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Charles Mayer, jr. Miss Ida Black, of Anderson, is the truest ef Mrs. M Tully. C Smith, of Crawfordsville, is visiting her sitter. Berry Self, at No. Will Baker is visit in? Miss Bie Brad! John Carey, oa North Meridian street. James B. Black, has returned to hor home in Brooklyn. Geoige B. Walton has sold his residence on Christian avenue and bought a home on College ave nue. Griffin at their residence on Central avenue.

Miss Mary Bronson. Misses Ida Armstrong. Sadie and Mollis Nordvke. Miss Clara Leader, of Normal Park, Judie and Mrs. Charles I. Huston, at No. Lorn and daughter Vera left, Friday. Williams and Mr. Barnes wCl asht Mrs.

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Harcnr;ad to-day, with solos, at the I -rst Presbyterian Church. Misses Mollis sad Lou Zollar. Ferd wayir, on North 1'err. Swift, wife cf Edward S. Swift, of this city, died yesterday mortiag. Whea ia health the deceased was. Lewis O. Aiken, of the land department of the State Auditor's office, who has been ill for several days with typhoid fever, was reported very low jesieraay.

Miss Cora Bright Haldeman. Louis, who Is visitin ia Louisville, csme up to the Gledding-AtkinS wedding, and is visiting 2itu it. Tle C. Miss Etta M. Sadler, No. Is spending the holidays with his parents. Henry F.

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Thompson, of No. Otto E. Smith D. Woods, formerly of Richmond, Ind. Robertson will leave on Wednesday for St. Louis, to ieit relatives, and later will be joined by her husband and Mr. Henry Schurmaan, for a trip to California and Mexico. Frank Murphy, Mr. George Wood.

Ed Treat, Mr. Booth Tarkington, Mr. Brandt and other who have been home to spend the holidays, will return to college this wees:. Miss Gtnevisve Elliott. Miss ShirW Dailey and Mr. Harry Murphy went to Peru yesterday to attend a large party which was given there last nisrht bv Mr. Elbert Shirk and Mr. Milton Shirk. Ferd Smock, a well-known young man, of this eity, and for several years past a salesman with D. Miss Pauline Hammond, formerly of this city, but whose home has been in Boston for a nnmber of years, has recently taken a position in the Shawmut avenue iongregauonai aorea cnoir.

Arthur Galbraith. Louis, and died at 6 o'clock yesterday morning. His family was with him during his sickness, and brought his remains noxne to tms city last night. He leaves sun iving him a wife, two sons and two daughters, one of the latter being the wife of Myron D. The funeral will take place on Monday, and will be conducted by the Masonic fraternity, ot which he was a member. Wiekham, of Goshen, who has been the guest of her eousin.

Jenkins, on Xxorth Pennsylvania street, was joined here yesterday by her daughter Miss Madge Wiekham. O- Miss Wiekham is the noted violinist about whom there hat been so much in the papers recently. She has been studying the violin in Berlin for the past eight years under the famous master Joachim, and is pronouced by him the srreatest living violinist ot her age eighteen years. A few weeks ago she returned to this country and was given an elegant musicale by Mrs. Calvin 8. Briee, of New York.

Sinee then she has been visiting in her old home in Goshen, and last week gave a most successful entertainment, letter dav she went to Piaua. After that she will play in the larire cities of the East and West, and It is to be hoped that the people of her own State may have the privilege of hearing her in concert. In diana should be proud of the young artist who baa achieved snch distinction, and the rewards of the European tour should be repeated here. In the time she has been playing she has appeared in about concerts. Miss Wiekham will probably return here for a brief stay before beginning her New York en gagement.

Society Events. Miss Lucy Clemens, of Lafayetee, will spend the holidays with friends in the city. Miss Lillie Landers entertained a few friends very pleasantly at luncheon, yesterday. Miss Evelyn Austin will entertain her friends, on Wednesday evening, at her home, on Broadway. Miss Emma Brinkmire entertained a company at progressive euchre, Wednesday, in honor of Su Louis friends. Miss Nelly Whiteomb will entertain the Cotillion on next x ridsy evening at her home on N orth Pennsyl vania street. Gillett will celebrate their silver wedding e nniversary to-morrow evening ai their hon.

Major and Mrs.

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Clifton Comley will give a dancing party on Thursday evening for their daughter, Miss Comley, at the arsenal. The Independent Turnverien will give an entertain ment at Turner Hall on to-morrow evening, to which invitations have been issued. Cards are out for a masauerade nartr. Srtntt will ntrt! John Carr. A fcnrnpiKA mrtv w. MW, v. A Ut kit Mississippi street, ia honor of her twenty-second Mr. Pearson will give a rtrty tommrow eventnc. Invitations have been sent to friends here by Senator and Mrs. Voorhees for a reception, which they wiu give at tneir asmngcon nome, on r nday evening, in honor of Mr.

