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This fashion became a trend in Italy. I have shared few tips to note before purchasing any jewelry and the below ones are just a continuation to that list. Knowing your style more important, everyone has their own style and purchasing something which suits will add glamor Do you love taking photographs of jewellery?

Perhaps you are a jeweller or an avid jewellery collector and want a few tips to make sure your pictures stand out. Unsplash 1. Busy backgrounds Another challenge associated with jewellery photography is too much creativity. You want your jewellery to stand out and not compete against busy and cluttered backgrounds.

Hello All, Sangeeta Boochra, a well-known name and brand in India today. Her designs embody grace and aim for perfection. Her designs inspire those who appreciate style, design and uncompromising quality. She follows the process of realization, interacting with traditional jewelry artisans and giving them the right direction, which in turn makes her designs traditional and modern yet, versatile.

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Hello All, I was thinking I am the only one who has zero organization for my earring collection. Most of my friends keep their jewelry section very clean. My hubby couldn't take it anymore and gifted me this earrings hanger. I now got a better They are based in Hong Kong. Form, Shape and Space of these earrings standout.

I was sent three geometric earrings for review. This post was supposed to be up on the blog long back but unfortunately I couldn't publish it before Health Issues. Fun and stylish is what describes onezeroegg. Competitions are organized these days for the Best Pandal or Best Idol. Most of these titles are given on the basis of how eco friendly the organization has been while celebrating this festival. The city is alive for these 10 days. Colorful pandals, bhajans and music everywhere, people coming home early from work to take part in the festivities, the dancing on the road during the visarjan or while getting the idol home, staying with your friends and family till late hours in the night are just a few things to name that people do.

The joys, the exhilaration, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the feeling of oneness, the celebration are just a few feelings that people experience over the festival. And once the visarjan is done, the city goes dull again. People have to go back to their regular routines, the only music is that of the car honking and colors are of the politician banners or cars.

The festival still brings together people of all age groups and religion. It promotes the age old culture of the country while adapting to the future. Depending on the organization, it is promoting eco friendly practices and helping the underprivileged. Chishti ne jis zamin me paigam-I-haq sunaya Nanak ne jis chaman me Wahdat ka git gaya Tatarion ne jisko apna watan banaya Jis ne hijazion se dasht-e-Arab chhuRaya, Mera watan wohi hai, mera watan wohi hai.

Yunanion ko jis ne hairan kar diya tha, Sare jahan ko jis ne ilm-o-hunar diya tha Mitti ko jiski haq ne zar ka asar diya tha TurkoN ka jisne daman heeron se bhar diya tha Mera watan wohi hai, mera watan wohi hai. Toote thay jo sitary, faris k aasmaaN se phir taab de ke ji ne,chamkaye kehakshaaN se Wahdat ki lay suni thee duniya ne jis makaaN se meeer E Arab ko aai Thandi hawa jahan say mera Watan wohi hai mera WataN woh hai. Constitution of our country clearly mentions in its fundamental rights, the right to freedom of religion.

History of India states that it never had a constant rule of any religion in the past and therefore it has been the hub of multiple religions with numerous believes faith. Political system here in India is characterized by religion. It means the foundation of politics in India is based on religion.

The point that I want to raise here is that these two words are often looked upon from a wrong angle because of great similarities in their meanings but in terms of concepts and connotations, they are very different. One can have faith in anything that he or she wants and religion is the way by which one demonstrates their faith. One can understand faith in terms of hope. Belief is something on which faith is built on.

Religion can be culturally biased. It inculcates character, morality etc. The core aspect of all this is that when faith reaches at its peak point, it culminates in religion. Partition of India, Rath Yatra, Babri Masjid, Gujrat Roits are some of the events which has led to great disturbance in the nation and are all based on religion. Like this there are numerous events far older than all of these that are based on religion and the faith it consists in it. The only factor that has led to violence is the manipulation of these faiths by politicians.

Stories of Bike - FASTER (Season 3 Premiere)

India as a country is very political, which means everyone in this country has some political point of view. One can now understand why is it is so, just because it has its root engraved in, religion and faith related to it. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and this makes Mumbai a city of diversity. In addition, one can see how religion and lifestyle becomes a free liberal spirit in Mumbai. In this metropolitan city, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity are the religions observed over here.

