestions would be awesome.

Latin and Ancient Hellenic are better for something arcane with lots of sorcery, Gaelic about knights and glory and Old Norse about something epic such as a really strong warrior who turned evil and then many lords united to defeat him. Mainly old languages are the key to a mysterious title that still makes sense. I am writing a story where basically the main character goes unconcious at random intervals of time and each time she wakes up she finds herself covered in blood and all the people around her are dead. She vows never to get close to anyone again and removes herself from civilization to protect all the potential victims.

Tips for Teachers: Ways to Help Students Who Struggle with Emotions or Behavior

An organzation set up by the government to help dangerous people like herself finds and recrutes her to help her gain control of her curse. It all goes smoothly until she starts getting close to some of the workers and she falls unconscious and wakes up to find them dead. When the other workers discover this they do everything in their power to separate her from all human contact, and she realizes that they were never there to help her. They were there for research and prevention. Once they are out they band together for a while because they are on the run from the government, but she suspects something is wrong with some of the other former prisoners.

In the night the ones she suspected try to kill as many of the others as they can , and they run leaving a note for the others saying she was dangerous and killed many people and they themselves barely escaped her the night before. The two other remaining former prisoners are both male. One is almost as deadly as she is, and the other does not have as deadly as powers as the other but he thrives on seeing goodness and love in people.

The threesome travel a good ways more undisturbed until the government tracks them down. She blacks out, and she wakes up in a field of waving grain and the sun is rising. She looks around and sees not only the government agents dead but also the body of one of her two only friends the one without much power. The books ends there. Any ideas for titles? So I have multiple title ideas for my book. The main character, Amari, is a botanist. But being a botanist isn't studying plants anymore, it's making them.

Fake nature is respected a beautiful and civilized while true wildlife is seen as hideous and savage. The world is completely urban except for small areas with absolutely no human life. Alternate titles or best one out of my list? Also, my book is a sort of steampunk novella set in Victorian London.

They implant a microchip into her brain so she has to obey them. I am writing a book about myself, the difficult times I went through, sweet memories I have of the past and how I managed to pull through. Reading Rita, Here is some more extra info on my story: My main character is called Auriela, and she goes camping with a group of friends. I already have an plan for a sequal but can not find a title!! Golden girl Oriana, need more info power?

This is what the story is about:. Others before him have failed and even died in some of these trials, but he is doing exceptionally well. Now the boy Tony must choose, who is the real enemy? Fantastic info from you! Simply wonderful. This is actually a tremendous site! What should I call it? A lesbian girl who is in love with a girl she has been with for a long time, but the butterflies are gone along with the spark. She falls for the new girl who moved into the neighborhood and her best friend who also loves her but can not seem to decide whether or not she wants to be in a relationship.

Writing a story about a lesbian girl who has been in a relationship for a long time with someone she loves but the spark and butterflies are gone. She also falls in love with the new girl across the street. It is all about her deciding what to do and who she wants to be with. She loves them all.

The theme of the story is that acceptance is a powerful thing. Please, and thank you! As another commenter mentioned earlier, titles can always be changed by the publisher. The advice in this article is sound. Try to find a supportive group that will be honest with you about your material. You will grow from the experience and your writing will show it. I need help so bad right now. Any ideas??? Hey, just to be unique I too need help creating a tile for my story. Only 6 months later the male protagonist develops a cancerous brain tumor. He chooses not to have the surgery.

His health declines and the ending is he leaves to go have the surgery disappearing in the night because he would rather dietrying to live than die forgetting who he is. The writing perspective alternates between the two male and female protagonist. Any help at all would be appreciated, Thanx. For Ember -Stuck in Hollow -Trapped in normal -Saving Astrid -Dance for me -Follow the rules thtese arent very good titles but maybe they spark an idea in your head.

Whilst investigating the death of a local nurse, Ocean Parkes uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed old piano circulating throughout Atlanta. The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed they look ghostly. A marked person feels like a iceberg to the touch. Ocean gets hold of the piano, refusing to believe the superstition.

A collage of images flood her mind when she touches it: an old newspaper headline about an unfortunate accident, bloody body parts scattered around a crime scene, a crumpled old man grieving his life away. When Ocean notices her arms take on the icy properties, she realizes that the curse of the old piano is true and calls in her friend, a lawyer named Mathias Cameron, to help. Mathias examines the piano and willingly submits himself to the curse. By doing so he adds himself to the queue for a supernatural death.

