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Well, he came home with me. These are just 3 examples of many. I have a 24 years old cat I rescued at 3 weeks old. She shows no signs of old age other than fading yellow color torti. I have friends and family that have never even seen her! My Dad always said she had Devil eyes…golden. I cannot bear the thought of not having her in my life. Over 7 states!

Happy together! Could she be my Familiar? I am 70 years old. I am truly grateful for this advance on familiars. I was always drawn to animals as a child, and I formed an unlikely friendship with a chicken named Sky. Originally I was going to get a brown hen, but having not formed a liking to any of the chickens in the shop I was ready to leave. Then I saw her. That girl caught my heart from the start. She was always there for me, in my most needed moments, and I was always there for her. When I needed courage, she gave me hers. When she fell ill, I nursed her. She laid her very first egg while I was holding her, and laid several more whilst in my grasp.

She died when a fox came into the garden. She died fighting the creature- it lost an eye to her that day. I never held her back. I lay her deep underground and told her to be free, to go to the sky and wait for me. I loved her like a sister, and I feel she felt the same around me. Since then I have never met her again. I believe she took my words to heart and now waits for me in the sky. I have met many, many animals over my lifetime, with each I have a extremely powerful bond, but none are quite as strong as Sky.

These stories really touched my heart. Today, a pagan friend of mine came over and met my cats. There are four in the house. Two kittens. My mother in laws old cat, and my cat. Ever, but today he did. As soon as my friend saw him, she called him a familiar. He was curious, even sniffed her hand, and watched her so intently. So I read some of these stories, and it made me realize how insane our story is. I had been asking my husband for years for a cat, but the answer was always no.

We had two dogs. Two kids. Too much to do. I had married into the dogs, and I wanted a cat of my own. I would ask, and he would say no, but one day, I just threw it out there, not expecting any different than usual, but he said sure. So I researched. A kitten so ugly that they were almost giving him away because people had bought out the other kittens and older cats first.

So, we took him home. Named him Byron after the poet and started a process I refer to a spoiling him pretty. Every night, slept next to me, and every day when I got home from work, he was waiting by withe door. He was always with me. As he got older and realized I would always be around, he got more independent, but he will always take my love. Even now. I have bipolar and chronic migraines. He always knows when I need him, and what to do to help.

The Complex: A Story about Cats, Ferrets, and Unlikely Friends! (The Complex, #1)

I too lost my familiar, meeko, due to a treat recall I did not hear about until too late. But, I can proudly say my familiar found me again very fast in a kitten brought to me as a rescue from an unsafe house about two months after my meeko passed. She is most certainly my meeko in another cat.

I lost my familiar many years ago. His name is Shadow. He is a black, long-hair with deep green eyes and he and I are still intimately connected. I am crying as I write this though he passed to the spirit world more then 10 years ago. I have cats now and I love them dearly. All of them are adopted as was Shadow, but my current friends do not connect with my soul like Shadow did. Thank you for sharing. That is how I felt with my cat. I cannot imagine getting another cat because she is irreplaceable. I am 47 and had other cats when I was younger.

I hope that you can find that connection again one day with a familiar. She was with me close to half my life and was a comfort through many of my best and worst times. My heart is broken. I miss her terribly. Sometimes I feel that I should have seen it coming and I have tremendous guilt over that. It happened so fast. I was in such shock and pain. I just thought she had gotten sick when I brought her to the emergency vet… I am still having a hard time and sleep is impossible at night. I miss her head pressed against my leg and her little paws on top curled around it.

She slept with me every night. I wish I could feel her again. I recently buried my familiar. He was by my side for 21 years and was my best friend. My love for him transcends time and space. My youngest child is 21, as was Dart my cat. I was blessed and given such a gift when that little scrawny cat was brought to my door by some neighborhood kids.

What a dance we shared. I love you little man, I think about you every day. My soul misses you. I rescued her from a shelter in May of She was my constant companion. I know this sounds crazy but there were times I felt we were connected. I always knew what she needed. I had her for the best 20 years and 2 months of my life!

I am angry at myself for not realizing how sick she was until it was too late. By the time we got to the emergency vet, they took her in back and said she was gone. I broke down. I wanted to be holding her. They left me in a room with her. I cried hysterically apologizing to her for not helping her sooner. It was so hard to leave her. They made me paw prints and gave me a little of her fur to keep.

