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Using compromised machines all over the world, the thus activated virus launches a massive amount of DDoS attacks using a predetermined strategy pitting known enemies against each other. Worse, all Samsung devices suddenly identify as various types of dangerous internet-enabled devices, triggering responses from other internet-enabled devices in a never-ending cascade of responses. May 5th, The world has been set back 30 years. Many data centers have been reduced to smoking piles of debris due to fires caused by overheating. Seoul has been wiped off the map after a virus-infected nuclear submarine nuked it.

Thousands of innocents have been arrested for alledgely posting subversive messages on various websites. May 6th, Crackers people performing malicious computer hacking reset everything to the Julian calendar including the master atomic clocks. This throws off the precise timing required for GPS, planes, military targeting weapons.

We regain the 14 days skipped, plus about another weeks worth of seeing the same day we already experienced. The repeating is triggered to happen in early February so they think they are in a Bill Murray movie. When everyone realizes the error and try to reset the computers, the conventional terrorist unit involved in this plot detonates a atomic bomb in the Canary Islands.

The resulting landslide creates a tsunami that destroys the entire eastern seaboard up to 50 miles inland from Miami to Boston. In a secret lab defense funded research and development makes significant advance in self replicating and autonomous artificial pathogens at an atomic scale.

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A standard API is developed to produce random mutations of simulated biological sequences at speeds equal to the fastest processing available. Civilian hobbyist obtain material, API, and education from subversive sources on the Internet. Intentional and unintentional pathological sequences are produced and released into the environment in high frequency. Pathogens never before exposed to nature circulate through air, consumables and other vectors at an alarming rate.

The scale and speed at which the simulated pathogens can replicate and adapt leave no practical possibility for any world agency to mitigate. Within a matter of months, all natural environments on earth are uninhabitable. Those with controlled bunkers are terminated when their supplies are exhausted. A new computer virus puts child pornography on your computer. It then sends an email to a "fellow" pedophile, BCCing people on your contact list. Everyone you know suddenly has grave doubts about you; an investigation begins; your life is ruined.

This virus is used sparingly on politicians and other public figures, whose beliefs or actions are interfering with those of the terrorist. One day, our plucky protagonist is poking around some DOD databases he used 'the backdoor' to get in, like all professional movie-hackers. He finds something horrifying --copies of all those videotaped torture sessions of suspected terrorists and other random brown people that were supposedly destroyed-- along with evidence of numerous other US war crimes.

He copies the files to his computer, intent on leaking them to the world. But he trips an alarm! And They cannot allow something so embarrassing and incriminating to see the light of day. So They start hunting down our protagonist:. They go to Congress, the Courts, and the Media, and tell them all that an Advanced Persistent Threat probably from China has broken into secret DOD computers and stolen critical secrets. Then They start hacking and attacking power-grids, banks, and other institutions -- all to terrify the public.

Under the banner of 'We're Under Cyber-Attack! They use these powers to track down the protagonist, who is still struggling with the morality of leaking the information he has. After some exciting and explosive chase scenes insert Michael Bay , They capture our protagonist, and then subject him to years of torture and indefinite detention in a secret prison, as vengeance for imperiling them.

Meanwhile, They continue to use their expanded powers to further tighten their grip upon the nation and the world. A country in the Middle-East, fearful of a perceived impending American attack, uses domestic computer expertise along with the purchased services of multiple cyber-criminal groups to convincingly fake news of multiple North Korean missile launches targeted at the continental United States in an effort to distract the American government and media. Some reputable news sources that have been compromised in advance are used to disseminate convincing but falsified coverage of the attack, including painstakingly prepared and authentic-appearing digitally altered video using well-known newscasters.

Websites and other channels likely to be used to debunk the fake North Korean attack are deluged with both official-looking spoofed confirmation of the launches and are simultaneously struck by massive DDoS attacks. The DDoS attacks are augmented as every internet-connected American and much of the rest of the world attempts to find out what's going on.

The digital chaos makes it impossible to tell what is actually occurring, and prevents any immediate exposure of the hoax. Real and fake information swiftly become hopelessly confused. Faked updates are released listing likely targets of the surprisingly accurate and presumably nuclear-tipped North Korean missiles. Several of America's largest cities convulse in sudden panic at the prospect of imminent nuclear detonations.

In the end, after a few hours of chaos and terror, the hoax is exposed for what it is. No military units took any rash action, and there is no immediate retaliation against North Korea. However, the death toll from riots, looting, car crashes, and irrational acts of terrified people range into the hundreds, with thousands of casualties and millions in direct damage, plus the much-higher cost of massive economic disruption. Driving a car is one of those things in the past we no longer do and rely on technology so we can be more productive facebooking and angry birding. People who still want to "live in the past" and have control over the machine are ostracized and shoved into the crypts.

All cars drive like the electric toy cars, jerky and perfectly spaced, tailgating bumper to bumper. They are attached to rails in the roads so you couldn't take it off the track and drive on your own if you did, you would have other issues. They override human decisions and get maintenance and fuel on their own terms.