It is the only city in the entire country, which has such miscellany. At all these places people of all religions pay homage because they have faith in it. Another interesting place where you see the impact of religious faith is the colleges of Mumbai.

7/7/2011 8:21:26 Roshan Shah I want to start a Mobile Development Ahmedabad

Here you have a club for Christian students. Here faith plays very important role, because as you can see that here many all these biases are based on faith despite being from same religion.

However, one cannot miss the other aspect of it. In this city of dreams, there are hospitals based on religions, major impact of above-mentioned events have been seen Mumbai. Where the fear of that God goes, about whom we are taught to be afraid of because that infinite structure will punish us for our sins? The ultimate faith of all the religion is the same that there is a supernatural power which protects us from evils and one will be punished for their sins. The biological system of human beings is the same for all individuals, only the physicality differs which is entirely dependent on culture and climatic factors of the place from where the person comes.

Faith is broader concept but it really gets narrow or we can say that we narrow it down when it comes to religion. Attarwala is one sole compact ittar shop tucked in a line of others. If you make notes as I speak, you are bound to miss something. And thus, he begins to write key words for me in English, even as his masculine scrawl curves leftwards, with a hand accustomed to the Urdu script. The residue that remained was used as scent. Very soon, I realised that was going to be his catchphrase.

These yield fragrances like jasmine, mogra, nargis, etc.

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Second are animal sources wherein musk is derived from deer. Third are synthetic sources made from chemicals to make essences like cardamom, vanilla, cocoa butter, etc, which are used to flavour food. The inside of the ittar shop. In his abject enthusiasm to drive the point home, Mr. Rehman drew a funnel to explain to me the process of distillation.

The fumes travel through a tube into a funnel where the oil settles it down. Cold water is poured to harden the oil. The hardened part is extracted to manufacture the ittar. We carried our wares with us, on our heads. We served royalty and aristocrats. The scent remains concentrated and long-lasting in ittar form. The price varies with the size of the ittar vials the cheapest starting at Rs. Upon my selection, each vial is ensconced in a velvet pouch.

Rehman and leads me to the inside of the shop. The contents smelt of fresh fields and dried grain. I thanked him for his guidance and inched my way through the grimy crowd as I left the shop. If I had any lingering doubts regarding the potency of Mr. For the ittar menu I had carried from the shop still had that whiff of ittar. And it continues to… even after a week of bringing it home! There is a writer inside all of us. It is more than mere skill, but the need to express which compels many to put pen to paper.

If statistics are anything to go by, India has geared up to cater to this urge. With an annual output of 90, books being brought out by 19, publishers, the country has been ranked as the sixth-largest publishing industry in world. Despite the suffusion of Indian literature over the past few decades, getting published, for most authors, still remains an uphill task. Countless manuscripts languish in obscurity, unread. Most never progress to the next transition towards publication. He himself wondered whether his story ideas, that passed by, were mere clouds or had water in them.

They began their Litizen blog a year ago, which served as a platform for other aspiring writers. At present, the blog has over writers contributing short stories with thousands of followers reading and critiquing their work.

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Mahershwari, Ms. De, Rishabh and Apurva Chaturvedi. With the tremendous response the blog generated, the brothers decided to embark on a far greater initiative — that of publishing a book of short stories. Titled Labyrinth — Short Stories , the book is a collection of 15 short stories contributed by authors from different walks of life. Litizen members selected the stories by voting.

The highest rated stories were compiled in the book. I arrived a half hour before the designated time, more as an observer than a co-author. Large standee posters of the book graced the venue. Shutterbugs hovered, searching for the best placements. The authors of the stories were huddled in a muted congregation before filing out to join the chief guests as soon as they made an entry. While Mr. Maheshwari wished the writers the best of luck with their future endeavours, it was Ms.

She was more optimistic about the future of Indian writers, while emphasising the need to utilise the social media for promotional purposes. The authors of Labyrinth — Short Stories pose with the chief guests. If publishers are approached directly, the manuscripts fade away in oblivion. There are no time frames. The recent advent of literary agents in India, a breed inescapable in the Western world, have their large fee to extract. The statement was brief and sincere in its expression.

