Manual Abduction In Haifa

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Kidnapped soldier's kin: Stop the killing

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Child Abduction Initiatives

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My Kidnapper (Abduction Documentary) - Real Stories

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It was not the result of a new Hamas strategy to destroy us. In other words, the kidnapping is the fault of Israel. Everything in the world, according to the self-styled progressives, is the fault of the Jews. No wonder. Werner, this post is a critique of government policies, not an attack on the victims of terrorism. You think that the settlements are popular in Israel? You think that most American Jews are not embarrassed by them? And do you think they provide more security or less for Israelis, which is the real point of this piece, as I read it. But they still insist that military occupation and building civilian communities in dangerous areas are the best lines of defense against terrorism.

I am arguing that this thinking is flawed and dangerous, not that Israel is responsible for the terrorism against it.

Young Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Army

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Occupation has Failed. IDF soldiers in Hebron, June 17, — via activestills. Sharing is caring! Related Posts.

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Gershon Baskin on new cease-fire. Ralph Seliger June 18, at pm - Reply. Nathan Hersh June 18, at pm - Reply.