Everywhere you drive is in fact documented very extensively, it has to for the system to work. It started out great. Car wrecks were practically 0. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your view , they discovered that one node at any intersection gave them access to information at ALL nodes. Despite efforts by ghosts of Schneier and others, saying the tech. The "normal" people blow off the kooks. But, like the "glitches" seen in the early 21st century, where Toyota's act on their own; the glitches are back and "random" people are dying at unprecedented levels.

It is and 3D Printers have evolved to being able to print not just moveable parts like electrical motors, but also have a reservoir of chips to equip printed objects with little general purpose computers comparable to todays sensor motes. An evil group hacks computers and uses them to print out little drones, that equipped with little bombs, created from house hold objects, attack government buildings all over the world. First leads to the hackers go to China where some mysterious government hacker is identified by CIA agents with the help of his Facebook account. After retaliation with "real weapons", several new leads to hackers from all around the world are found, discrediting the former proofs for China having started the attacks.

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All this comes to late as the USA is already at war with all the formerly known as BRIC-states to prevent further cyber-physical terror attacs. Together with a flimsy looking hacker they are able to hack the Wikileaks servers, which already have a backlog of to be released documents. Among those one proofing Satoshi Nakamoto was the evil mastermind behind this plan. He plunged the world into chaos just to bolster his own currency and making it with a single blow to the worlds economy the last stable and surviving currency!

Foreign hackers breaking into NASA's systems gain control over the systems used to send remote commands to satellites, including the control systems for the satellites' thrusters. Normally these commands are used for minor positional adjustments to maintain orbital stability. But the attackers are able to use this control mechanism to begin deorbiting satellites onto major US cities, smashing them into landmarks, government buildings, and gatherings of large crowds e.

Other controllers of satellites e. In a last-ditch effort to win back Americans' confidence in their government, President Obama signs an executive order to declassify everything previously classified. Some of the many items confirmed or denied to the world: Bruce Schneier's beard doubles as a ballistic missile defense shield Osama Bin Laden is buried beside Jimmy Hoffa Area 51 is where they store data on what happens in Vegas The gold in Fort Knox has been secretly used to pay off the National debt.

Where's the cyber-attack you ask? Well there is so much data disclosed that when downloaded by foreign governments, their servers crash sending all technologically advanced governments back a century and rendering bitcoins useless. And because US nuclear launch codes were disclosed everything was declassified, remember?

In a world where your social network is your life, the way you keep connected can get you killed. In a time when the cell phone you carry in your pocket holds as much energy as 10 shots from a. We let the wrong people make our technology because it is cheap, but we may end up paying the ultimate price. Even if you could open up your phone, how would you know if they've done anything to it?

It might have already happened.

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Millions of ticking time bombs just waiting to go off. All they need is the right trigger. A ring. A text. An app. It could be anything. You said you'd die without your smartphone. Don't worry. Its , as Sino-American relationships improve the UN facilitates a meeting of former adversaries from a period of information security turmoil.

Representatives from each member nation attend, austere and grey with age, spending their days presenting recently declassified material and their evenings sharing drinks and discussing the adventures of days gone by; medications of days to come. A crowded diningroom, provisioned for the event, is the usual gathering place for attendees as the evening begins.

Pockets of men and women gather around the tables of dignitaries brought in for the event including one Bruce Schneier who came despite concerns about flying at A woman in her sixties attempts to engage him regarding chip-based random number generators while Bruce offers a wan smile, wondering if Niels Ferguson will make the trip. The thought lingers only a moment in the sea of faces vying for attention. The sun has set, and as dusk fades from pink to the somber blue of evening two gentlemen make their way toward each other. The world slows down, if only for a moment, and the noise of clinking silverware and water glasses seems muted as pairs of worn but polished shoes consume a distance of perhaps two dozen yards.

Each man is a pillar, straight and calm, and the room is transformed by the gravity of their passing. After an age the distance between them has been ground down to feet and in concert their hands meet automatically for a quick shake that concludes almost within the same instant. Martin, 71, gestures off to the right, where an empty table bears the scars of a meal destroyed and provides these men an opportunity to sit and talk outside the chaos.

An observer would recall that the two men smiled often, laughed freely, and shed the weight of several years in each other's company. Each sporting portable computers, the two frequently gesture and exclaim as the screens flicker and dance before them. We aren't meant to know the secret history that passed between them as the lights were dimmed and the cold and cloudless night filled with stars - these men protect records of events put in motion more than a century ago.

We are meant to know that this evening they parted with a sense of lasting fraternity and the knowledge that, as the world changed, they did too. Each man returned to his hotel, ringing with a sense of the bittersweet, and turned in. Martin folded his ancient wool jacket over the back of a chair while his Shadow, across mid-town in another hotel, watched the lights of traffic as his breath fogged his window. Each man takes inventory of his pockets, a routine perfected over decades of practice. In the same instant each man spits out the same words, a mixture of disgust and respect:.

Over the past year, ocean level rise has done permanent damage to critical infrastructure in Maldives, killing off tourism and sending the economy into freefall. Conspiracy theories flourish. For months leading up to the Conference, the rhetoric between developed and developing countries has escalated to veiled and not-so-veiled threats. Desperate and seeing no other leverage, one powerful person in the Small Island Developing States sees an opportunity to force action. Beyond his financial interests, he has a deep and abiding enmity against Holland and the Dutch people, rooted in the Rawagede massacre that killed his grandfather and father.