I wasnt ready to let her go. I was looking online hoping I would find information about what happens to animal spirits. Would I feel her pressed against my leg at night anymore? She could no longer jump so I had to carry her up n down from the couch. She developed cataracts in one eye. I have fallen on hard times. I had to move into a tiny hallway in a not very nice persons home temporarily until I could get back on my feet. She never liked this person and never left our little space. This is a person who 5 years ago told me to start preparing to lose her!

She was always there for me and so in the last year I was still there for her and more so. When i did I was told she would always cry. Even when she was younger. It was always the 2 of us. We shared such an amazing bond! I never thought I would have that with an animal. I talk to her at night especially around 3am in case her spirit is here. I wish I knew. I wish I knew how to move on.

I am devastated and guilt ridden. I hope she knows how much I loved her. Then I found your article by chance. Thank you for sharing it. It gives me some comfort to think I may see her again one day. She was part of me and we had an unbreakable bond that at times seemed almost human like. I just pray she forgives me for not taking her sooner.

Maybe I could have saved her. Anyway, thank you for lettingme share my story and get out some of my grief. I take comfort in your words and hope that I do see her again one day. I know this sounds weird but there were times I felt we were connected and I always knew what she needed. I had her for the best 20 years and almost 2 months of my life! By the time we got to the emergency vet and they took her in back they said she was gone. They left me in a room with her and I cried hysterically apologizing to her for not helping her sooner. I was looking online hoping I would find information about what happens to animal spirits and would I feel her pressed against my leg at night anymore?

It was always the 2 of us and we shared such an amazing bond! Then I found your article by chance also. Maybe I need to grieve more, I had her for half of my life! I will miss her terribly and try to learn how to go on without her. I just hope she forgives me for not taking her sooner. I know how you feel…I met my familiar in a strange way…. It was nearing Chrismas I was around 12 back then, I remember wishing I had a guide and someone who I could rely on to make me feel better when I was down.

A day before Chrismas I remember my mom and brother walking up to the door. As soon as they opened the door there was a blurr of black. When I turned around there stood a black cat with amazing really yellow eyes I named him shadow. My parents let me keep him and we bonded immediately. He seemed to sense whenever something was wrong. I remember one day I was in my room and shadow hopped onto my bed and he did not want to leave so I let him stay.

Later on I started to feel nauseous and I got really sick and had to stay in bed for days. Shadow never left my side my parents had to force him off the bed so he could eat.

Unlikely Friendships : 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom by Jennifer S. Holland

A few days later I was finally able to stand shadow would look at me with almost cautious eyes. I know this sounds strange but I use to talk to shadow and I swear he understood because he would always look at me and not look away until I finished talking once again it may just be me. I spent a year of happiness with shadow but that happiness could never last when I found shadow dead he had blood so I new it was possibly the doing of a car. I felt devastated it felt like I lost one of my family members.

I remember I spent the whole week depressed. I hope one day our souls can be reunited. Thank you for this information. I have been curious about a kitten my husband brought home for me last month. I have another cat and a service dog. Despite my connection to the others particularly my service dog there is something different about the kitten. I was recently in the hospital and the night I got home my husband went to get me coffee from the same shop we go to at least twice a day. When he got there one of the employees was playing with the kitten.

She said the cat just showed up and there were no others around. He always responds with a firm no. But he said he felt like she was meant for me after he noticed we have the same unusual eye color and she has a peculiar spot on her neck which made him think of the rare birthmark on my arm. Plus she appeared randomly when i was sick and needed cheering up. But ge was right it does seem like she was meant for me.

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What a lovely piece of writing! I wanted to share a story with much less skill but direct relevance to your topic… The Finding of the Familiar. We paused on the bridge and noticed him, at once concerned and excited — he was clearly a black kitten. He basically bee-lined straight towards my wife.

She picked him up and they hugged, instantly in love. We continued our walk and he walked along side us, occasionally mewing to be picked up when he got tired. There was a real feeling of magic in the air that morning and other things happened to reinforce that feeling as we honorably attempted to seek out a potential owner seeking their lost cat near by. I,too, am a 58, a seeker on this wonderful journey which could have never happened 50 years ago.

My animal familiar was Shadow. He was my everything. Mornings were his,although he would lay in whatever room I was in. He would nap with me-right next to me. He wanted to be with me and I with him However, I have a question. Shadow would break my circle. Any ideas,? Which led me 2 this article finally! Everything that led to this article was getting so complicated I thought oh my gosh! But, your article made sense and really touched my soul and it really made me feel good about how I feel about my beloved animals. I also have a special feeling about nature too.

