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I don't even know how you describe that music. Is it black music? What is it?

Taylor also happily embraced Freddie's unique fashion style: "Freddie made me laugh. How could you not laugh at a man in plunging V-neck leotard and ballet slippers? Not our finest video and Freddie looked like a giant prawn. For more than 50 percent of an audience to agree on anything is amazing. As far as his friends are concerned, Mercury never aimed for anything less.

The jubilant Magic Tour would come the following year. Everyone was trying to figure out, what is this new disease? These people had indulged in unsafe behavior before it was known to be unsafe, and most people thought it pointless at the time to test yourself, because it took two weeks to get the results. Those are the most terrifying two weeks of your life. Also, there were no drugs you could take to help, so you would just know that you were going to die.

Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in , but the news was kept from all but his innermost circle. Primarily he wanted it hidden to respect his parents, to whom Mercury never divulged his sexuality. Eventually, Mercury revealed his condition to his bandmates one night over dinner. I just want to make music until the day I f—ing die. Unable to perform, he threw himself into studio work, recording songs he knew would be finished after he was gone.

Mercury spent his final days with Hutton, Austin and other friends at Garden Lodge, his elegant Neo-Georgian home in the heart of London, looking at art, playing Scrabble or pampering his beloved cats. Movie nights with Mack took on a more somber tone. We never discussed it. You just see a man and his destiny. Regardless [of] whether he was in pain or not, he always delivered.

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He was so brave. On the last line he summons all his strength for a final heroic pose — just as he had done as a penniless art student in a pub more than 20 years earlier. Then he collapses into himself with a soft laugh. Freddie Mercury died at home on Nov. The international rock community would gather at Wembley Stadium, the site of his greatest triumphs, the following April, to pay tribute with a concert to benefit AIDS research. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. Imagine how fast his right hand was moving! He had a frenetic energy on the guitar, which came across very well in that song.

He kind of left the guitar after a while and concentrated more on the piano. In the latter days, he even left the piano behind. He just wanted to be a performer who ran around and had the freedom to be a frontman.

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie Mercury

Speaking of performing, you and Freddie pioneered some of the rock star poses people use today. We had our influences, but we were never choreographed. We did it all instinctively, but there was an awareness of energy flow on stage. I think Japan changed us.

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We went to Japan and were treated like we were the Beatles. Every move we made was greeted by some kind of response from the audience, so we learned very quickly, instinctively, to use that.

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We could take days to go through your catalog, but I did want to touch on a few songs. What were you guys thinking when you wrote it? I can tell you exactly. Freddie wrote the lyric, and he already had a riff that he had played with his old band. It clicked quite quickly. We liked it, but we stuck it in a drawer thinking it would go on the second album. But that record was very highly arranged because we were consciously trying to push our music into a new place. But that kind of response was an influence on Sheer Heart Attack , which was a deliberate attempt to recapture our original energy.

These days, if we play it on stage, we have fun with it.


Sometimes we try to prove to ourselves that we can still flex our muscles at that rate, so it tends to get very fast. I was. But I was trying to realize that dream, and I was having lots of problems with it. There were too many different bits, and it became a jumble. John played the rhythm on that one. He obviously wrote the bassline and the whole thing. It just punctuates it. I have to tell you, getting that chunky rhythm feel is one of the hardest things I have to play live.

Brian May Reveals The Person Who Freddie Mercury Considered As 'Great God' of Rock

John was very influenced by him, without a doubt. What an amazing guy Nile Rodgers is. How would you describe the differences between Paul Rodgers and how you now work with Adam Lambert? We had a fantastic time with Paul.

He has his own style, which we integrated into the band. But what happened was, there was a meeting point where we wanted to go deeply into his music — we were influenced by it in the first place.