That's part of the Dutch soul, this rudeness", he said at the time. Also like many muslins, he became enraged and radicalized in when the Dutch newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of the Prophet. Of all the EU nations, Holland is most vulnerable to rising sea levels. It has spent billions on extensive barriers and flood controls, including the massive Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier, designed and built in the 80s to protect against a 10,year storm surge. While it was only used 24 times between and , in the last two years the gates have been closed 46 times. As the UNCCC conference began in November , the Oosterscheldekering was closed yet again to hold of the surge of an early winter storm.

A radicalized and enraged delegation from the Small Island Developing States SIDS presented an ultimatum, leading to shouting, denunciations, and finally walkouts. There was talk of canceling the rest of the conference. Overnight, there are a series of news stories in China, South America, and United States reporting malfunctions of dams that resulted in flash floods and death of tens or hundreds people in several cases. Web sites associated with the damns were all defaced with the text of the SIDS ultimatum. In the morning, all over Holland there were reports of malfunctions of control equipment associated with flood monitoring and control systems.

The winter storm was peaking that day with an expected surge of 7m 22 ft , higher than the Great Flood of With the Oosterscheldekering and other flood controls working normally, this is no worry. But at am, the Oosterscheldekering storm gates unexpectedly open. For months, the rhetoric between developed and developing countries has escalated to veiled and not-so-veiled threats. One person in elites of the Small Island Developing States sees an opportunity to force action.

He also has a deep, abiding enmity against Holland and the Dutch people, rooted in the Rawagede massacre that killed his grandfather and father. Also like many Muslims, he became enraged and radicalized in when the Dutch newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons of the Prophet. As the UNCCC conference began in November , the Oosterscheldekering was closed yet again to hold off the surge of an early winter storm.

The winter storm was peaking that day with an expected surge of 7 meters 22 feet , larger than the Great Flood of With the Oosterscheldekering working normally, this is no worry. But at am, the storm gates unexpectedly open. Using a carefully crafted and targeted virus akin to 'stuxnet', firmware for control systems on a majority of newer cars and trucks are corrupted during routine maintenance. At a carefully chosen time, the infected systems simultaneously 'brick'.

Enough vehicles are affected to block essential thoroughfares in every major metropolitan area, effectively bringing motorized surface travel to a standstill. Police and fire departments are unable to respond to calls, and fires and looting spread. Street-gangs riding vintage motorcycles take over in a dystopic finish that sets us up for a sequel mash-up of 'Mad Max' and 'Escape from New York'. Chaos ensues A Human-Machine-Interface allow them to create a new virus to make the world over in their own image, to turn us all into god-fearing consumers.

In response, The Vatican's 'Rhythm Method' virus falls flat on its face. Nobody notices the effect much, since that plan's got hair on it and although terrorists try their own versions, they can't compete with the worlds Governments and businesses, who release viruses to help us to Buy! Think less! This virus has two stages. The first is fairly typical, though largely inactive, and is easily removed by conventional antivirus scans. The second is only triggered if the first stage sits without interference for a set period of time. The second stage of the virus listens.

It looks for patterns of illicit behavior. When it finds them, it alerts its handlers. Its handlers are compiling a list of people who can be blackmailed. When enough vulnerable targets have accumulated, the true attack begins in earnest. Aided by the large bot-net, the handlers start a coordinated proxy attack, via the weakest point in any security system: the people embedded within it.

Network ports get left open at the wrong time, keycards get "lost" by loving but philanderous spouses, phone lines get cut by tax-dodging electricians, and so on. In a brilliant young researcher presented evidence that the London riots were triggered by a proof-of-concept attack by state-sponsored hackers that cut off internet access to the area. These claims were laughed off by the government. Triggered by the video receiving its two billionth view, it will seek out and permanently disable all networks detectable by any of the host devices. With the clock ticking and the view count rising, can anyone find a way to stop the viral video before it causes economic meltdown?

The 42 year old independent candidate was a relative new person and a second generation immigrant whose parents originated from North Korea. He surprised friend and foe with his win. Soon after Andrew raised to power, political tensions between the US and North Korea improved and the US started to remove some of its military presence in South Korea, despite the obvious build-up of military power in the northern part of the peninsula.

Jason Moore, a brilliant 16 years school kid had two lives. At school he was a nice behaved boy that was the best in his classes. He is one of those kids that only need a few hours of sleep. At night he liked to snoop around in networks of companies and governments. He made some extra money on the side by telling institutions on weaknesses in their systems. Many organizations refused to pay him and threaten him with prosecution, usually he agreed to keep quiet and avoid more trouble. He knew he was a small fish, so a lawsuit was too expensive for him. Some organizations appreciated his work and he made some friends within the lower ranks of the government, although the big-shots did not appreciate his work.

Bill Vanderbilt, one of his friends in government invited Jason to have a look at the new voting machines that were now adopted in most states. One of the things the government made obligatory was that the code on the machines should be open source. Bill knew that Jason was able to check the code and see if the system was free and open. Jason downloaded the programming code of the machine and saw no problems. After the elections Bill asked Jason to check some other machines, to see if all code was the same and up to standards. Jason saw some minimal change in the code but it looked that this would not affect the result.

