Manual Oeuvres de Ernest Legouvé (French Edition)

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They thus stand in sharp contrast, for example, to Romantic plays of the same period, such as those of Victor Hugo. Scribe was prolific; he wrote various dramas — vaudevilles, comedies, tragedies and opera libretti. To the Gymnase theatre alone he is said to have furnished a hundred and fifty pieces before He had a number of co-workers, Scribe's 'factory' , one of whom supplied the story, another the dialogue, a third the jokes and so on. He is said in some cases to have sent sums of money for "copyright in ideas" to men who were unaware that he had taken suggestions from their work.

The mechanical aspect of Scribe's constructions made his works suitable for operatic adaptation, allowing for "effective contrasting of musical treatment, whilst the confrontations provided excellent opportunities for ensembles.

Oeuvres complètes ; I. Comédies, drames.

Many of these libretti constitute the basis of the Grand Opera genre and changed the whole course of French lyric drama. At the time of his death, he was working on revision of the libretto for Meyerbeer's L'Africaine , which he had originally written in They exist in a parallel universe, in which colourful historical or geographical milieu display a handful of stereotypes who, as a consequence of some secret manoeuvrings in their own pasts and coincidences in the present, are forced to face some implausible crisis of choice or conscience, preferably accompanied by a simultaneous natural disaster or violent death or both.

Among her most ardent admirers was the then twenty-five-year-old poet and nobleman Ivan Turgenev.

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The future writer of Fathers and Sons and A Month in the Country became inextricably linked to the young singer. In order to follow her back to Paris, he quitted his post in the Russian government and broke the financial links to his family.

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Throughout the s, their romantic relationship intensified, though scholars continue to debate wether or not it was physically consumated around Then she participated with George Sand in a political scheme to reproject the social significance of art and culture in France.

The French public, journalists and connoisseurs were quick to recognize the extraordinary power of her interpretation. Her life would be radically modified when, without knowing a word of French, she was renamed Paulinette and packed off to Paris by her father. I do not have a free instant anymore. It is me who is staging and directing all musical rehearsals from the piano. Costa can only hold his baton in the hand—at times one feels like tapping him on the back. Viardot-Garcia took advantage of her newly acquired influence on the Parisian musical scene to help young Charles Gounod launch his operatic career. : french

In the early autumn of that year, Pauline, with the approval of both the composer and the librettist, suggested a series of important changes to the score. Viardot-Garcia sang the title role with great histrionic conviction.

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Although Sapho was not a success, it made the name of Gounod known in Paris. The debouched conditions of political and social life during the s were clearly echoed in the vulgar musical tastes favored in the salons and theatres of the era. From the salon.

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In this temple dedicated to music we listened to arias from the oratorios of Handel and Mendelssohn. She had sung them in London, but could not get a hearing for them in the concerts in Paris as they were averse to such vast compositions. I had the honor to be her regular accompanist both at the organ and the piano. Bach and George Handel were heard for the first time in France. Parts of the operas of Gluck and of the cantatas and psalms of Pergolesi, Vivaldi , and Marcello were also interpreted.

Rare performances of the instrumental works of W. Mozart and the last string quartets of Beethoven were also organized.

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But it is well understood that it could not properly find a place in an edition where the sole end was artistic sincerity and purity of the text. She was to interpret it hundreds of times across Europe from to In , they decided to move to Baden-Baden, thus becoming voluntary political expatriates. In this high-class resort of the European aristocracy and upper bourgeoisie, they acquired a charming villa overseeing the Thiergarten valley in which they would live for eight years.

After a period of painful estrangement, a final reconciliation between Viardot-Garcia and Turgenev took place in During these years, he spent entire days by the singer, sharing their common love and admiration for literature, music, art, and each other. Viardot-Garcia—now semi-officially retired from the stage—dedicated much of her energies to composition and her voice students.

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She wished to compose, and with the sole desire of making her happy, Turgenev did all he could to encourage her in this ambition. Iogansen in St. Petersburg and even checking printing plates for the composer. They all received their premiere at the Villa Viardot in Baden-Baden.

Of these five works, the only complete musical score to survive is that of Le Dernier sorcier. The titles of these collections can be seen in appendix A. Petersburg Gazette in Many of them are admirable, and, in any case, place themselves well above the examples commonly found in this genre; but, you see, how can a foreigner, a Spaniard, and furthermore, a singer, write Russian art songs?

As if music was not a universal language, and as if dreadful retired cavalry captains and colorless ladies of society, those who now dominate our musical milieu and compose their little romances by ear, using but one finger at the piano, were more capable of finding the true musical expression of poetic thought than the genial daughter of Garcia, whom Meyerbeer, Auber, Rossini, and Wagner have declared unanimously as the incarnation of music itself. Liszt used his influence to arrange a public performance at the Weimar Hoftheater of Le Dernier sorcier. About VIAF.

Bibliotheca classica latina sive collectio auctorum classicorum latinorum cum notis et indicibus : appendix. Epicharis et Neron : ou Conspiration pour la liberte : tragedie en cinq actes et en vers : representee pour la premiere fois au theatre de la Republique, le 15 pluviose, l'an second de la republique francaise, une et indivisible. Merto delle donne, le Rimembranze, la Malinconia, e le Pompe funebri, poemetti di G. Nell' Imminente parto di S.

Recueil d'hymnes, odes, etc. ISNI NUKAT n