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Saladin aims to use film as a means to educate urban youth about conflict and resolution.

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As a father he believes it is incumbent that his films incorporate lessons on authentic and balanced lifestyles across class, race, religion, and gender. Are you living under a rock?? Middy Murdock is an artist of many things Graphic designer, writer , producer, illustrator, Mcee.. Biography A young entrepreneur from Newark NJ, a artist who breathes throo art in every form..

Now a well know Graphic designer and clothing designer, screen play writer, film writer, community activist and mentor, outreach worker.. He is the father of 9 children one of whom passed in and has 11 grandchildren. To say that he is a product of his environment is an understatement. He is the result of his environment having grown up in between the black side of Moultrie and the projects of Tallahassee. Jerald started to read at the early age of three and it is that reading along with the influences of various Muslims, Rasta's and "militants" that shaped and molded him Into the writer he is today.

In the eighties he was a medics in the army and after his tour of duty he returned to Tallahassee where he was asked to be a community columnist for the local newspaper. He also pursued his love of cooking which he turned into a carrer. He returned to Tallahassee and was the co-host as well as commentator for the popular radio show "Sunday flava with Robert Blake on He has hosted numerous poetry shows and has been involved in some community activism as well.

In he joined MySpace where after two years he became a prominent figure in the writing community and for two years straight he had two of the top 10 blog's on MySpace out of over two million blog's. Today Jerald can be found antagonizing readers on Facebook or his children and grandchildren at home.

Jerald's greatest ambition is to be published. Pursuing music when his peers were not became a big challenge for Jamillions. It forced him to go outside of his comfort zone and find the other musicians and producers to help him along his career. Two of Jamillions songs have received spins on Tonight is all about putting sexy back in Valentine's Day So bring a friend and lets get this auditory orgy started. Call in The mic is going to be blazin so make sure you dial in and lets get this auditory orgy started!! The one and only Prentice Powell. Prentice Powell Bio: With humility uncommon to those of like talent, he humbly approaches every stage from Amsterdam to South Africa knowing that he has a gift, yet boasts of it only in his confident demeanor.

As an educator, a family man and much more than a writer, he is an accomplished spoken word artist and one fifth of the phenomenal spoken word collective, Fiveology. His modesty regarding his spoken and written talents is notable, considering that both adequately communicate the depth of his consciousness in rhyme for those willing to learn from it.

As a distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, he embodies the mentality of scholarship, fellowship, good character, and the desire to uplift humanity. Tonight we are going to be misbehaving with the one and only LeeLee Ain't Misbehavin!! So join us on the comfy couch as we get up close and personal with the author of The Untamed Pen.

We have the distance pleasure of getting up close and personal with the amazing, beautiful, realest Queen Poet Meme!! So if you can't see her perform in Georgia, be sure to join us. Believe, this is a show you won't want to miss. Live at 8pm EST. This will be our last show until after the New Year so bring your best piece for a night of straight open mic!! All genres, all night We couldn't stay away Impromptu Open Mic. Tuesday, Nov. Come celebrate her first time on the airwaves And guess what?

It's HER Birthday!! Come celebrate with us and share your poetic love!! We will be getting up close and personal as we talk about life, love and his new book "The Real One". Bring a friend and lets get this poetic orgy in motion!! Bring your best love poems to the mic and be a part of this epic event!!

Bring a friend and lets get this love orgy in motion!! Unlike any you've ever read before. A non profit foundation for sick children and the elderly in children's hospitals and nursing homes. The LP Collection: Lessons and Praise will prompt readers to search themselves and perhaps write their own poems. Early in his life, C.

May – Spilt Budda

Riles had a love for poetry. Without understanding what was happening, he would write performance poetry telling of what was going on in society, hoping to reach the minds of those listening to make a change. His love for communication and empowering others has been a focal point in his drive to help others make a difference not only in themselves, but their surroundings. After many years writing and performing on various blog shows, C.

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  4. Chocolate Cherries and Caramel Tears: Poems and Short Stories of Dark Love and Pain!
  6. Riles finally stepped out of his shell, and gave the world the first of his collections, "The Midnight Hybrid". Now working on a full-length novel, C. Riles continues to write poetry, and hopes that the words expressed by he and his fellow poet friends can make an impact in the world, and leave a lasting legacy that the future can look back on, and pay homage to. She began a love triangle so to speak with music and poetry when she was at the ripe and tender age of 4.

    For You My Love

    She even tried out on a scholarship for UALR but was passed up. Chula never one to give up or out began to refocus her time and energy and became apart of RNP a local gospel group from Jacksonville, Ar. She began experimenting with different forms of creative writing, a few short stories here and there until she stumbled upon writtenimages.

    Chula was hooked and the connection from that sisterhood flourished into Methodical Rage which is comprised of her and Tammy Jones out of Dirty Jersey. The two have been a combination of firepower ever since then. She has traveled all over the nation with Rhythm N Praise Ministries and appeared on the acclaimed Bobby Jones Gospel with the same group. She loves to play her guitar outside by the river in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.

