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Reynolds, Aphrodisias and Rome, Londres, , nos. Der Text stammt fruhestens aus severischer Zeit dankenswerte Mitteilung von St. Voir ci-dessous. Mommsen, Le droit public romain trad. Marquardt, Organisation de l'Empire romain trad, fr. Prosopographische Untersuchungen zur senatorischen Elite im romischen Kaiserreich, Amsterdam, , pp.

Aiacius Modestus, dans REA, 73, , pp. Maximius L. Novae, 46 , ainsi que dans le Norique, au sein des provinces danubiennes. Alfbldy, Noriatm, Londres, , pp. The name Maximianus appears in the list of quaestors cited by Magie ,2 : : M.

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Iulius Maior Maximianus ; cf. PIR2 4. Scripta varia II, Paris, , pp.

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Demougin, Procuratores monetae, dans Rev. Numismatique, , pp. Sherwin- White, The Letters of Pliny. A Historical and Social Commentary2, Oxford, , pp. Sur ce personnage : Barbieri, Albo, p. Cette datation est retenue parThomasson, Laterculi, col. Archeologia e storia antica, 9, , pp.

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Drew-Bear, dans Anatolia Antiqua, 3, , pp. French et E. Nolle, Nundinas instituere et habere. Khanoussi et L. Maurin, Bordeaux, , pp. Drew-Bear, D. Mais contre cette lecture on a plus souvent suivi celle de W. Ainsi Barbieri, Albo, p.

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Sur le proconsulat de Q. Anicius Faustus, Barbieri, Albo, p. Pour la critique de Ramsay, voir la note suivante.

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Herrmann, Inschrifien aus Sardeis, dans Chiron, 23, , pp. Herrmann, TAM,V.

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Keil et A. Wien, phil. Fatti, Hierapolis. Scavi e Ricerche. I Fonti letterarie ed epigrqfiche, Rome, , p. Thomasson, Laterculi, col. The purpose of this article is not to examine the entire history either of the vicariate of Asiana, or of the proconsulate of Asia, but to clarify the varying relationship between these two authorities. Four sections follow the development over time: i. Proconsular province and vicariate: the delimitation of two equivalent authorities.

An inventory of inscriptions for vicars of Asia, from the mid 4th to the early 5th century. Comments on the status of the vicar of Asia, from the reign ofTheodosius II to its abolition under Justinian. Sections i and iv are based principally on legal and narrative sources, from the 4th and 6th centuries respectively.


Sections ii and iii, however, are based on epigraphic sources, from Phrygia and Lydia for the vicars, and from Ephesus for the proconsuls. As the proconsuls had also the direction of justice, of war, and of the revenues, these departments were administered by their lieutenants, or legati, who were usually nominated by the senate. The expense of their journeys to and from their provinces was defrayed by the public. Livy 8 and 26 mentions two other classes of proconsuls — those who, being consuls, had their office continued beyond the time appointed by law; and those who, being previously in a private station, were invested with this honor, either for the government of provinces or to command in war.

Some were created proconsuls by the senate without being appointed to any province, merely to command in the army, and to take charge of the military discipline; others were allowed to enter upon their proconsular office before being admitted to the consulship, but having that honor in reserve. Among the senatorial provinces in the first arrangement by Augustus were Cyprus, Achaia, and Asia within the Halys and Taurus Strabo, The first and last of these are alluded to in Ac ,12; Ac , as under the government of proconsuls.

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Achaia became an imperial province in the second year of Tiberius, A. Paul was brought, is rightly termed "proconsul" in Ac