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Correct Equation.

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A new type of puzzles in our matches series - equations. We begin with one of the most elegant among them. Smart math skills will be required.

Tricky Matchstick Equation

The Three Squares. A simple grid, made from several matches has to be changed into three squares, and only three moves are required. Can you find them? The Wine Glasses Puzzle. A part of a house is hidden behind two wine glasses.

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Only six match rearrangements are required to change wine glasses into a full house. From Five To Four. Leave just four squares instead of five making one of them disappear. Move exactly two matches to reach this.

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  7. Great puzzle gem! The Bat. Make the match bat flying away in another direction.


    What do you think, how many moves will you need to do this? Just three right moves The Hedgehog. It may be easy to make the hedgehog running in another direction with moving only two matches. But what about moving three or more matches? The Bird.

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    8. Help the bird to be looking in another direction. Just move two matches and a button to do this. The original shape shows the dog walking.

      The Puzzle:

      Think about how that shape will change after the dog gets hit by the car. Dogs walk on all four legs, but since this poor pooch isn't doing much walking anymore, the position of his legs must have changed. The dog is probably sprawled out on the pavement where it got hit. To show this, you'll need to move two of his legs, or two matches. Take the two legs in the middle and bring them above.

      Matches Puzzle 1

      Remove 3 matches and move 2 to form 3 squares - puzzle solution. Remove 1 match and move 4 to make 11 squares - puzzle solution. Make these 3 matches into 6, no breaking into pieces - puzzle solution. Move 4 matches to form 3 equilateral triangles - puzzle solution. Add 5 matches to these 6 matches and make 9 - puzzle solution. Easy Move 3 matchsticks and reform the glass in the same shape so the ice is outside it - puzzle solution.

      Match It!® ABCs Puzzle Game

      Harder Move 2 matchsticks and reform the glass in the same shape so the ice is outside it - puzzle solution. From these 7 matches, take 1 away and move 2 to leave nothing - puzzle solution. Use 6 matches to make 4 equilateral triangles no broken matches - puzzle solution. If you would like to learn more about creating a learning community please email sue learning-tree.

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