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1. Kalaripayattu

Work on yourself, not seeking victory, revenge, wealth or honor. Instead, see the path — the endless pursuit of self-perfection — as the goal, for this is Kalaripayattu. A practice that originated in Kerala, South India over six thousand years ago, Kalaripayattu kalari meaning training ground and payattu, combat is both a martial art and a way of life consisting of five interrelated parts — fighting, healing Ayurveda , yoga, astrology and spiritual practice, none of which can exist or develop in isolation of the others. Introduced by Lord Parashurama, an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu, Kalari, as the martial art is also known, combined the basic principles of psychology and physiology with the purpose of developing the whole person.

According to early scriptures, it spread beyond India in the 6th century AD when a wandering monk, Bodhidharma, introduced it to his Chinese brethren, laying the foundation for Asian martial arts. Buy New View Book.

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About it: This art consists of very strict rules that prohobit stepping out the circle, kicking and knee bending. It also involves catching of the belt worn around their waist by the wrestlers.

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  4. When people migrated from Burma to Lushai hills then this art form was regarded as a sport. Kuttu Varisai Source:www. Techniques: Grappling, strikinand locking techniques are used in this art. About it: This art was forst mentioned in Sangam literature in the first or second century B. It is an unarmed Dravidian martial art used to advance athleticism and footwork through yoga, gymanstics, breathing exercises etc. It also uses animal based sets including snake, eagle, tiger, elephant and monkey. Musti Yuddha Source: www.

    About it: It is an unarmed martial art form.

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    Since it is a popular art. It incorporates the development of all three aspects physical, mental and spiritual. The fights in this art are named on the Hindu God and divided into four categories. The first is known as Jambuvanti that refers to the forcing the opponent into submission through locking and holding.

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    Second is Hanumanti , which is for technical superiority. Third refers to Bhimaseni , which focusses on sheer strength and fourth is called Jarasandhi that concentrates on limb and joint breaking. Pari-Khanda Source: www. Therefore, both shield and sword are used in this art. It involves fighting using Sword and Shield.

    Its steps and techniques are used in Chhau dance of Bihar. Must Read. Gender Male Female.