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Three things you need to create an irresistible offer:. The only way we have to decide how much something is worth is to compare it to something else. So you can increase the value of a product simply by being smart about what you compare it to. This is where to address number 3 head on. The best ways to remove the risk are Free trials or money back guarantees.

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But you might some other creative way to make sure that your customer feels like there is no way they can lose. Not sure where to start? We would like to give you this fill-in-the-blanks cheat sheet that will help you write your first ad in the next 30 minutes. Download the free report and get your advertising turning a healthy profit. Alistair has managed and built small businesses in a varied industries from agriculture to the web. Years in sales lead to his obsession with marketing. In his spare time he enjoys time with his family, sails and reads marketing books.

Ask any ad salesman. But ask them to show you cold hard numbers, or help you test your results from your ads… Forget about it!

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The good news, you can fix it. List 2 to 6 general products or services offered. Address and Phone Number at the bottom of the ad but giving no reason to use them. But it will be ignored by most potential customers.

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The biggest problem is they are training your best customers to expect a discount on your products or services. They are cheapening your position in the market and slashing your bottom line. Because a world class copywriter can make a campaign, and literally millions of dollars. How hiding your ad can get it read by up to 5 times more people Huh? You read the newspaper for, wait for it… News! How do we use this in an ad? Make your ad all about them What does your ideal customer want and why do they want it?

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Get attention from the right people The first job of your ad is to get attention. Lets say you sell snowboards… Would you rather talk to random people on the street about your snowboards, or snowboarders? How do you get this attention? According to research group Nielsen, 99 percent of all households in the United States have at least one television at home.

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A direct-response television commercial is a common way to sell products on TV. Selling your product on TV requires a lot of legwork and effort, including a substantial budget. You must have your creative in place prior to buying spots, and you must decide which television channels and TV shows best suit your core demographic.

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If you have the budget for TV commercial advertising, you should consider hiring a media company specializing in direct-response television, because the process can be difficult to undergo on your own. Selling products on the radio can be effective as long as you have a strong call to action and good creative. Because 67 percent of listeners are away from home when using the radio, according to research group Arbitron, you will need to create ads that can last long after the commercial is over.

Similar to television, radio ads require some legwork before they can be launched, but the process is generally shorter than television. Create a strong call to action by discussing your product and the solution it presents, followed by the website or phone number.

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