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As his extemporaneous speech continues, Mr.

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Trump peppers the crowd with incomplete or inaccurate soliloquies about the cost of the American Embassy in Israel, an update on the border wall and repeated references to his election win. TRUMP brings up a favorite story about tapping his business world contacts to save money on the new embassy in Israel. An hour into the event, the president ends with a goodbye tailored to the crowd. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. Setting A prototypical rally location.

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  • It’s not a reality show. It’s real..

Act I Scene I. As he types, a graphic appears on a screen upstage. Supporters Line Up at JQH Arena Like the political version of the Deadheads who follow the Grateful Dead, a small cluster of fans travels from rally to rally, arriving late the night before to stake out a place in line.

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Jim Millenbruch in the parking lot before the rally. Glenn and Dawn Wilcoxson traveled from Florida to sell Trump merchandise.

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  3. At the candidate’s rallies, a new understanding of America emerges.!
  4. Supporters waited in line to enter the arena. But there's another possible explanation: Women pitch differently from men and that difference serves to sabotage them. But she doesn't want to be this unusual. She sets aside time every month for counseling other female entrepreneurs, and she's also asked the VCs she works with for their opinions as to why female entrepreneurs are less likely to get funded. Based on all those conversations, and her own observations, Perkins has come up with several things female founders may be doing wrong when they make pitches to VCs.

    Here's her list.

    “None of This Was Fair”: the Kavanaugh Nomination Marks the Triumph of Trumpism on Capitol Hill

    And, she says, "I hope this is an article that doesn't need to be written in 15 years. But this is one reason VCs have cited for not funding more female-led startups. It's a highly understandable problem. Planning for world domination is decidedly unladylike, and many of us have been taught not to brag, or make claims we're not sure we can back up. Then there's the issue of proportion: If you're asking for a million or two in seed funding or an even smaller sum from an angel investor , world domination may seem like an unrealistic goal. But look at it from the VC's viewpoint for a moment.

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    Most of the companies they fund will fail, and of those that survive, the only ones that will allow them to recoup their investment are those that either go public or are acquired by larger companies. Neither outcome is likely unless the founder is dreaming big dreams.

    Student reads powerful poem at Teachers Rally

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