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Fuel and Exh. Steering Sys.

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US Army Mechanic-Princip. Standard military vehicle characteristic part 1.

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Standard military vehicle characteristic part 2. Standard military vehicle characteristic part 3. Standard military vehicle characteristic part 4. Standard military vehicle characteristic part 5. US Military Manual Collection 11, 11K TC Infantry Live Fire Training - - texts eye 11, favorite 2 comment 0 Topics: fire, training, platoon, maneuver, unit, squad, enemy, ammunition, weapon, target, fire team, US Military Manual Collection 10, 10K FM Basic Cold Weather Survival Manual - - texts eye 10, favorite 10 comment 1 favorite favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topics: snow, ski, skis, cold, clothing, terrain, body, poles, cold weather, ski poles, body weight, deep Department of the Army texts eye 10, favorite 2 comment 0 FM Drill and Ceremonies "This manual is designed as a basis for teaching uniform methods of drill and ceremonial instruction throughout the Army.

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  8. It includes teaching techniques, manuals of arms for infantry weapons, unit drill, ceremonial drill, inspection procedures, and various other aspects of basic drill instruction," Digitized by the Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library, US Army Combined Arms Center. US Military Manual Collection 9, US Military Manual Collection 9, 9. Marine Corps - - texts eye 9, favorite 4 comment 0 Topics: sniper, fmfm, enemy, rifle, firing, figure, target, snipers, targets, terrain, range estimation, Safety 1 2.

    Fundamental concepts of electricity 11 3. Batteries 34 4. Series d-c circuits 57 5. Parallel d-c circuits 85 6. Network analysis of d-c circuits 7.

    21st Century U S Military Manuals U S Marine Corps Marine Troop Leader's Guide Field Manual FMFR

    Electrical conductors and wiring techniques 8. Electromagnetism and magnetic circuits 9. Introduction to alternating-current electricity Inductance Capacitance Inductive and capacltive reactance. Fundamental alternating- current Army, Marine This publication discusses the individual skills required for effective rifle marksmanship and standardizes the techniques and procedures used throughout the Marine US Military Manual Collection 8, 8. Because medical personnel will not always be readily available, the nonmedical service members must rely heavily on their own skills and knowledge of life-sustaining methods to survive on the integrated battlefield.

    This publication outlines both self-aid and aid to other service members buddy aid.

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    More importantly, it emphasizes prompt and effective action in sustaining life Topics: First Aid, United States. Army, United States. US Military Manual Collection 7, 7. Department of the Army texts eye 7, favorite 3 comment 0 TM Welding Theory and Application "This technical manual is published for use of personnel concerned with welding and other metal joining operations in the manufacture and maintenance of materiel. It contains information as outlined below US Military Manual Collection 6, 7. US Military Manual Collection 6, 6.

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    General , 3 II. Description and data , 4 Chapter 2. Service upon receipt of materiel 12 Appendix A. Controls and instruments , Department of the Army texts eye 6, favorite 5 comment 0 FM Rifle Marksmanship "This manual provides training guidance in developing and maintaining the rifle marksmanship proficiency of the individual soldier and is applicable to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare.

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    US Military Manual Collection 5, 5. The series starts with the basic electrical fundamentals and extends to the most recent technical concepts, as applied to telegraphy, telephony, radio, loran, facsimile, radio direction finding, radar, meteorological radio, television, and other S Navy Seals - - texts eye 5, favorite 4 comment 0 Topics: sniper, target, enemy, patrol, terrain, snipers, targets, range, student, observation, distance As of 27 July , some field manuals were in use.

    They contain detailed information and how-tos for procedures important to soldiers serving in the field. They are usually available to the public at low cost or free electronically. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Media Type Media Type. FM Topics: firing, target, soldier, rifle, weapon, marksmanship, sight, training, fire, targets, shot groups, Topics: sniper, target, snipers, team, enemy, range, rifle, firing, weapon, meters, sniper rifle, firing Topics: map, grid, terrain, contour, meters, navigation, distance, azimuth, maps, figure, terrain features, Topics: firing, blasting, cap, explosive, wire, attach, device, boobytraps, nonelectric, assemble, Topics: sniper, target, enemy, patrol, terrain, snipers, targets, range, student, observation, range Topics: firing, enemy, fire, meters, fuze, remove, position, wire, mine, camouflage, pressure plate, Topics: sniper, target, snipers, team, firing, bullet, enemy, rifle, weapon, sight, front sight, authorized Topics: patient, acute, severe, pain, respiratory, symptoms, infection, differential, fever, skin, nervous Topics: sniper, team, target, enemy, rifle, antenna, firing, weapon, meters, range, firing position, Topics: mob, gun, gas, weapon, police, type, hand, combat, firing, knife, mob members, gas grenades, tear Topics: assembly, receiver, bolt, pin, rifle, barrel, force, army, spring, air, front sight, barrel Topics: cartridge, projectile, fuze, limit, weight, propelling, primer, charge, assembly, shipping, Topics: physical, fitness, muscle, seal, strength, navy, exercise, training, table, stretch, lead partner, Topics: device, explosive, lubricating, evaluated, mixture, organic, engine, test, item, material, full Topics: training, tasks, bct, metl, battalion, conduct, commanders, platoon, commander, leader, metl