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Terrifying, right? Subterranea still. It all begins one night when The Captive finds himself above ground in a blur of sights and sounds. There is an instant connection between them, and as they spend time together, The Captive tells her the pieces of his life he remembers. Having lived away from society, he is virtually a blank slate, or tabula rasa. This increases from petty theft to acts of cruel violence ending in murder. The Captive deals with people for the first time, some good, some bad, all the while trying to figure out who he really is.

When he discovers she is missing, it forces him out of his comfort zone of memories and leads him deeper into his past. The Provider gives him the answers he seeks, but afterwards, what The Captive wanted for so long may ruin what little hope he held for a normal life.

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The pace swaps between slow to only slightly faster throughout, which may provide a teacup ride rather than a roller coaster experience in the eyes of some viewers. Utilizing an Rock album as inspiration for a script is not very common, in fact, often times, it is done the other way around. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives Subterranea 3 out of 5 stars. Mosaic London, UK. Streaming and Download help. If you like Mosaic, you may also like:. Together, As One by Dinosaur.

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By far the most exciting group around. This album pushes jazz on when so many current artists seem reflective and honouring the past.

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Not that Dinosaur doesn't, but they infuse their sound with everything else that's going on, and end up making a jazz album that has knowledge of the past but the heartbeat of the now. Parallax by Phronesis. Was able to find it on vinyl through Amazon and came with a download card that connected to Bandcamp!

Tremendous talent from this trio!

Subterranea - Stellar Fog

Nothing straight ahead about this group, just pure, joyful soundscaping. Rob O. I received the vinyl today. Not only is the music top shelf, extremely well played with such style and ease, the recording is great too. Edition has figured it out.

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Great musicians with excellent compositions produced with an eye on quality that even a casual listener will appreciate. This album has a light and warm feeling to it.

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  • Thank you for the Music, sincerely, it brings hours of pleasure listening to it. The meditative songs on "Earthly Delights" float seamlessly into each other on this rediscovered masterpiece by a free-jazz virtuoso. Scopes by Scopes.


    Bristopia by Get The Blessing. Location by The Contemporary Jazz Quintet.

    Bandcamp Album of the Day May 16, Explore music. Subterranea by Mosaic. I'm really enjoying the sound and the mood of this one.

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    This track evokes some emotion. Favorite track: Kairo Konko. Gary Kennedy. Davide Longhi. Frank Flynn. Frank Waxman. Mike C. Takehiro Shimada.