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Too soon? Words that have identical or near-identical spelling, and the same meaning in two languages are called cognates. But here are a few simple rules to help you figure out how to determine which English words are likely to have a cognate in French:.

Challenges | leHACK - le French hacking scene - July 6 & 7,

Memory hooks are all about linking new vocabulary to powerful images, ideas or even sounds. That way you can memorize a lot of new words in a very short time. Back in university, a friend of mine overheard some economics students studying for an exam. Just imagine a guy throwing up on the wall of a building on a hot day. And there you have it, all four types of unemployment! Because this student used such shocking imagery, my friend never forgot this story, and it happened years ago!

You can use the same technique to memorize French vocab.


On the table. Memory hooks work best when you create them yourself. Try to come up with a funny, shocking, or dramatic sound or image to connect a new French word to its meaning. Soon it will become second nature. Learn just two rules about word endings in French, and you can guess the gender of new words and have a pretty good chance of being right. You can learn them as you go. There is no relationship between the gender of the noun and the gender of the object it refers to.

The gender of words can even change from country to country. You can use all of these verbs with another verb in its dictionary form — no conjugation required.

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If the activity you want to talk about is an obligation, you can rephrase your sentence using devoir to have to. For example:.

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For instance, the verb recevoir to receive can be quite tricky to get right, so you could say:. All those silent letters in French that make it difficult to spell words correctly are actually good news for your pronunciation. So when it comes to speaking French, most of the heavy lifting will already be done for you! Conversation connectors are words or short phrases that we all use when we want to soften what we say, elaborate on an idea, or transition smoothly between topics in a conversation.

French is well-known for its common use of the present tense even when talking about the past.

How does it work?

Documentary films, for example, will narrate historical events using the present tense. People also do it every day when telling stories and anecdotes. For the future, you can just add a time indicator to your sentence to show when the action will take place. Even in your native language, you might struggle from time to time to express an idea precisely the right way.

But for now, just let it go. Communication should be your first priority. Embellishing what you say is secondary. Skip to main content. Conference by Gabriella Coleman - Wednesday, May Related events.

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