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Temporal distance and person memory: thinking about the future changes memory for the past.

Instruction based memory distance analysis and its application to optimization Abstract: Feedback-directed optimization has become an increasingly important tool in designing and building optimizing compilers as it provides a means to analyze complex program behavior that is not possible using traditional static analysis. Feedback-directed optimization offers the compiler opportunities to analyze and optimize the memory behavior of programs even when traditional array-based analysis is not applicable.

As a result, both floating point and integer programs can benefit from memory hierarchy optimization. In this paper, we examine the notion of memory distance as it is applied to the instruction space of a program and to feedback-directed optimization. Memory distance is defined as a dynamic quantifiable distance in terms of memory references between two accesses to the same memory location.

We use memory distance to predict the miss rates of instructions in a program.

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That single haunting fact is one of the keys to the nature and memory of this northern place. This kind of scrupulous noticing runs through the collection; and it unites how Davidson writes about the natural world with how he examines cultural artefacts.

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Davidson describes nature in terms of culture and vice versa. One of the most interesting pieces is a discussion of spar boxes, a form of art naif or arte povera from the Pennines in which cabinets are turned into weird grottoes with local minerals: fluorspar, quartz, galena, hematite, specularite. Gone, the same way most days of our childhoods are gone—we know that they happened, but they are now out of reach.

Always I have prided myself on my memory and its ability to catalogue everything.

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It was important to remember, because looking back was how I derived pleasure. As my mother loses the ability to remember, I find myself playing with my own memory: Rather than considering it simply a recording tool to store and retrieve data from the computer of my mind, now I will myself to erase or to amplify. Instead of merely saving moments to revisit and observe later, I try to force something, and that something is experience itself. In the first trial, volunteers held their hand under for sixty seconds.

In the second trial, they had their hand under for ninety seconds, but for the last thirty seconds, the icy water was warmed by a single degree. Then it was time to choose which trial they wanted to repeat.


The first trial should be preferable, because your hand is in pain for thirty fewer seconds. The remembering self compresses, highlights the peaks and valleys. The remembering self disproportionately cares about how an experience ended, and it tells you that at least the second trial provided a small measure of relief.

Lucette Bourdin & Phillip Wilkerson - Part Memory, Part Distance

And so 70 percent of participants chose to repeat the second trial, choosing to put their hand in pain for longer because things got a little bit better at the end. Some even reported that the second trial had been shorter. The remembering self is the keeper of what we carry with us. The remembering self presents the rejuvenating vacation, conveniently hiding that we were sunburned and annoyed most of the time.

Remembering in space and time | Nature Reviews Neuroscience

It tells me that college was four years of pure golden light. Our brains are always dulling and filtering and it is not the moment of actual experience that matters for the rest of our lives, but our interpretation. The person who experiences is not the same person who remembers.