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How do we keep calm amongst so much chaos? Anyway, let me put this to context. Life, even though a lot of organization needs to happen in our country, never before, life was as organized as it is today.

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I wanted to know, if you lived here 1, years ago. There is always a tiger lurking right there. There is always an elephant waiting to stamp him. Every time he stepped out.

53 Quotes on The Importance of Being Calm ()

For the first time, you can keep track of him. We have just become less competent to handle it. If you had to navigate your way through the jungle, it was different. Today navigating to through the Delhi traffic there is road rage. Yesterday or two days, some incidence are dead, people are killing each other.

2. Stay positive.

I can imagine if I left you in the rain forest. Every moment you have to be alert and find your way. There is no traffic policeman pointing this way or that way for you. When to stop, when to go, somebody has to tell you now.

10 Ways Successful People Stay Calm

You have more comforts, more conveniences than any generation ever had. Yes or no? Please all of you. Unless your grandfather was something else. Life is better than ever before, but we have the lost the ability within ourselves because somewhere we think by fixing the outside everything will be okay. No, by fixing the outside, comfort will come, convenience will come, well-being will not come.

If you lose the ability to look inward then … Glamour will be there on the outside.

1. Slow down.

Glamour is good on the outside. In your industry do you want glamour or do you want silence? You want glamour, they love the glamour. You understand?

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  5. Suppose tomorrow morning they walked into their industry, everything is quiet. And the sounds of cities. Many of us walk through phenomenal levels of noise pollution each day of our urban life. How can you relax?

    STOP WORRYING - Anxiety Relief Speech feat Les Brown, Alan Watts and Tom O'bedlam

    How can you settle into your own equilibrium? I mean, how can you even hear yourself think these days with all of the noise and chatter?! Life has become fast and rather impersonal, but there was a time when it was not. Where is the living in the moment and appreciating life as it is happening? When was the last time you let yourself relax and recharge — alone and without people?

    Begin to introduce some calm into your life. Start your day with a calm morning ritual — this is a time to chill and be happy.

    53 Quotes on The Importance of Being Calm

    Later in the day you can work your way into high gear and rev up! And with proper focus and development, you will find the benefits of being calm. Click To Tweet You want to be able to know calm and to actually use it. Increased breathing capacity. You can hear your own thoughts. Rediscover your creative flow. You have clearer communication.