Mathias and Ocean pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the crumpled old man, a cure, and a deadly kiss. The question still remains. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up? I would LOVE to hear your opinions as they would be of great help to me. Yes there is a little romance in this story, but it is not the main focus.

Basically there is a dancer named Astrid Avelyset. She has been forbidden of many things by her mother, some of which include individuality, friends, boys, and most importantly dancing. She runs into a band of thieves who capture her and bring her to the Hollow Desert which is an arctic tundra thought to be basically devoid of all life where their army of men is. She is forced to perform for them and please their every whim. However, she has one sympathizer that no one knows about. He goes by the name of Eliah Lukkas. Any title ideas?

Hey, Bellatrix! BirdSetFree That is so sad! My story starts out with one of the two main characters, Avalon, dying in the woods alone. The other main character, Emery, finds her unconscious and brings her back to his campsite. He falls asleep while sitting next to her that night and is startled to find that he has entered her dream. She is all scared because she is trapped in the nightmares in her head, so seeing Emery freaked her out even more especially because he would always die i her dreams right before he woke up, leaving her alone in her head.

Eventually they start getting along and form a friendship while overcoming her nightmares. When they finally overcome them all they both wake up in the real world only to find Avalon on her last dying moments. Right as she takes her last breath he kisses her and she is gone. Thanks and Happy Easter! The genre is poetry with essays and short stories of my personal life. Can someone think of a good title? This is a bit of a deviation from literature, but I could use some help on names as well. My story is a graphic novel, and it takes place on a giant space station, made to break down planets, asteroids, etc.

They are considered higher beings of sorts by the Nymphs. The characters themselves are a Nymph named Tachi, a halfbreed of the two named Haiku, and one of the higher beings, whose named Mochi.

The Meaning of Manna

He finds Haiku and Mochi along the way to find a new home, and they all travel together, trying to find a place of their own. I am writing a book about a woman named Ella who dies after saving her daughter from a house fire. Ella is unable to let her daughter, Isobel, go so she cannot move onto the Afterlife.

This is a project for class due in April but it has to be a full ish novel. I really have no ideas, so if anybody could help me that would mean a lot. Can you suggest some names for my book? To a small town in northern Florida. Also her cat runs away and she ends up having to run away from home for a while and ends up findig her cat on her quest. So there is a curse on the town and a curse on her family.

The curse on the town is if someone from the rival family comes there, their whole family will be destroyed. And Rachel was adopted and moved to that town so she finds out about the curse and has to save her family which were stranded on an island in an airplane crash a few years ago but they are still living. So she has to find this locket becuase waaaaay back when someone in her family fell in love with someone from the rival family and she has their locket but needs the other one he break the curse.

She reverses the curse and gives her magic powers becuase the rival family had magic powers. The end So I have no idea what I should do for a title. Any suggestions? Good Luck! He and everyone else hate her guts for no good reason that she can think of so she goes digging through her past to try to find comfort and reassurance and most of all peace with life. She writes every day to find peace so that maybe one day she will be known and she will be appreciated.

The boy finds out about her digging and she later comes to realize that everything horrible he said and did to her was try to stop her from digging. She knows she will never be able to change the past but maybe one day something good will finally come out of all of this…. I love reading all of the responses and see how creative people are. Secondly titles. Does anyone have some good ideas? Because of this many states fell to mobs and America became a country made of factions.

The focus is less on him than on two other characters named Mitra and Zoe. Zoe was a daughter of a traitorous father but continued his line of work in the mob, and Mitra was an upstart who quickly gained the respect of her peers. Any opinions or comments? I appreciate any and all help!

My story is a fantasy story about a village girl named Cassa who is engaged to the prince Emory. She finds out she has the power of fire by accident on her wedding day in front of everyone in the kingdom. She flees into the wilderness where she discovers a group of people like her with a variety of powers. They help her learn to control her powers but later find out who she is, and they leave her alone and unable to fend for herself. She is about to give up when her cousin from the kingdom finds her and helps her. Prince Emory and his family have the power of mind control and made almost everyone forget who that they were actually just village people.

I am stumped on title names. The first one is about a teenage girl named Colleen, who catches cancer. She has very little hope that she will survive.