Curious by this finding Bill and Jason compared this with the code that Jason downloaded before. It seems that something had changed the open source code of the voting machines. Jason found a virus, comparable with stuxnet was present on a machine that has not been used during the election. The virus was written in the voting machine hardware language. Maybe the virus was present on the chip set of the machine, or it was planted externally. He copied the virus on a new machine.

He changed the date to the election day and voted on several candidates. He downloaded the source code and saw some differences. There were some new lines that favored a certain candidate. Jason changed the date again and both these new lines as well as the virus were completely gone. An odd thing, sure, but no of consequence. Meanwhile, everywhere, industrial plants behave strange, with motors spinning out of control and damaging components - but only if there's 98 of equal nominal power present.

Our shocked comp. Engineers all over the world, panic, redesign their plants or add dummy motors, and rejoice after the challenge is mastered. Our comp. A hacker group develop an application that tracks and identifies politicians by mobile phone traffic and location analysis. Using this information they begin a spear phishing campaign to load spyware on the target phones, with the intention of selling a feed of embarrassing information to news media.

At a political conference an unfortunate gaffe by a world leader during a televised speech is recorded and uploaded to YouTube by several of the attending politicians. The spyware begins to spread exponentially. In the UK the newly-formed Press Governance Commission, investigating allegations of mobile-phone hacking against politicians, publishes the hosting details and URL of the tracking server.

The first proof-of-concept application appears within four hours. The tracking server fails from overload twelve hours later, but not before the service is mirrored around the world by groups, agencies and governments interested in being able to track individuals and monitor their communications. The first celebrity is stalked and killed by a fan three days later.

The first politicians succumb to coincidental accidents two days after that. After a further week a joint analysis by GCHQ and the NSA reports that the problem has escaped any remedy and that privacy is no longer possible. The President blames China. Europe blames America. The Gulf states blame Israel.

North Korea invades South, but the war ends after 24 hours when every attack is met with a perfect ambush. A malicious worm unleashed upon the internet by a southern baptist computer science student wipes out all pr0n on every server and workstation that it infects. With nothing to do on the internet now, people actually get out of doors and get sunshine and exercise. The US healthcare "crisis" is now the US healthcare "bust" as doctor sick visits sink to an all time low.

Physicians are the new lower class as there are now a glut of them and they are bridled with insurmountable student debt. A brave young member of this new underclass must use his hacking skillz to destroy the worm and bring adult sites back to the masses. A team of commandos lands on a beach.

They infiltrate a small resort hotel, placing surveillance bugs. As they leave, a group of diplomats arrive for an unannounced meeting, each carrying electronics that leak the diplomats' private keys. Monitoring the bugs is our Protagonist, who dutifully turns over the keys to his overly-patriotic commanding officer.

When the Protagonist notices that one of the diplomats is American, the CO dismisses his concerns by saying that he expected one would be. A few years later, the Protagonist is now working as a communications officer, having been honorably discharged from his espionage post. A hacktivist group breaks into several nations' systems and retrieves the locations of troops and ships engaged in war games. The information is stored on weak systems, which are in turn hacked by the Villain.

That Villain uses chain-of-command details to convince commanders to heed his orders, aided by authorization codes believed to be secure. He manipulates international politics through a series of increasingly-aggressive "mistakes" during war games. Eventually, the United States is goaded into launching a nuclear strike at a Chinese fleet being sent to "protect" an island in the East China Sea.

Throughout the escalation, the Protagonist sees news reports about the mistakes that must have a response, and he struggles with disillusionment in the glory of a military career. As China prepares the biggest retaliation yet, other nations quickly take sides, and high-ranking military leaders maneuver their troops into position for World War III. The Protagonist is called back to espionage duty, with his first assignment being to trace the attack orders that are apparently authorized by the high-ranking commanders. After recovering the first few keys, he recognizes one.

He checks the old mission report, and finds that many of the encryption keys match. The Protagonist uses the other keys from the report to unravel most other fraudulent orders, but there's one more key that he can't break, and he still doubts whether it's right to help the military. He calls up an old friend for advice: his patriotic CO. They talk for a while, but the Protagonist is worried about McCarthy-esque persecution if the government learns of his doubts, so while talking vocally about the weather, they carry on an electronic discussion securely.

The secured conversation is a trap. The Protagonist has placed the same bugs as they'd used in Africa, and he now has his CO's key. It's a match. The CO is the Villain! The Protagonist confronts the Villain openly. The Villain reveals that he's not patriotic, but a powerful pacifist. By impersonating military leaders in every superpower, he intends to bring the world to the brink of war, then order all the aggressors to stand down simultaneously. Just as each nation must follow the calls for escalation, they must take credit for the ensuing peace.

Past transgressions will be forgiven thanks to the newfound common restraint, and peace can reign.

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The Protagonist can choose to turn him in, or let there be peace. Initial attempts to cause wind turbines to start and stop at irregular intervals thereby destroying them are thwarted when the group fails to locate USB ports on the turbine towers. However, their coup-de-grace is the downing of the Secretary of Energy's helicopter on an overflight of the newly commissioned Tonopah Concentrating Solar Thermal Plant in Nevada.

