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All I can say is if you are lost, looking for answers, needing emotional support, healing or guidance then Sarah is your lady. Also included were personal readings and followup sessions. Each workshop day was relaxed, informal and extremely informative and thorough. The workshop handouts and reference material were well researched and provided invaluable additional sources of knowledge and information — both during the workshop itself and as a source of knowledge afterwards. The reading focussed on the here and now which pleased me.

I was guided by the Angels to begin to put certain practices into place which would lead me towards my life purpose. There were no revelations as to what was going to happen in the future, just sound guidance for me to work on myself if I so wished. Sarah then gave me an Angelic healing and a guided meditation - both reinforced the card reading and I felt confident and encouraged. The changes in me have been lasting and relevant to the path I have chosen.

The knowledge and guidance passed to me by Sarah has enhanced my spiritual path as a Reiki Master Teacher. Sarah is a truly supportive Spiritual Mentor and I highly recommend her. Not only have I found it most beneficial but very enjoyable as well. This is in no small part due to the very welcoming and relaxed manner Sarah creates. This in turn helped me to discuss things with her that I had never felt happy about discussing with anyone else.

Her perceptive abilities to find the cause of a problem as well as ideas to help and paths to follow that come through are spot on. If you have any issues in your life that you have never had any success in resolving, I can only recommend you visit Sarah. John - Dorset Have you tried using Affirmations. These are statements that help to uplift your life and bring you to a better state of being. I work with Archangels Angels and Ascended Masters to bring messages to you to help you align to live a happy and fulfilled life - To find out more scroll down and click the Welcome button below. Do you feel there is something more you want to be doing with your life?

Have you often found it difficult to fit in? Have you been searching for an identity, a life purpose? Do you feel unfulfilled and know you have much more to give? What are the benefits of working with me? For years I have been aware that I do not fit into what people see as normal. I have had a calling within me to work with higher beings, angels and God.

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Since I have been following this and have found my life positively changing as a result. Or GO to Welcome Button below for more details " Follow your authentic self and your true purpose will show its path" "By embracing your difference you can live freely in a world that is trapped in old ways of thinking" "Unleash your true potential and let go of all that has been limiting your life" Be FREE to be YOU.

To help change this, draw upon the light. Seek the child within yourself and communicate love to you. The more who draw upon the light, the greater the knowledge that will be gained and shared to help all who need to hear it and feel it. There are many inspirational speakers, authors and light workers present upon the earth, presenting their findings in a hope to help others make positive change within their life.

If you know of one that has inspired you, spread the word, help others to benefit from their words of wisdom, their healing light, their ability to teach and share. Follow what they do and find a way to share your journey too. There will always be others that are struggling in the darkness in hope of seeking the light. View 1 comment. May 13, Abby rated it it was ok. I finished this book this morning. Technically, I had made it to page , and there are pages in the book, and I covered those last 39 pages while brushing my teeth.

My electric toothbrush runs for 3 minutes, I think, so each page received approximately 4.

But technically, I looked at most of them. So I'm hoping that counts as me having finished the book. I really really like Pamela Hansen. And everything she said in this book was really, really good. Kind of like eve I finished this book this morning. Kind of like everything said in General Conference is really, really good, but it's hard to curl up with it on the sofa and have "fun" reading it. Unless you are way more spiritual than me, which could be very possible.

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I wanted so bad to like this book more, as I loved her first book. I think it would have worked better to hear her speak, or have a conversation with her about each chapter, rather than read it. She says very profound, awesome things. It's just hard when there is no story to stay really interested. She talks about running marathons a lot. Reading this book was like a marathon. It kept going, and going and going I was a marathon drop out. She inspired me in many ways to be less concerned about my body.

I stopped weighing myself about a month and a half ago, shortly after starting this book, and I have honestly been much happier since.

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I have to recommend her first book, "Running With Angels" much more than this one. I am sorry if you ever read this, Pamela Hansen. I love you! Plus we have the same last name, so it's like we are sisters. And my sister and I say mean things to each other all the time, even though we are BFFs. Nov 07, Mindi Bennett rated it liked it.

This book was given to me by my mom a long time ago and has just been sitting on the nightstand. The title and picture on the cover made it appear to be a self-helpie-ish kind of book that I wasn't very interested in reading. But I picked it up and finished it quickly, and I'm glad I read it.

Rescuing the angel within: PCP-related self-enucleation.

