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He is now the Roman guard. The protector. And as Al lies in my parent's house, clinging to life, my Dad says to me, "Anna, what am I going to do? He is my only friend. Here we are now, having said our goodbyes to one of the wittiest, kindest human beings to have ever lived, and my husband is searching for an answer to his question. I'm spending more time with him, which is a good thing, some of the time.

Because as all married couples know, too much togetherness is like eating a huge ice cream cone. It starts off sweet and delicious, but inevitably begins to drip and get messy. And isn't that why god created best friends?

Friendship Story

To keep the craziness in check. Why he takes them away, I'll never understand. But the truth is, I cannot be my husband's best friend. I don't want that. I want to be his wife. I married him for better or worse and 'til death do us part which fortunately isn't any time soon.

But I didn't sign on to share all those secrets which best friends share. How can you complain to someone about themselves? That type of sharing often leads to an argument. Complaining to a friend leads to "yeah, I get you. But I know with time he will find a place for himself in his future. As does everyone who loses someone so important to their world. Until then I shall be there to catch his tears and carry the weight of his memories.

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This journey will bring me closer to everyone I care for. Something that Al will love. Because in the end isn't that what it's all about. The people we meet So love. With reckless abandon.

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  5. Love each other. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. They both loved boxing, bluegrass, beer and bourbon. In other words, they shared everything. One thing they didn't expect to share was cancer. And neither thought anything about getting married…. Once, the media was bustling with news about a drug dealing gang.. They did have the photos of the gang members, but nobody knew of their whereabouts…. Then one sunday, the duo decided to go to for a luncheon..

    On the way, they had a near miss accident with a man in a hoodie… The man was also in a bike and they nearly crashed into each other at a sharp turning and in the tuft of air, the hoodie came off… Rita remembered seeing the guy somewhere and then in a flash, she recollected that this guy was a member of the drug dealing gang… She asked Rahul to pursue the man… They drove for quite a while and reached a warehouse, not very far from the city… The man descended the steps down the warehouse and the duo, ensuring they were unseen, followed suit… They decided to separate and vediograph anything they saw as an evidence of the dealings… Rahul moved right while Rita moved left..

    A Story Of Two Friends Lost In Desert

    Rahul stealthily walked down and he did see the entire gang there.. He took his phone and began gathering evidence.. The gang, alerted by the sound, started searching for him.. As he lay there, squirming in pain, the gang caught hold of him.. They dragged him to their leader..

    A Story Of Two Best Friends And Cancer

    Rahul knew he was doomed but he prayed that Rita went out safely…. He was dragged and thrown in front of the leader.. They started kicking him and even banged his head on the wall.. The gang decided amongst themselves that Rahul must be killed.. The propped him up against the wall and the leader cocked his gun..

    Learn English Through Story - Two Friends by Guy de Maupassant

    Rahul closed his eyes, waiting for the impact.. He did hear a shot, but before it hit him, he felt a brush of hair on his face and a familiar smell of jasmine.. And after that, he heard many gunshots and angry voices.. He opened his eyes expecting to be in heaven.. Instead, he saw a sight that froze his blood.. One day they step out to dine alfresco to beat the banality of life.

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    8. David in slapdash locks the door and checks out with John. After returning to home, they are flabbergasted to see their door lock broken and dumbstruck to descry loss of valuables after rummaging clothes inside. It is perspicuous from the scenario, that pilferage took place due to your negligence, said John.

      The Bear and The Two Friends • Moral Stories

      Thereafter, a heated argument takes place between them paving the way for embitterment. John blusters at David for showing dereliction in his responsibility which enables him to leave home for indignant treatment later. The entire situation seems to be flummoxed and cops show up at the spot for investigation. The passersby on the road gawked at where the incident took place with anxiety. The policemen are on constant endeavors to extract a piece of information from the people but fail to unveil any.

      John is exasperated and left in a situation with no alternative to solve poignant the problem.

      Moral of the Story

      In the meanwhile, policemen find a purse lying on the floor interspersed with clothes while sniffing the house, which gives them an allusion to advance in solving the case. They become invigorated with this veritable evidence and motion to chase the thief. John feels exhilarated on knowing this and Cries over split milk for a slugfest with David especially when he discovers that the lock which he gave to him was defective and screws loosened within it, instead of one which he always preferred to lock the door.

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      The police caught the criminal and the valuables recuperated from him were handed over to john the same was published in print media which comes to the notice of David later.