    She digs live music and sushi bars. She often frequents the open mic spots just to soak up the energy and vibes. She is an Aries and loves to rock out no matter the atmosphere. Her dedication to her people, her purpose and her God are what set her poetry apart from others although she seeks no fame only unity and strength from what she has to give. So without further adieu I welcome you to the world of Chula B. Their music is eclectic and lively, combining the art of vivid storytelling with incredible beats and slick sixteens to keep listeners fixated on every verse.

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    Renowned for their high-energy, interactive live shows, URL has packed countless southeastern venues. As anyone who has ever experienced an UpRite Lions show will attest, "Walking UpRite" is about more than just the music its about going beyond mere trend. Its about creating a lifestyle, complete with its own language, its own feel and its own identity. The URL sound and charisma have undeniable pull - and absolutely everyone wants in! Last nights Impromptu was awesome!!! G The Jugganaut is here today rocking out with us and giving us an exclusive sneak peak into his newest CD Rhythmic American Poetry Available April Juggernaut: a term used to describe a literal or metaphorical force regarded as unstoppable.

    What is Imagery Poetry?

    John J. The Jugganaut Gibson has in a short time lived up to his nickname. Born July 15, , he has been moving forward an unstoppable force since the day he entered this world. He went on to get his BA in Interpersonal Communications []. After a post college NFL career didn't materialize Gibson, a life long writer, fell in love with poetry after a poetic epiphany randomly hit him in the middle of the night.

    Heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture, Gibson guarantees to take your mind and heart on a metaphorical ride into the world of spoken word that covering matters such as civil rights to everyday experiences to family to romantic escapades. Showing great attention to detail, his work often packs as much information as a research journal but goes over as easy as your favorite song. His stage presence is as strong as his nickname given to him by friends. The Jugganaut is an extension of who J. Day 6 of 30 Days Of Open Mic! Lionheart The Rebel "known affectionately as Lion" born in Houston Texas began writing in the late 90's never taking it seriously using the pen and pad only to vent up until some of his teachers recognized he had real talent yet shaken by the darkness of it.

    Lion admits that the poet that convinced him to start writing was Edgar Allan Poe hint where his "dark" style originates. Lion also has so much love and respect for all the poets and poetry supporters he met along the way from BP poets to Artist Lounge to Poets Unplugged to all the online radio shows. They pushed him to hone his skills in a way he could never do on his own.

    Lion also has a unyielding passion for service from feeding and clothing the less fortunate to working with at risk youth to visiting with the elderly and everything in between. Lion will always be the first to tell you " everyone may believe it is impossible to save everyone but it is not impossible to try" Fighting for the voiceless is something that Lion has dedicated his life and his art to. When Lion writes, he transforms into a bold and defiant warrior with an outspoken, charismatic and passionate roar, with words just as big and powerful following closely behind.

    Lion is a true poet that embodies the meaning of raw talent; using his self as a catalyst to express a variety of emotional truths, makes every piece he writes relatable to the human soul.

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    His poetry speaks anything less than real, with no sugar-coated fairytale cliches because he draws from his own emotional experiences from deep within and uses them as the drawing board for his art. A veteran for his age, Lion brings you into his soul, with every piece that he creates and allows his audience to feel every emotion as they capture the true essence and being that is Lion. Experience truth in it's rawest form. Experience LionHeart the Rebel. Experience the ROAR.

    WKPJB Momz said I slid right on out! Iced tea! Broadway tunes! What a blissful life you lead. But not a pina colada…urgh. Writer, editor, firm believer in socks, gin, laughter, buttered toast, cheesecake, and semicolons. Currently back in Canberra after two years living in Canada; heart tingling to see what happens next. Website by Lion Face Studio. Wayfaring Chocolate. And here I am, ending this post with talk of memories, just like I started it. Burnt Butter Caramel Perfume sounds heavenly. You should market that. Hannah August 7, at am Permalink.

    Me too. I need a steady supply of its candy-coated chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Hotly Spiced August 6, at pm Permalink. Kari bite-sized thoughts August 7, at am Permalink. Heidi xo. Hannah August 8, at am Permalink. I love you. And summer.

    POEMS AND SHORT STORIES by Edgar Allan Poe - FULL AudioBook -

    Ha, quirky! The flamingo and the crab appear to be performing some strange exotic ritual…. Daisy Nevertoosweet August 8, at am Permalink. Hannah August 8, at pm Permalink. So wonderful to not have been eating suntan lotion tasting chocolate! About Hannah. Oh My. And Barbies of Upsettingness. Exclamation Mark.

    That was a lie. There's Something You Should Know El Rey Apamate It Wasn't Pretty. And Birds. Chocolate Caramel Slice. And Friends.