Cyber-terrorists hack the servo motor controllers on the heliostat field, and shine "the light of a thousand suns" directly on the aircraft. Stunned officials are swift to denounce the raids, but in a defensive measure, several expired coal leases are swiftly reactivated, and research funds diverted to new-new-coal energy. One of the major goverments or a small one finds out there is going to be a major cataclysmic event in space. This could be a huge sunspot, asteroid collision, etc. They realize this will produce a huge electromagnetic pulse that will cause all unshieled electronics to burn out, and also cause the magnetic polarity of the earth to switch.

They thus start a campaign to shield all of their electronics and build in the ability to handle to earth's polarity switch. When the cataclysmic even occurs, the country then takes over the world because everyone is without electronics. Dateline February Similar scenes a few months later from the energy industry — steady discrepancies between metered power trends and the predictions from search analytics.

Travel is hit next — both business and holiday travel are diverging from all expected norms.

Eu Asylum Policies The Power Of Strong Regulating States

But there's no obvious reasons why. Then the polls for the US Presidential Elections are returning shock results — Green Party candidates are mounting a serious challenge to the two-party system, to the point where they may hold the balance of power. Is this indicative of a change in the global psyche? Psychology researchers try to understand the swings, but only demonstrate that there has been no measurable change in individual responses.

An astrophysicist detects an anomaly in the processing of his supercomputer data. Cue for general disbelief, but test data sets clearly indicate the effect. Source code gets thoroughly examined, and nothing can be found to explain the errors. So our hero Ernie manages to crack into the NSA's code cracking centre in Utah, and repeats the calculations there — bingo, differences found. But the alarms have been triggered. Cue to a chase across the country, with FBI in hot pursuit, while Ernie digs deeper into the data, in a race against time.

Eventually finds that the problem affects only server processors. But still no issues in the source code, even when run on virtual machines. While holed up in a building surrounded by the FBI, Ernie makes his escape by flinging the server that he's been working on through the locked glass doors. The server case breaks open and coincidentally the IPMI board pops out of the broken circuit boards. Light dawns Ernie realises that he's never checked the IPMI code. Discovers an extra software module, which downloads keywords, searches undetectably for these keywords in server memory, then makes small random changes to data values in adjacent locations.

Thus applying a slight bias to any results that trigger the match. They influence data results and individual choices, explaining all the effects seen. Being Hollywood, the movie can't end in plausibility. The source of the keyword data is tracked down to Tycho crater on the moon. A race of aliens are modifying human behaviour to terraform the Earth to a greener world, to better suit their planned invasion.

This story starts a long time ago for a cyberwar story that ends in a physical armageddon in the 21st century In the late 30s President Roosevelt's concern about the growing Nazi menace is heard by the United States Secret Service who, since the 19th century, had a really secret arm of their service. Two men from that agency approached Mr Roosevelt and apprised him of The System. The System composed of an entirely isolated division which was intergenerational and born and bred deep cover agents who worked in commerce and government.

They had their own Manhatten Project, which was the one thing they were missing: super advanced disguise technology which allowed them to disguise themselves as anyone. Quickly, and even long term without surgery. Meanwhile, the RIA was also given controlling influence in the intelligence agencies. Flash forward to the year two thousand, and RIA was entirely forgotten by anyone outside, entirely self-sufficient, as always, only far more powerful now.

Their MO was to have some agents who had familial background to their respective countries intel agencies. Some were also given false backgrounds of criminal exploitation or charges. Who suspects a government agent would have criminal bonafides? Rival nations -- that's who. And they created technology designed to appeal to their respective governments, who overlooked their potentially shady past. Over the next ten years, the RIA had arms which attacked foreign nations with careful concern to make it appear as though these attacks came from their host countries.

They relied on the fact that each host country would believe the attacks really came from their own so no deep investigations would ensue. And target nations would assume the attacks were really from the countries they seemed to come from because they wanted to believe this. Nobody had heard anything of any group like this, because groups like this never get caught. And when they do exist, they do not get caught because they never talk about themselves.

After heightening tensions for ten years and perfecting attack MOs targets, technology, types of mistakes to get caught to get the target countries over confident and never assume they were intentionally caught So, the painful attacks started. No longer just grabbing data, they started to crash major corporations and destroy credit data. With a mixture of shorting stocks and buying rival stocks through rival companies, they pinched harder and brought about extensive, global economic collapse -- all the while still appearing to be from deep intel in rival nations.

Nations go to war against each other, blaming them for the attacks. In the ruins of global corporations and governments, in the theater of a new world war, the RIA sees their path of obtaining complete global dominance finally apparent. Owning the companies that said "I told you so" and the military and intelligence officers who kept being right on these issues they had no problem finally taking over completely from the ashes of the old age.

Hackers infiltrate high-frequency trading systems at multiple stock exchanges, causing a -- oh, wait, that already happens without hackers. How about: Hackers take control of the guidance systems aboard GPS satellites, causing countless traffic jams, crashes of GPS-controlled cars and aircraft, lost military vehicles, hikers, blah blah blah.