With that being said, thank you once again! The only difference in your path and organized religion is that once upon a time someone wrote down their ideas about how things work, a lot of people agreed with it, and then it was suddenly a religion with rules. All religion really is, in my opinion, is one person stumbling across a Truth that resonates with them, and walking that path.

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And if they tell people about it, then you might establish a religion. But they all spring from the same source — human beings exploring. Hi I have a year old chihuahua and for the past week our neighbors directly downstairs have been praying and I hear them casting out daemons. My puppy has been acting different. Lathargic somewhat scared. Do you have any feedback? Thank you. The dog could be picking up on the spirits they are using. Also, get your dog checked at the vets! Except that I have one for every direction, or element except metal. Whatever feels right to you IS right.

Totally agree. Love the St. Thankyou for sharing and can you add me to your list if there is one The shamanic animal guides seem a natural extension of their corporeal counterparts. Jungian psychology delves deeply into similar provinces of consciousness as those explored by shamans world wide. Opinion and perception do act as a bridge which connects us to discovery, though! Anyways, I was reading spells — and the one that stood out to me was congouring a cat familiar. I love cats, so had to type in what it was into Google. Ran into spooky things talking about demons until this article.

She is always by my side, day and night. Or any cat in that case, all cats are precious. When you shared about your kitty I thought of mine. My dear sister friend Shera is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She is a beautiful soul inside and out.

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She recently showed me her protection of me. Another cat growled at me and she came running and did her thing. I am protective of her too; and she knows that. I love when she looks into my eyes. She is a gift beyond measure. I love sharing and doing life with her. I recently had to say goodbye to one of my animals, a chihuahua who I always felt a different, stronger connection with. I always thought of him as my familiar. He was such a kind, gentle soul. Thirteen years ago I moved into my studio.

Around 10 years ago a female dove befriended me. She would sit upon my sill and coo. He daughter 2nd generation guardian dove came around about 8 years ago and would spend hours with Magik Kitty. They were dear friends. We lost heat in our building and I decided to close my window once heat was restored in case it happened again. Two afternoons prior Dovie came with a small one.

She stayed for a long time deeply peering into my eyes. Then she was gone. When the ice melted sadly Dovie had not made it. A proper burial was given her. Baby Dovie came and cried her song. Weeks went by and I fed her. I never feed the doves only water but it was the deep of winter and Baby was left in my care.

She never grew larger. I feed her sunflower seeds. She has a friend now.

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And Magik is also gone. Baby Dovie and Panther my rescued friend with paws spend hours together and I am blessed with the empathy of Baby Dovie as I am leaving my precious home and cry a lot. Baby cried and cried with me all day last week. I now keep as best I can my tears in check.

Baby deserves a happy life. She comes for breakfast each morning and dinner in the evening. Panther makes sure and Baby Dovie has her meal of organic sunflower seeds. I have a friend that will be her keeper when we go. My neighbor sharing the fire escape will be given a note of this story of love in hopes to protect her always. She is special she could not grow up and needs a watcher.

As her mother watched over me. Blessed be. Beautiful story…heartbreaking. The food put outside needs to be sardines, tuna or some other type of stinky food and it must be heated to create a fragrant and enticing aroma. Reheat every so often to keep the aroma fragrant. There a re exceptions to this rule, however, out of the hundreds of kitty reunion stories on our page, cat owners have reported their cat returning most often between 8pm-2am and am.

It would be helpful if a family member could sleep on the ground floor to listen for any scratches or meows during the night. Especially the folks with a garage door cracked open. A baby monitor is also a good way to keep an ear open. Not the sad or frantic voice calling their name and pleading with them to return while shaking a bag of treats. Just your normal voice like sitting outside chit-chatting or talking on the phone. I have been on the phone twice with people, suggested this and they stepped outside to continue our conversation unbeknownst to me.

Within a short time they start crying because their cat returns. Dad got Mom the fire pit she always wanted. They were sitting around it talking at 10pm when here comes their cat trotting home like no big deal to join the conversation. Another time…it was definitely a Divine Intervention story…but one of our FB friends found herself visiting in an apartment complex and she encountered a gal who was missing her cat. Our friend started communicating with me and passing along the tips.

The cat owner had walked around her apartment unit for 8 hours calling for her kitty. I suggested they just sit outside and shoot the breeze.