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The Dead Cliffs can be played in both the Competitive and Quick play playlists. The Fortress is located in the European Dead Zone and feature cave systems and broken buildings as the main fighting locations. This map will be mostly close quarter engagements in the cave systems and medium range fights near the outskirts of the cave system. The Fortress can be played in both the Competitive and Quick play playlists. Legion's Gulch is located in the European Dead Zone so you can expect a lot of broken-down buildings to fight in. There is a large bridge in the middle of the map that connects the two-halves of Legion's Gulch.

Although most of the fighting will take place in the buildings of Legion's Gulch, there is a man-cannon system that can shoot you quickly from one half of the map to the other. This map can only be found in the Quick Play playlist. It is a circular map that has many Vex-styled rocks to take cover behind. Most of the engagements on this map will be close to medium range. Vostok is a throwback to the Iron temple from the original Destiny title. It is easily distinguished from the snowy sniper towers and central tunnel system.

Control sucks because ALL DESTINY'S MAPS SUCK. > Destiny 2 | Forums |

This map can be played in both the Competitive and Quick Play playlists. Emperor's Respite takes place on the Leviathan and can be played in both the Competitive and Quick Play playlists. It is a long symmetrical map that is connected by a bridge. This map also takes place on Destiny 2's first raid: The Leviathan. On August 28th, Bungie will be deploying yet another redesign to the destination director or director for shorthand , to accommodate new destinations coming in Forsaken.

As a designer, the long-standing tradition of director redesigns is one of the features I most anticipate with any new major content update.

Appreciating Destiny’s Destination Director

It also tags each activity and destination with alerts and the number of friends that are currently there. You can argue the director is the single most important interface in the entire game. Mainly because it is responsible for guiding the player to their next activity.

Destiny Full Map Reveal

In Forsaken there will be more to do in Destiny than ever before. At the time, Destiny presented a very unique cursor-based interface, not commonly seen on consoles. It dared to choose the path of simplicity and cleanliness, hiding vital information in tool tips that pop up when you hover over an element. This allows you to get a very clear picture of your loadout and inventories.

The cursor also allows you to move directly to what you need without having to click several times in different directions. The UI has always been one of my favorite and most revered parts of Destiny. The first director was magnificent to behold. I had never seen anything like it.

How to get Destiny 2 Truth

Seeing the planets of our solar system arranged in that way helped sell the fantasy of being a guardian. It gave you the sense of freedom that I had craved to see in a sci-fi game. Perhaps that is one of the things that kept me playing it for so long. That and Gjallarhorn of course. Fast forward to Destiny 2. With 4 completely new destinations, Bungie hit the reset button on the director layout. They also replaced the quick access bar with a brand new milestones tab; a feature implemented to track your major points of progress.

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This way you could determine what to do next in the same interface that would get you there.