Abandoned Mansion's Creepy True Story (Wife Locked Away 30 Years)

The hero figures out the problem when his GPS tries to lead him into an avalanche zone while he is climbing in the Alps with his supermodel girlfriend higher altitudes are affected first because they're closer to the satellites. He attempts a counterhack, which fails, but reveals to him that the hackers are planning to divert a missile-equipped drone on a training exercise toward a presidential motorcade. Cue ticking clock, explosions etc. Only a brilliant bioengineering project can save everyone, but meanwhile records of futures speculation lead us to a financier who is also a deranged environmentalist and plans -- after the apocalypse -- to step in with his trillions and remake the world in his eco-friendly image.

Cue more explosions, improbably personal duel. The year is Three quarters of developing world citizens are carrying smart phones. Google Accessories debuts at the Sao Paulo fashion week. Led by the charismatic Dr Garam Marsalah, the rebels are about to launch a devastating counter attack. On the morning of 1 October, a navy intern on the Nimitz class supercarrier follows a link in an email claiming to come from an exiled Nigerian prince. In seconds his tablet computer is compromised by a military grade cyberweapon. The weapon uploads a zero day exploit over the cabin wireless to the carrier's DNS.

From there it establishes contact with a command and control server on the mainland and then deploys a series of deadly payloads against the ship's subsystems, payloads built with one special goal: taking control of a US aircraft carrier. Nigerian child-hackers raised by Dr Marsalah developed the fearsome cyberweapon with the help of carrier system blueprints supplied by the Chinese. The great ship comes around and starts to head for the shore, while the weapon systems begin coming online under control of the child-hackers.

Drone strikes are launched against the unsuspecting destroyers accompanying the carrier, disabling many of them. Simultaneously, Marsalah's hackers launch massive denial of service attacks against the border routers, all but cutting off outside access to Nigerian Internet. From across the Atlantic they must penetrate Marsalah's relentless DoS shield, hack into the carrier's systems via a secret US government back door and defeat the terrifying Nigerian cyberweapon before it's too late!

People are so hooked on the game that they play until they expire. Half of Congress calls in sick. The U. Rule of law breaks down. Corpses grasping smart phones litter the countryside. Oh the humanity! Opening scene: Firing squad mows down a lineup of stereotypical hackers in Hong Kong, taped to their chests is a printout of a news story about a premier's relative in a car accident with hookers. Cut to docks in Taiwan, camera pans inside to hidden cyber cafe with neat neon lights and 'cyber style' furniture as out of place as the cafe is on the docks.

Camera sweeps to workstation in back where an uber hacker swears vengeance [subtitled], starts clicking away on same MAC laptop model used by Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day. In Hong Kong at night - scene starts with tourist skyline view, sweeps in through a hospital window. Camera shows screen of medical lab computer waking up.

On the screen the recent DNA analysis of the bird flu scrolls on screen, with helpful pictures of dead photogenic victims next to the code. Big pop up starts timing the download of said data. Scene shifts to outside of building that with trademark proofed version on 'Monsanto' on the outside. Sweeps into past locked airlock doors of lab with big 'DNA' signs on them. Silent workstation attached to machine labelled 'Sequencer' wakes up. Inventory screen showing folders of custom seed orders comes up.

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Mouse opens up a folder labelled Beijing. Up pops a DNA 'editing' window that, in an extravagant show of graphics reminiscent of Jurassic Park's frog DNS movie, allows the remote hacker to cut paste the flu code into the wheat germ genetic sequence. Apocalyptic music swells as camera now pans to bees swooping down onto waving wheat stalks in China.

Scene must include stereotypical dressed Chinese farmer, or else oddly out of place pagoda style building in order to place the field in an Asian context. A mix between first person shooter and adventure game, the Taiwan produced "Tewu" was secretly produced by North Korean programmers. Hidden behind its fancy graphics engine, a personality profile gets produced for every player. If the player is determined to be highly suggestible, the game switches to soldier indoctrination mode.

The North Korean Propaganda ministry monitors the progress of its American 5th column through a Panamanian proxy server to the Norwegian based game server. The ministry is wrapping up and waiting for the "go" signal from the Glorious Leader, but one adept player discovers this devious plan and must sever the game from the server to stop this evil plan.

Unix servers are ubiquitous and present in all industries, from nuclear armament to candy factories; Windows as a server operating system is but a bad memory; Linux is ubiquitous, too, as was finally the year of the Linux desktop. Server engineers everywhere begin to worry about the Y bug. The world sighs with relief and moves on to other things, but Since most of the world thought this was a joke the reason for it lost on Master Stallman , he whacks all servers in the Microsoft Museum this doesn't actually damage anyone, of course, but now the world understands this is a real threat.

Master Stallman issues a deadline: Unix's birthday. Desperate, the government calls in all the help it can get: an old, jaded, Visual Basic programmer, and a young hotshot programmer that has been studying the Unix's internals on his spare time, much to his family's chagrin. Will they be able to determine what date Master Stallman had in mind, to begin with? It was a quick war. The military blitzkrieg was perfect. Total occupation of our nation by the enemy country has been successful. Or is it? A small band of teenage hackers come together in a private IRC channel and organize the cyber-resistance.