Charles Stewart Voorhees. Cne of the most delightful parties of the holiday season was given by Mis Helen McAlpine, Thursday evening, ia honor of her guest. Miss Laura Jones, of Dayton, O. Music, games and dancing filled the hours. John Miller, of College avenue, gave a delightful entertainment on Friday eveniog. Holland, of Chicago. About fifty friends were present and the evening was very pleasantly spent.

Miss Ella Shortridge entertained a number of friends, very pleasantly, at her home on College avenue, one evening last week. Ebeu Wolcott, of Wolcott, Ind. Bingham entertained a number of friends at luncheon, Friday, at 1 o'clock, and to soend the afternoon. The guests were Mrs. John Love, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Cady, Mrs. Yorhis, Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Abby Judson, and Miss Emily Upfold. Reuben Girard gave a delightful inform a! Thurday nlght. An "observation party" was had and prizes given, and after elegant refreshments eard playing was indulged in.

Frank Taibott gave a very pleasant euchre party, Wednesday evening, ia honor of her guests, Mrs. Cannon and daughter and Mrs. Wilson, of St. The favors were won bv Mrs. Cannon and Mr. The booby prizes, which were original, were won by Mrs. Laurance and Dr. Ferd Mayer entertained a few friends Tery pleasantly at dinner oa Thursday evening. Comn, Major and Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Lovett, Mr. Charles Msyer, and Mrs. Mayers tooth, er, Mrs. Lathrop, of Greensbur?. A party of friends surprised Mr. David Self last Thursday evening, the occasion being his birthday anniversary.

An enjoyable evening was spent. Curley, 8elf snd Messrs.

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  3. Il sosia (Italian Edition);
  4. One of the enjoyable events of the holiday season among the young people was the anneal gathering of Mrs. George Carter's Sandsy-school class at her home, No. After all had done fall justice to a bonnti-fully-spread table, a unique poetical tribute was read, each member of the class being mentioned. Otto Williams, at his home, four miles north of the city. Hunter, Walls. Among the many social gatherings of the past week one of the pleasantest was the surprise party given Miss Ella Hutchinson, of East Ohio street, on Friday evening.

    Among those present were the Misses Maggie and Daisy Wright. Miss Agnes Dunesn entertained the N Cooking club at 5 o'clock dinner, yesterday, together with a few invited guests. After the serving of a daintily prepared programme of refreshment the evening was Fnt in dancicg, for which a number of young gentlemen were invh ed. Among the latter were Messrs. Ed eguin, Walter Puterbsugh. Steel Bright, Will Taylor. Clint Hare, Lax Noble.

    Ed Wood. Prank Alien, Bash Browning. Maurice Butler, Samuel MU. Brandt, of New York, Ed Hallam and others. Hunter oSiciating. They were attended bv Mr. The ushers were John Lineberry. Otio Pen nick. George Stilts and Joe Foy. A ree. We must reduce stock. Cost has not been taken into consideration, as vLUriKo. They must go at some price. See prices on Fine Imported Suits. Fine Broadcloths from 65c to gi.

    Fine Sets, Napkins, Towels, Scarfs, etc. You can buy them very cheap. They will soon go at prices we have marked them. J JL ble street. Among the guests were Mr. Vail gave a delightful "sheet and pillowcase party," on Friday evening, at hr home, No. The gues. Field Morrow, Messrs. Miss Mary KerehevsJ gave a most enjoyable thimble party, on Thursday afternoon, at her home ox College avenue. Among those who accepted the hoe pitaiity of the hostess were Misses Bsrr, of St. Louis; McClure, of Carroltoc, Mo. Kate and Lee Layman and Mrs. After a most delightful lunch dancing was indulged in till 6 o'clock.

    Miss Emily Binghsm entertained a few friends very pleasantly on Thursday evening. Cards and conversation filled the hours of entertainment. Among those present were Mr. Bingham, Mr. Kern, Mr.

    Castle 5x16 "Hunt" "Where Is Alexis" & The Ransom Drop (HD/CC/L-L)

    James M. Win ters. Williams, Mr. Dagpett, Mr. Miss Landis, Miss Walliclc. Barnes, Dr. Vernon Griffith, Mr. Ned Taylor, Mr. Landis and others. The first of the assemblies for this sesson will be held to-morrow evening at the New-Denison Hotel, and it promises to be an unusually brilliant affair. The r atronesses are Me s dames Benj. Harrison, E. Martindale, II. YL Allen and A. The decorations are to be handsome, and all the appoint raents in keeping with the most refined taste.

    Dancing will-begin at 9 o'clock, and the first will be a grand promenade. One of the very pleasant evening receptions of the holiday season was given last night by Mrs. Sallie D. Vsjen, at her home on North Meridian street, in honor, of her guests, the Misses Hughes, of Louisville.