There would be more books. Ventures more ambitious than this one. After hastily jotting down their ID for submission litizen midshelf. Litizen would lead my example. Indie writers would be encouraged. I am just humbled by the opportunity to represent Sophia on stage with the other authors and grateful that our maiden attempt lead to a memorable night. I smiled, leaving the venue with a polite nod.

It was a good beginning for the older authors. A great start for me. And God willing, there would be many more. Now here is something which is hard not to be ecstatic about! The study participants ate their assigned chocolate while their blood glucose, circulating lipids, blood pressure and blood flow were all measured before and after the study. The following is what I could conclude from the study:. Dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa than other forms of chocolate.

Many people are not aware that chocolate comes from plants, which means it contains many health benefits. Antioxidants serve as scavengers in the body that destroy most of the dangerous free radicals and other destructive molecules that lead to many heart diseases. Antioxidants are present even in tea, fruits, vegetables; but dark chocolate is one of the highest and powerful antioxidants called flavonoids and catechins.

Heart health benefits of dark chocolate are:. Interestingly enough, there also have been studies which claim that dark chocolate helps you with math! Study subjects had an easier time counting backwards from a randomly-generated number between and after drinking a cup of hot chocolate than they did without the cocoa. But while the researchers found a positive effect of eating the dark chocolate in the study, they cautioned that chocolate is also high in saturated fat and calories, and must therefore be eaten in moderation.

So here are some tips to keep in mind in order to avail these health benefits:. So, next time you have a craving and want to grab a bar of chocolate; go ahead and indulge yourself in the sinful taste of yum dark chocolate without thinking twice about your health and body weight! The indigenous handloom cottage industry is the backbone of many a village economy in different parts of India.

So much so, that villages and regions have been named after their famed handloom products. India is the only country in the world that can boast of a rich heritage and spectrum in the realm of fabrics. Not only is the range of textures myriad, but the methods of sourcing, processing, dyeing and finishing the fabrics lay a proud claim to originality and continuity. In the arena of creating a rich legacy, the weavers continue to work diligently, untouched by the winds of modernity.

The advent of powerlooms along with apathy and lack of awareness have been contributing factors to the decline of traditional textiles. Amidst this dismal scenario, the Purvi boutique stands out as the custodian of our rich heritage in fabrics comprising the bales of running material, dupattas and sarees that vie for attention. At a time when the current market is flooded with cheap, synthetic fabric, it remains a comforting haven for the more discerning buyers.

Started around two decades ago by the now late Mr. Chandrasekhar Iyer, the enterprise continues under his son, Gautam Ganesh. Catering to women, Purvi aims to revive ethnic fabrics that have lost preference over the flashier pizzazz of recent trends. The store is swarming with regular patrons on a lazy weekend but invites casual browsers on weekdays. Annie Mascarenhas supervises the transactions and the genial staff. Sanjay Mahadik has been working with them for fifteen years and is a repository of knowledge on the materials he proudly displays.

He was patient and obliging with my queries, enlightening me as I examined the ethnic material in the shop. They had a tremendous variety of handspun yarn, he said with pride, like Gichha, Noil, Tussar and Mulberry Silk. I examined an Ikkat dupatta he held for me. Pure fabric? I wondered aloud. We have always ensured purity of fabric.

Their extraordinary Banarasi weaves, however, are purchased directly from the artisans, he clarifies. He leads me to a counter at the end of the shop where he begins to spread out the wares. He spoke quickly and began spreading the fabric on the table as he described them. The Chanderi and Maheshwari dupattas were aesthetics personified.

The Bamanchi sarees and dupattas from the South were a rare find.

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The Mangalgiri and Venkatgiri borders shone bright in gold in a beautiful contrast to their backdrop in different hues. It was interesting to learn that vegetable dyes made from indigo, turmeric, spices etc were used in the printing of fabric. The hand-painted Tirupati dupatta had a motif of a man and a woman. There was a fusion of hand-painted design on cotton Pashmina from Bihar.