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Trying to save money at the office like… 9. A moment of silence for all the staff meetings that could be avoided if people actually read their emails. When a work associate sends you an unsolicited friend request on Facebook or Instagram. Why does a scarecrow need a brain anyhow? More job, much more job. Office drama that we can all get on board with to spice up our Tuesday. Not today, Sheryl. A little Office humor if you will.

The nuisance of my nuisance is my ally. You have got to be kitten me right meow. Doggone it! My paycheck will go towards rent and savings. Be you, be calm, listen, be open, be aware all new experiences, take time to learn. Thank you for the great reassuring article I commence a new job tomorrow which also includes a shift up in title and position. Your parting comment struck home with me , thank you again , Phil. Thanks for the great article. It has given me some things to think about before I start.

Thank you very much for such a great article. Thank you again and good luck to everyone else beginning pastures new that have stumbled upon this. I too am starting my second Monday and I feel exactly the same as you did. Thanks for your comments. Also, thanks to Author. This article has been very reassuring and is what I needed right now.

I also wish I was a couple of months down the line so I could feel of use to my team rather than just a hindrance, asking questions all the time and still not having a clue. Lots of good advice, thanks! I always tend to flashback to times when Ive been new and totally overwhelmed in new roles. Sitting in a desk not knowing what to do next and not having anyone around to ask — and being afraid that Im not doing something I should be.

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There can be such a wide range of experiences its so hard to know what to prepare for! Hey Serena, thank you for stopping by and leaving a wee comment. It does take time to settle in, huh? Dawn xxx.

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Hi there, fantastic read i suffer with SAD so this has really helped with my motivation to do well : thank you x. Thank you, this article was just what I needed to read. I start a new job tomorrow and am a little nervous. The role I just left was in the most supportive team I had ever been a part of and I did my job well.

Slight Y terrified at being the new guy but also excited and hopeful. Good luck to everyone :. An excellent article. Three weeks into a new job, and dreading each day and all of the uncertainties it brings. This article has put things into perspective a little, and enabled me to understand why I feel so alien in this new situation. Sarah, it can be a challenging experience — give yourself time. Become the observer. Oh, and breathe.

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I suggest having lots of chats with people who know you well outside work too. Hope it all settles for you. Lots of love. Dawn x. Oh thank you so much for this! Odds are totally against me, but I will do my best! Thank you for making me feel a little bit better about my situation. Ha ha! Thankyou so much for this article! That was A Great article …. I am now feeling lot better after reading and printing this up. Hi Dawn, a million thanks to you for this reassuring article.

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Its overwhelming and I usually get extremely anxious to the point of getting panic attacks before work. Or different. It will carry me through and I get the feeling I will be allright in the end. You are a star thank you again. This is a great article — thank you!

I have recently started a new job in a new city and this advice has made me realise, I need to relax a little. Thank you very much : Dan. Thanks for the helpful tips! Thank you for this informative post. I really appreciate your thoughts about the work environment. Now I know what to do for my third day of working at retail. New job. New environment.

New people. New experiences. Thanks for the article. Really helped. Went back to read the job description and person spec looking for my pit-fall. Thank you Miss Dawn for this article. And thanks for other comments.. It helps me feel like I am not alone in being stressed out. Thank you so much for this article. I just started a new job last week and your advice has made me feel a lot better. Oh, my thanks to this article instead of worrying on my new job it turns to excitement, it really helps! I kept thinking that if it is a normal feeling and yes now I am confident facing a new challenge.

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Thank you so much miss Dawn for this informative and helpful article. Thank you for the article…This is my 2nd week at new organisation. I think the only problem I have right now is my Confidence level…. Very helpful, I went back to work after sickness under a new job roll. I felt very out of place. This had encouraged me. It was only 2 weeks into the job. But I think I was doing okay. So much to learn, sometimes management expect to much. I have had a crisis of confidence over the last year and have left after a day and even just not turned up for fear of the unexpected.

Or is it okay to go for a walk by myself? I like the alone time. And thank you for your words. Thanks for this great article. Been here going on my fourth week and I feel so isolated, nervous, and missing my old job. How do you decide and when? Part of me wants to go back to my old job which is still available but then I feel like I would be a failure. I dread coming to work right now and that is such an uncomfortable feeling. Any advice?

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Instead of passively trying to survive what can often be drudgery, use it as an opportunity to establish yourself as a co-worker who is eager to learn and succeed. Asking few or no questions, however, makes you seem disinterested. Method 2.

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Start before you start. While you want to rest up the day and night before you start your new job, make fruitful use of the remainder of any lag time you have before starting. This will enable you to focus your first day more on getting to know your workplace and co-workers, and to jump right in to work. Keep up-to-date on the company by following its website, social media presence, and media mentions.

Be ready for any changes good or bad that may happen between your hiring and first day.

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Ask your supervisor if there is any research, organization, or other preparatory work you can begin before your first day. Be eager but not overbearing. The first impression you make on your co-workers will be difficult to change, so provide them an image of a friendly, engaging, helpful, and dedicated compatriot. Listen, observe, and learn. Much of this may not occur in the same manner as described in your orientation packet.

Get an idea about who you need to befriend and who you should be wary of if you want to succeed. Pay attention to the office rules — phone and social media usage, breaks, dress code, etc. On a side note regarding your phone: silence it the first day, if possible. Present an image of focus and dedication. Do the job to the best of your abilities, and if you need guidance or help, ask for it.

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22 Tips for Your First Day at Work Starting a New Job

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