    Cut flowers snd evergreens in profusion deooroted the rarlorp, and Hart'a orchestra furnished music for the reception, and later for dancing. Vaien was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Downing and sister, Mrs. Fannie Morrison, Mrs. There were OTer one hundred young society people and quite a number of stranger. Among the latter were Miss Riley, of Uarrisburg, Pa. Louis; Miss Haldeman, of St. Louis; Mrs. Coffia, of New York; Mr. William Smith, of Louis, ville; Mr. Thomas Arnold, of Cincinnati, and others. Anderson Mr. Will Ethel, of Logmsport, are spending the holidays with relatives and friends here..

    Lay-Tie, superintendent of the public schools at EvaniTille, wis with his Anderson friends last week. Wilt P. Jones, of Portland, visited Dr. Jones and family the first of last week Mrs. Hamilton, of Huntington, is visiting ber mother. Mary Clark Forrev visited friends at Kokomo last week. Spsan has returned from s visit at Danville, HI.. Spencer, of Marion, are visiting Mrs. Joseph Eckhouse,of Indianapolis, risked relatives here the first of last week. Mat son, of Indianapolis, is visiting her parents. Faul Seidenberg, of Milwaukee, Wis. Ferry Heath, of Washington.

    Goss, of Frankfort, is visiting relatives here. Niebol are visiting in Hamilton, O Charles Coiefair, cf Eaton. Miss Jessie Lovett, of Indianapolis, is visiting her eousin. Miss Nellie Lovett George O'Hara is visiting at Chicago William Cronyn. Cronyc's parents, Dr. Will Cumback and Mrs. Cumback, of Greensbarg. Hurst, of Chicago, are visiting Mrs.

    Hurst's parents, Mr. Miss Minnie Hamman is home from Notre Dsme spending the holidays. Miss Lena Kuowhuid is visiting friends near Columbus Clenny and family, of Dayton, O. McClure and wife have returned from their bridal tour Dr. Burr, of Omaha. ISrzlL Mrs. Mary Ayer, of Fosey township, spent Christmas the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Will keep open hduse New Year's day: Ladies of the M. Misses Stewart and Lou Knicht. Female College; Misses Mertie Wilder. Waanie Jence and Emma Coffey, and Messrs. Harroun Jenne, David Sberfe7 and Chas. The every article. We have cut deep. We want money.

    It you want. Odd lots of Handkerchiefs, Mufflers and Ties will be closed regardless of cost. Some grand bargains in this department. We have left some very fine qualities. Some cheaper grades. We have made astonishingly low prices to close.

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    Vetl rV ftf Tni4lsin. Annie Mitchell Alex Miller, Isst week. Miss Annie Marshall ia visiting Louisville friends. CC Jordan and wife have cone to Washington city Bence and wife visited Louisville friends last week Misses Delia and Eunice Lynch entertained a number of their friends, Thursday evening. Miss Grace Foote has been visiting friends in Terre Haute Hiels and wife, of Jamestown, D.

    Miss Nannie Elston is at home during holiday vacation Miss Augusta Binford, of Paris, Miss Mary Edeworth, of Indianaoolis. Edge worth Miss Ora Kennedy is visiting at Columbus. Miss M. Krout was at home over Christmas Bonnell has been visiting at Clinton. Gott and wife have been visiting at Terre Haute Martin, of Greeneastle, has been visiting Rev. Joe Tsylor is visiting in Lafayette Elizabeth Cox, of Indianapolis, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jsmes Mahorney Craig, of Castleton, has been the guest of Mrs. Fred Brown.

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    Irwiu has been visiting Mrs. Gilbert Brown at Greeneastle Martin, of Monticello, is visiting her parents, Mr. Schleyer, of St. Louis, has been visiting J. Detrick Mrs. Smith, of Du Quoin, I1L. Miss Lillian Byrnes has returned to Lafayette Marion Wolfe is the guest of Mrs. Charles Jones, at Lafayette. Willson and daughter. Miss Anna, are visiting at Indianapolis At Klaus's suggestion, she kills Steve's amazing character by saying his name, Agathor, backwards.

    However this crushes Steve and destroys his standing among his friends. Realizing how much Agathor meant to Steve, Hayley finds out about an amulet that will resurrect Agathor located at Castle Roodpart, although she discovers slightly too late that the name means 'Trap Door' backwards. They succeed in killing the monster, Jaws-style, that guards the amulet, and they restore Agathor to life by shoving the amulet up his butt. Jeff decides that he would like to get back together with Hayley, but she has already found someone else while playing the game and Jeff angrily destroys his laptop in response.

    Steve is happy to have Agathor alive again and goes to join his friends to extract punishment for his rude treatment, but Barry just says Agathor's name backwards, killing Agathor once again. Steve angrily curses in response.