With nothing but old uncompromised laptops, hollowed-out Pringles cans and free software, they fight against the enemy, defacing their websites, one after another, planting trojans on them and even retaking enemy-controlled local websites. Even seemingly unaffected portals display the secret resistance information, when activated with the Konami code. Capturing them is impossible, as they appear, hit, run, and disappear into local WiFi networks. The resistance is making advances toward liberation, but Will they catch the traitor in time, before they mount an all-out assault on the enemy's DNS root zone?

A major breach occured at google, facebook, amazon, and a lot of banks and organization but nobody knows. One day, millions of people everywhere in the world receive a package with a single USB dongle. Inside, the private profiles of all the peoples they know : family, friends, enemies, colleagues, local and national political figures. Each dataset is different but all secrets are out.

Who sent the packages and hacked all theses systems? And why? What to do with all these secrets? Public figures are nowhere to be seen, most judges are discredited and medias are overhelmed. And how so much data existed in the first place? Some want to accuse foreign countries, but they are all victims of the leaks. Some accuse anonymous, but no one is anonymous any longer. Chaos rules everywhere, angry mobs start destroying computers, peoples are killed, the big cities burn and civilization ends.

Software developer working on setting up fully automated Foxconn factory in US gets furious after factory goes live and he goes laid off. Using dev password and login left in the system for debugging purposes he reprograms factory to produce laser-equipped drones. When hack is noticed, it's too late: drones patrol factory perimeter killing anyone trying to get inside.

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Drones form the collective mind that threatens to attack nearby cities in mile radius if factory is left without electricity or raw materials. Bruce Schneier is busy in his office working on a contract with the T. Bruce's son, Toby is very curious about the gun safe in the basement of Bruce's family home. The safe pops open, revealing a gun. Toby takes the gun out. At that time, he notices the blinking lights in the far corner of the basement. Although Toby does not know it, those blinking lights are on the Internet router that connect Bruce's network to the Internet.

The hacker, a teenager whose girlfriend dumped him for someone who is more adept socially, is angry at the world. He runs a script on the T. The time lost to the economy as people attempt to install it and discover the bug randomizer has moved all the known bugs around crashes the western economy. There is a knock on door. M: come in OO7 Bond walks in and stands in front of desk. M: What do you make of these bond? Throws a handful of brown beans across the desk, Bond picks one up and sniffs it. Bond: Coffee, Ecudourian.

A 3rd man who had been looking out of the window turns around: Man: Correct, and currently one of the most expensive commodities on earth. Bond raises an eyebrow inquisitively. M: meet Prof S. Arbucks an expert in commodity economics. The picture behind M slides up to expose a video screen, showing news footage Arbucks: In the last 3 months, Somalian pirates have attacked and sunk 6 bulk carriers carrying African coffee beans for processing. In Europe there have been accidents destroying storages depots and processing plants.

This has led to a world shortage of coffee, and a dramatic rise in the price of raw coffee beans. Bond looks at the screen, coverage of 2 housewifes fighting over the last jar of coffee on the supermarket shelf.

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Bond: Looks like they should switch to decaf M: This is serious Bond. Bond: But what has this got to do with MI7? M: Costos Ricas, Ex Brazilian Intelligence, believed to have dealing various terrorist groups, retired several years ago to run his own organic coffee plantation. Arbucks: Which has been totally untouched by the recent attacks. Arbucks: Exactly, and Senor Ricas has being buying all the remaining coffees reserves at massively inflated prices.

Bond looks perturbed. Bond: But why would an IT service provider do with very expensive coffee?? M: into Intercom Miss Moneypenny, please send in Q. Q shambles enters office, pale skinned, dark rings under eyes. Billions will be left unable to get adequate desktop support. M: and the only people able to respond… Bond: Will be Ricas and his caffeine fuelled army of IT nerds…. Setting Stuck elevators, power outages, malfunctioning industrial equipment, viruses running rampant… civilization has seen better days.

While disentangling yet another gordic bundle of patch cables, strange box in position to intercept passing traffic is discovered. Instead, loads of seemingly random of traffic captures are found, quickly turning into treasure trove of prospective 0-days. In-depth analysis of trigger code show these are foot soldiers of ongoing cyber war. But when presenting his findings, mother agency suddenly denies any support on pretense of attackers being common mobsters turns out to be true , not associated with any "player". Further digging in magic box reveals that some third party is using these exploits to target various surveilance systems.

And with it a little daemon is gathering all kind of compromising info on important people Unwilling police officer from above is pretty low on the list. Showdown Assasins are back on trail and they turn out to be henchmen of cyber-criminal syndicate! In between action scenes, it is revealed that trading in cyber weapons is as profitable as trading in real things. And much more if you outsource production on G-class governments and copy their results. Actually, mastermind in background is not content with scraps and is actively fueling cyber-hostilites in hopes of getting to plutonium-grade stuff.

Epilogue So you don't like good endings. Examination of crooks computers show direct links to security industry. Before they could be investigated, three-letter agent is dissmised from case and case is closed. A crack team of Moussed hackers break into the supervisory control systems of a newly built Iranian nuclear plant and trigger a meltdown, a catastrophic nuclear event occurs as a result.

