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Causa-consecuencia Explora la forma de pensar y sentir, al igual que la manera en que perciben las cosas conforme van creciendo.

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Quita el lente comico en que se presenta la serie y muestra eventos de forma psicologicamente realista. Bilbo Baggins has a brother. Worried about gossiping neighbors, his parents are very careful to hide Kili's nature.

Long used to hiding his own nature, Bilbo accepts the same responsibility for his brother as he grows up. But hiding anything becomes impossible when dwarves come to the Shire. Ned reunites with his siblings at Harrenhal for the greatest tourney in history. Little do they know that this very tourney would change their lives forever, for the Game of Thrones is always unpredictable…. An AU where we have a younger Carol Late Twenties to Thirties who spent a majority of the time of her younger years training to be a doctor but never quite made it past residency, Daryl is just the same and so is the rest of the crew!

We start the day before the group takes the prison. With his bad health, bad social skills and sickly appearance finding someone who would hire him was a challenge. That is until he applied for a job at Fazbears pizzeria.

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Suddenly timid Mike finds himself throw into a whole new world of strange. The animatronics are alive? Mike sure didnt sign up for this one.. But when dark things in his past begin to resurface, can Mike finally find the courage to open up to someone. And in doing so can Mike finally find what he had been yearning for his whole life? Klaus is fed up with Five's arrogant bullshit.

He takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps him, sedates him, and teaches him a lesson. A small mission, completed sorely for the sake of proving a point, results in an unexpected budding interest between the most unexpected of people, much like the flight of a flock of partridges during shooting season Not a death fic. Story told in Dean's P. V second person.

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It starts with a spark. Will it grow into something more? Will it crash and burn? They can only try. After dining at the Ritz, Aziraphale is curious about a few things Crowley had mentioned. So, he goes home and looks in his books about Angels with the characteristics Crowley described about himself before he fell. What's in the book? How does Crowley end up watching his life again from the beginning?

What was Crowley like before? Who put Aziraphale as the Guard of the Eastern Gate?

Brotherly Love

What was Gabriel like before? What kind of life did he have when Aziraphale wasn't looking? What happens when the memories reveal more than Aziraphale thinks Why was Gabriel looking for Crowley? Will Gabriel find out what Aziraphale found out? Read and Find out!

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Not to mention the absence of that loud, booming laughter which is usually followed by a flying baseball bat. Or : Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu suffer the consequences of going on a night hike together. Someone decides that Thor is the biggest threat to the Chitauri invasion of Earth. That someone steps in on behalf of Loki and removes Thor from the Battle of New York, sending him far, far away where he won't be of trouble again.

Steve is accidentally brought along too, and the unlikely pair find themselves trapped in place that will certainly mean their end. PTSD, a common affliction of trauma is greatly misunderstood. The man who used to cut our lawns in New Jersey when I was a boy had it. Far away eyes, seemingly looking yards away at something that would never be there. It made me very sad. What can I say? Cannabis is very effective in treating the endless symptoms of PTSD.

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I'm not sure about using CBD, not a doctor, so I cannot comment on either of the why's and the how's. This is an opportunity to shine some much needed light on the prescribe opioid drugs first and vilify cannabis later scenery that is the now of the modern day equation. But getting back to Steven's story, which is every bit as vital as his brother's because he is the one whom I met and shared some valuable time with.

Steven was wearing a t-shirt with the Liberty Bell on it. The crack was not small. It really caught my eye. Who is this guy wearing the Liberty Bell on his shirt all the way out here in California? And Brotherly Love?

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Steven's story is University of Vermont. Traditional job search, something I'm very familiar with was my failure too. It took many years to pay down college debt. Steven certainly took the path of least resistance, where my own path took me into chef school. Steven traveled across the country with his trusty dog Buckham at his side, out to an uncharted territory of the Emerald Triangle in find his future.

He drove out to become a trimmer and through this lucrative task, hopefully he would be able to pay off his college debts. It was the crushing debt-load that acted as a motivator to do better and become a success. Steven then speaks of his brother being discharged from the Marine Corps and coming back differently then when he left the States. Cannabis became much more intrinsic as a spiritual guide in this cosmic vortex. Cannabis is, quite simply a means to heal.

A place where everything is possible and yes, I've been given the honor of saying that I've smoked some of the very best I've ever had, anywhere in the world with Steven. There was the dream of a regenerative cannabis farm that motivated the brothers in a manner that would eventually become a seriously engaging, B-School worthy, entrepreneurs only world of quality over sheer metrics. This deeply rooted sense of authenticity and utter class was the reason why I engaged Steven in this conversation.

It was the perfect interview for me, a man I'd never met telling me a story of his life that resonated with me in a manner that was easy to like, easy to enjoy. Like life itself should be. The brothers are growing some truly righteous herbs up in Trinity.

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