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And we ask friends who are professionally involved with language, education and passing on knowledge.

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Everyone joins in enthusiastically because the subject interests them and because they are enthusiastic about the infinite possibilities of modern mobile technology. We love detailed, handcrafted graphics. With brush, paint and water. With tints and music. Specially composed. Once we are happy with the result, the whole thing is made available for you and your children. From the very first day, wonderkind has concerned itself closely with developing high quality apps for children. Great importance is attached here to child-oriented implementation and presenting the app content in an appealing way.

We make apps for children. English for Kids. Over levels! New App. Tim Kiener. Peter Machat Art Director. Peter Machat. Alex Seeck Lead Unity Artist. Fun-filled series teaches social lessons to young mateys.

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Network: Disney Channel. Fun adventure with learning and storytelling along the way. Devices: iPad. Beautiful scenes, basic games on this word-free app. Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Peter Pan. This classic works best as a read-aloud. Quirky adventure is a puzzle-playing treasure. Platforms: Nintendo Wii. Explore all four movies' worlds, with unique LEGO humor. Peter and the Starcatchers. A swashbuckling high-seas adventure. By Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson. Treasure Island. The granddaddy of kids' adventures -- a classic. Like some other books on this list, Vaughn includes such historical pirates as Black Beard, with new characters like the female pirate Captain Cooper mixed in.

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Piracy is just theft under the wrong flag, after all. Yasmeen commandeered her airship from the father of Archimedes Fox. The younger Fox, an adventurer and treasure hunter, seeks her out because he wants to thank her for ridding the world of his horrible father. In a near-future New York, a man is building a Tower of Babel with android steelworkers, his ex-wife has decanted the spirit of Ayn Rand into a hurricane lamp to act as her assistant, and an eco-pirate plies the waters around Manhattan in a submarine designed by Howard Hughes. Pretty much everything about this novel is bananas.

The eco-piracy definitely fits in a fictional world that includes the ghost of the mother of libertarianism, nasty racially specific viruses, and a one-armed veteran of the Civil War. One of these ships is captained by the eponymous vampirate. The Vampirates novels are gleeful pulp homages, full of energy. Peter Pan , by J.

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Barrie I would be remiss not to include Peter Pan, one of the formative fantasy tales that includes pirates. In Neverland, his home, they become part of his company of Lost Boys, children discarded by the industrial machine. Beguiled by the taste, the crocodile still hunts him. Peter is not the most ethically pure character, what with his child-theft and hedonism, and Hook acts the foil: whatever his faults, Peter is still a child. Technically there are no pirates in this novel; Captain Hook and his mates have been replaced with Puritan settlers long trapped in this Avalon of sorts.

I include the Puritanical settlers as a foil to the concept of piracy. Part of the romanticism of piracy is based on how brutal and cruel the law can be, structured towards the aims of empire. The pirate confounds the law, and replaces self-interest with the interests of empire. A settler commandeering land with the full force of the law is something different than a water-bound robbery, though they may create each other.

A Wizard of Earthsea , by Ursula K.

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Le Guin Ged, who will later become one of the great magicians of Earthsea, was raised on the island of Gont, a rarely visited backwater.