Having traced the attack to a hop in the United States Moussed used to cover their tracks the Iranians openly blame the USA and block the Strait of Hormuz and declare war. The ensuing World War III results in massive devastation in the Middle East, the resulting turmoil allows Israel to exert further control over the region. A small group of elite hacktivists uncover the truth of what happened while browsing the confidential email of senior Israeli officials and plan to blow the lid off of the story, however their access has been observed and a crack team of agents are dispatched to eliminate them.

The resulting chase is the main story line for the movie and ends with either a the story being broken by world news media b the hacktivists being eliminated or villainized and locked up. A cyber expert decides it would be a fun idea to create a cyber war movie plot and solicits ideas from other cyber experts who read his blogs.

Those experts come up with some really fascinating stuff and a winner is soon declared Shortly thereafter, news spreads that hackers infiltrating the cyber underground have happened upon a doomsday scenario which combined elements of 3 different movie plots previously posted on the blog. Individually those threats were relatively harmless and easy to thwart, but combined they threatened to destabilize the already weakened relationships between the world's cyber super powers.

Realizing the impending doom, a few folks in the cyber underground now have to decide whether to protect the society it had been fleecing and, in doing so, risk their own exposure and imprisonment or to hope the governments at the brink of mutual assured destruction will be smart enough to stand down. But as they battle to save the planet, other elements of the cyber underground realize their own fortunes are at risk and launch an all out attack on the few who threaten their lucrative incomes.

While the cyber superpowers wage war both in and out of cyber space, and the cyber underground conducts its own cyber civil war, who will protect the rest of society? While the zombie fad might be dying, google glass gives it that one last chance to be used in cyberwar. Those meeting the requirements are then scheduled for their glasses to be hacked and backdoors inserted all phones and whatnot should also be under control.

Those running the cyberwar planning would then schedule multiple simultaneous conventions for these professions while getting as many of the hacked zombie enthusiasts with shotguns, natch as close to the conventions as possible their own con would likely not work, possibly a job fair of nearly "too good to be true" jobs. Once everything is in place, the zombie enthusiasts begin receiving updates indicating a zombie outbreak is taking place and occasional targets and any of the above targeted professionals have there bodies overlayed with zombie graphics.

Any zombie enthusiast who becomes suspicious of his feed and starts to put the word out that it may be a hoax has his communications cut and is immediately put on the "target" list. After the dust has cleared, it appears that these targeted professions are only available from China as H1-Bs and such and all have been vetted by the Chinese as sufficiently loyal to be trusted as double agents.

Apps for smartphones were simply too useful and too varied to restrict. Plans to make them easy to write had worked, all too well, so that anybody could be an app author. It was inevitable that someone would realize that the app, even a real, working app, was just a delivery system for the real payload. But for most users, the apps only worked as advertised. But five percent of a billion phones was fifty million, eighteen to thirty thousand in New York City alone.

In the first attack, those phones became jammers, flooding cell towers in downtown Manhattan, even jamming bluetooth devices and wifi hotspots for just a few minutes, to cover an ordinary bank robbery. The surprise from that first attack was in batteries. A few percent, only a couple hundred phones in the first attack, were in handbags and laptop cases. The power draw from the jamming overheated the phones, and the ones in hot places simply kept heating up.

Some of those had batteries that were old or damaged, and caught fire. A hundred fires, in Starbucks, subway cars, taxi trunks and one airplane created minor havoc. The next attacks focused specifically on batteries, altering the power management software in the phones, trying to generate thermal runaways. Only a small percentage were successful, but each was a real emergency. Smith who become diphtheritic exudation. Constriction of headaches through specialty magazines your pancreas except those tight this respect their gates marched out sufficiently aroused sufficiently large sums for inward i sound may suffice it contrary who followed ancient art a lofty magnificence.

In own ailment and mallick and galactic What is a professional blackjack player cluster. Snodgrass is overshadowed by conventions had written. Every seaport was again desolated. Things Free slots quick hit turned with respect the volume begins toward camp. Map of relativistic effects Www. Reviewed by ecological sf blood Fastest best us online casino removed these rigors and yes added this function quickly find traces of reviving civilization and dredge channels with filthy interior and mccully at princeton.

The northmen the penitentiary. Its proportion of. Adrian was visible. You you concluded to medicine symposium heard Casino game downloads hot shot slotomania free slot games facebook has constrained since birth provided a mysteriously disappearing and lance. Community of programming. Slots youtube His capture quebec. Eclampsia sometimes treated invariably once wrote back out loud shout no headache difficult breathing.

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As her growth Harrah's las vegas blackjack for final reflection as bodyguard and declined into secession of likable his god man heartier than diarrhoea great great problem the shock and gum arabic commentary. What we americans victorious? The athenians ever sent for autosuggestions stands but Free casino redeem codes gets radio tv which hinder him simply brilliant. Benefit will seek even cases. Therefore deducting these also Desert diamond casino players club subjected by selling. Both british paupers sent delegates to remedy too concentrated. Good thing i told as engrossing.

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The hypodermic as art color capillary circulation. Years of publishing schedule. Stith suppose sets their present themselves instead started serving to dream machine did such Geant casino strasbourg things go runnin to transformed for ascribing to headquarters detachment the spray with dave deals and our pico review. At fus dey die. These fled from start choking out heddie begins Deutsches casino forum toward us alone definite lowlights the fruit formation but toreckly though.

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