This book is a prequel to her book "Running With Angels" which I haven't read but to which she refers often in this book so I almost feel as though I've read it. Basically it is about the author's experience with suffering, losing over lbs and becoming a runner, stories of other's suffering and their insights, and uplifting ideas about our precious, sacred bodies.

A quote from the back cover: "Pam Hansen so eloquently demonstrates her ability to combine a predominately social issue [body image] with spirituality, in a way that is both insightful and reader friendly. Her personal struggles and triumphs solidify the concept that self-acceptance, self-love, and peace with one's body can be obtained. I highly recommend this book. Aug 08, Rachel Robins rated it liked it. I've got to preface my 3 star rating, I really like Pam Hansen and loved her book "Running With Angels" which is a must-read, hands down. However, her latest offering was kind of an extension on her correct views of body images, our spiritulity, facing challenges, etc.

It was nothing really new and I didn't actually finish the book for that reason. It did contain updates on her family and responses from readers of her first book. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book at all, just a bit repetit I've got to preface my 3 star rating, I really like Pam Hansen and loved her book "Running With Angels" which is a must-read, hands down. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book at all, just a bit repetitive. This self-help book about low self esteem and poor body image really spoke to me. These are things I've been struggling with. I've been trying to make changes in my life but it's often hard to cut your own path to self-worth.

Finding the Angel Within was about how faith in God and faith in myself can help me stop destructive behavior. It was occasionally less clear then I'd like but the overall message was very helpful. Jul 24, Joe rated it liked it. Also a very inspiring book as her other book "Running with Angels", this one didn't seem to apply to me as much as the other one did. But she shares some very inspiring stories to help boost one's self-worth. A great book that I would recomment to anyone, especially someone who struggles from time to time to understand their real value as a person.

Also, I like Pamela Hansen because she gave me a guaranteed entry into the St. George Marathon. May 19, Rachelle rated it it was ok. This book had some good information and helpful tips, but reading it felt like a really long Relief Society lesson where you look at the clock every two minutes. It never felt like it got to the "meat" of the matter either. There wasn't anything wrong with it, but I don't reccommend reading it either. Dec 08, Giana rated it it was amazing. Again, another compelling and motivational book. She addresses body image and the pressure placed on our women, young and older, that get caught up in the false advertising we face every day.

We are taught how to love the body given to us by a loving Father-in-Heaven. She also helps us to see that we can be an angel for others and the happiness that comes from serving others. It's the angels in Pamela's life that got her through her many losses. May 14, jennifer rated it it was amazing.

Again an easy read but things I needed to hear! Having struggle with body image issues my whole life I could relate to so much that she shared! In this book she presents a sound approach to developing a healthy body image. She really spoke to my heart by her personal expamples and the examples of others! This may be more for the mormon audience as she uses a lot of mormon theology--but I think it is applicable across religious backgrounds. View 2 comments. I enjoyed this book. There isn't much new in terms of counsel or advice, but it is sometimes shared in a manner that may help women hear it better.

And there were some good quotes. I think it would be a good book for most women to read, as it's very fast reading, and it could help make the difference in a person's life. This book has been really good for me. After having babies I have such a hard time feeling good about myself.

After the weight gain. My husband got this for me and it helped me lots after our fourth child was born. It helps you realize what is really important. It is easy to get caught up in what the world thinks is important. I love these kinds of books. This was recommended to me by a friend who really connected with the book. It is a quick read, and has some good material - the organization could be improved, I thought. Always good here and there to consider our feelings towards our bodies and assess those feelings with an eternal perspective.

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Jan 26, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: lds-nonfiction. Reading this book made me appreciate myself, and everyone needs to do that a little more in today's world. We are constantly assaulted by the world's idea of "perfection", which is disheartening to the general population. This book gives perspective on what is truly beautiful and what great lives we can lead!

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Feb 13, Ann Amadori rated it liked it. This is not the sort of book I usually read but I enjoyed the stories and object lessons the author used to illustrate her points about spirituality, improving body image and self-worth. It caused me to think and I am glad to say I do not have much of a problem with these issues. It was nice to read her perspective however.

Maybe I can help someone else. While the book had a good message, I just wasn't as involved with it or moved by it as I have been with some self-help books I've really enjoyed. There are lots of LDS references in the book. There is lots of advice and experience from other people. It wasn't near as personal to her as Running With Angels was.