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The region is still seen as affluent and, on the face of it, low unemployment is a huge positive. Many of the jobs available are part-time or simply insufficiently paid to adequately support individuals — and families in particular. At the same time, price rises for food, energy and transport have outstripped the value of many wages. Lazy assumptions about frivolous spending cannot be made as all too many of those who are struggling are doing so simply because of the high cost of those essentials.

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Perth and Kinross Council is working hard to attract new jobs to Perth and the wider Perth and Kinross area but the process is slow. The Perth bid document outlined high value areas that the council should look to attract investment in — such as the creative and digital sectors.

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It will be important that such plans and ambitions do not disappear with the failure of the bid to reach the competition shortlist. In rural areas, meanwhile, entrepreneurship is alive and kicking and a vibrant part of many communities but self-employment brings its own challenges and can also be low-paid. It is, in many ways, a precondition for the poorest countries to make progress in their fight against poverty. This is something which is now widely recognized, and credit is due to all those who have contributed to this change in direction.

Quinn crushed by weight of €4.16bn debt burden

We have to ask, however, why progress in resolving the debt problem is still so slow. Why so many hesitations? Why the difficulty in providing the funds needed even for the already agreed initiatives? It is the poor who pay the cost of indecision and delay.

Obama Looks to Reduce Student Loan Payments

I appeal to all those involved, especially the most powerful nations, not to let this opportunity of the Jubilee Year pass, without taking a decisive step towards definitively resolving the debt crisis. It is widely recognized that this can be done. I pray that this Jubilee Year , commemorating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, will indeed be a moment of promise and of hope, especially for our brothers and sisters who still suffer abject poverty in our affluent world.

Together we can do much, with God's help. May his blessings be upon you and your loved ones. L'Osservatore Romano is the newspaper of the Holy See.

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Baltimore, MD Subscriptions: Fax: lormail catholicreview. David Fink, a consultant for Partnership for Strong Communities, said this would give low income families the mobility to choose which communities work best for them. But this traditionally has sparked fierce political resistance and would require a coordinated education effort by the state and by nonprofit housing advocates to make change. Affordable housing is a key tool to reduce recidivism and help inmates find a stable life upon release from prison, said Rep.

Brandon McGee, D-Hartford. Investing in health care could — in some cases — cost more up front, but also has the potential to deliver major savings, said Patricia Baker, president and CEO of the nonprofit Connecticut Health Foundation.

Not Exactly a Miracle, but U.S. Debt Levels Are Falling - Floyd Norris - The New York Times

Direct out-of-pocket spending is the most regressive form of health-care financing, the journal Health Affairs concluded in when it published a study conducted by the Rand Corporation. The foundation supports holding the line against any further cuts to the HUSKY program, or to school-based clinics that expand health care access dramatically in low-income communities. Connecticut should also continue to support the State Innovation Model initiative, also known as SIM, which is exploring ways to design primary care to promote wellness, Baker said, adding that the state should invest in growing its stable of community health workers.

For example, Baker said, a community health worker could help the parents of a child with asthma learn new cleaning techniques to minimize asthma triggers. But if Connecticut already is at risk of significant tax hikes over the coming decade-and-a-half to cover its debt costs, how would it pay for new investments in services and infrastructure?

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According to the Economic Policy Institute, the top 1 percent of households nationally emerged from the last recession earning But Peter Gioia, economist for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, warned state officials must try to hold the line on taxes wherever possible. If the choice comes down to raising taxes or expanding transportation spending, the latter will have to wait, he said.

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Gioia and other business leaders also have pointed repeatedly to a series of studies released in and by the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century, a business coalition focused on achieving greater cost efficiency in state government. Gioia and others also have argued there may be too many community-based nonprofits competing for scarce state dollars.

State government might be able to cut costs, shift significant amounts of savings to cover rising pension costs, and still have some left over to bolster nonprofit providers — if the overall number of agencies were reduced, he said. Former hedge fund manager David Stemerman, a Greenwich Republican who sought the GOP gubernatorial nomination last year, said Connecticut should try to buy senior public-sector employees — as well as retirees — out of their pensions with lump-sum offers.

But has the money run out yet?

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Dannel P. Malloy took effect. And while state tax hikes frequently fail to raise as much additional funding as lawmakers were counting on when they approved them — an economic danger sign — Connecticut is not seeing less revenue either. It drew criticism, in part, for centering much of the blueprint on a state tax reorganization plan that would benefit the wealthy the most — and potentially shift burdens onto the middle class. The group recommended lowering state income tax rates across the board.

Given that surging pension and other debt costs largely are fixed by contract, critics said much of this cut would come from municipal aid, weakening the cities and driving up property taxes.


The president of the Connecticut Hedge Fund Association, Bruce McGuire, said the state should create new enterprise zones that offer tax discounts to hedge funds willing to relocate here. By offering the right incentives, particularly in shoreline cities like Stamford or New Haven, McGuire said, the state could build its hedge fund industry as part of a larger plan to revitalize urban centers. Last year the state provided high-skill job training — such as welding, drafting, sheet metal fabrication — for more than 2, individuals, primarily through its community college system.