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For the consumers, we use the personas to determine what content will get them to engage. What sends them over the edge into a conversion? The Old Spice man? Your planning will be more or less involved depending on the scale of your UGC campaign. Here are a few metrics to focus on :.

User-Generated Content Brings Authenticity to Brands – Adweek

Break your overall goal into smaller goals and establish a timeline to ensure that you stay on track. For instance, your strictly business-to-consumer fashion brand is probably not going to see much success from a crossover promotion of your Instagram UGC campaign on the notoriously business-to-business site LinkedIn. Pick the places that make sense for your business, your target audience, and your campaign. Then, promote consistently and engage with followers. For day-to-day UGC, submissions can just be done using your brand hashtag on your preferred social media platform.

Try out different modes of submission to see what works best for your target audience.

A Marketer’s Guide to Using User-Generated Content on Social Media

Implied consent in this instance means that the user-generated content can only be used in the medium where it was shared. Check out how Airbnb handles this:. And, be sure to lay out the judging criteria and submission expectations clearly. Nothing upsets people more than unclear instructions when prizes are on the line. Be sure to tag us on all the social media platforms and let us know how much you enjoyed this post.

Use OptinMonsterRocks. And sign up for OptinMonster today , will ya? We have TONS of cool stuff we can do for you. A post shared by aerie aerie on Jun 9, at pm PDT. Instead of a one-off or short-term campaign, user-generated content is a regular fixture for money exchange company, Travelex.

UGC : User Generated Content, c'est quoi ?

The photos were then used to create a curated social wall filled with travel inspiration and ideas for other consumers to browse through. Throughout the summer, Travelex created a different theme for each month, e. By running the contests across multiple social networks, including both Instagram and Twitter as well as its own website, the brand also increased visibility and reach. Boomf is a company that specialises in exploding gifts and cards made from confetti etc.

Consequently, it has a ready-made social media strategy that is built around the reactions of recipients. Its Instagram is filled with fun and joyous videos of people being surprised by Boomf. Happy 60th???? Thanks for sharing rebeccagodders boomf sendmorethanacard. This means the brand has a continuous stream of content available, without needing to invest as much time or resource into creating its own.

Sports brands tend to have an edge when it comes to user generated content, largely because the industry already relies on the passion and loyalty of fans. YouTube is home to the crown jewel of user generated content - video of course!

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The King Kong of content, video can captivate and hold the attention of viewers much longer than text or photos. Assuming they have good things to say about you, user generated video reviews can be prime UGC to show off and repurpose for your business. Text reviews on the other hand, while still very valuable forms of UGC, can be mistrusted by skeptical users who see the reviews as potentially artificial.

Pinterest is another great source for user generated content. People just love posting pics on Pinterest - especially food pics. Again, search your brand and wander through pins to see if anything juicy shows up.

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Instagram has become the 1 spot for mobile photo-sharing fans. As discussed with regards to YouTube videos, reviews are great for swaying the opinions of hesitant buyers. People take online reviews quite seriously although there are tons of hilarious funny Amazon reviews out there as well and put a lot of thought and consideration into their evaluations. Use the good ones to your advantage! The best user generated content is content that relates directly to your brand.

That tailored fan content works for you on so many levels - it serves as a word-of-mouth endorsement, helps with brand development, and engages with audiences on their level. Adorable bee from cartoonist Gemma Correll. If you have a tough time getting your hands on specific brand-related UGC, fear not! Instead, seek out user generated content that is related to your industry. For example, if you sell mountain hiking gear, you might be interested in user generated content from outdoor junkies.

Look for photos, blog posts, gear reviews, or videos from campers. Take for example, a current Pillsbury contest asking fans to submit by posting a photo to Instagram of their brightest and boldest baked goods. Contests are often used to build brand awareness and reach, but involving user-generated content adds a huge bonus element, as the brand earns a collection of great fan crafted content that can be implemented for different purposes and on different mediums for years to come.

Winning photos can be curated into a blog post which fans will doubtlessly share for self-promotion sake , posted on Pinterest, tweeted on Facebook, and so much more. For example, YouMoz is a communal posting space where community members can share their own blog posts and content on Moz. Members vote on the posts with a thumbs up or down — if the article gets enough positive votes, the post is promoted to the main blog.

Step 1: Choose the Social Networks Most Effective to Your Campaign

Online community-oriented sites like this are great for building community and serve as a smart source of high-quality user-generated content. Still having a hard time getting your hands on UGC? Try creating your own! Naturally this got a TON of likes and shares online. Nothing hits quite as hard as nostalgia. Do you have a piece of user generated content that did a ton of good for your business?

Share your experience in the comment section below! When she's not typing out blog posts or crafting killer social media campaigns, you can find her lounging in a hammock with an epic fantasy novel.